AFL Round 15 – Fremantle v St.Kilda: A long history, a lonely premiership

7th of July 2013.
By Andy Tuano

Being a St. Kilda supporter is never an easy job. With only one premiership in 140 years, it’s hard to find any glory at all. So it’s interesting many Aussies choose St. Kilda.

I am one of those people. I was always a strange one. And despite being a bad team, I still love St. Kilda. I always defend St. Kilda’s honour, when attacked by other club’s cocky supporters. There’s my Geelong friend, who always reminds me that the Saints have one premiership. Idiots like that make me sick, but he’s better than the Collingwood ferals.

I was always pessimistic about this game. Hayes comes in, but he has to face a Dockers side with Mundy, Sandilands, Pavlich and Barlow all called back in.

I watch the Footy Flashbacks special (St. Kilda vs the Filth 1992 Qualifying Final) and tune into the modern game afterwards.

The Saints were $13.00. I had got all my tips up until this game wrong. I highly doubted I could possibly get this one incorrect: Fremantle 50+.

Listening to the pre-game crap from Channel 7 really frustrated me: they’ve only talked about the Dockers. The Saints have had no consistency leading up into the game, big outs and problems. Our defence, which gave up on average just 64 points in 2009, now gives up over 100 on average now. What happened? Dawson left, Fisher is gone for the rest of the season (how do you go for the rest of the season for a toe injury?) and Gwilt was gone for a while. Our main forwards, Riewoldt and Kosi, are gone. I hate a Carltonian forward line style: small forwards that have to mark AND crumb. Plus, our best small forward has gone missing thanks to his rapist charges, so he’s probably in Melbourne drinking a cup of tea, smirking. Ballantyne vs Milne would have been great: two small forwards that love pissing off defenders, one down both ends.

As the boys walk out, I am astonished to find out Waters hasn’t stuffed the forward line with forwards. The midfield is the only that satisfies me: Armitage, Steven, Hayes, Dal Santo and Montagna.

As the Dockers stroll out, I hear a massive roar. I used to like the Dockers: they were my second favourite club. Ross Lyon and Zac Dawson made sure that changed. And $1.03 for them? Funny.

The opening quarter was good: pressure and effort. The Saints do well. Dockers by just 5.

The second quarter was also good, if not great: we kick away to an unseen 14 point lead, before Fremantle peg us back to 7. Lee takes it back to 13, and the Saints impress me still, like a baby playing the guitar. Ballantyne brings it once again to 7, kicking his 4th. Saints by 7 at Half Time.

The third quarter starts with the Dockers breathing fire, leveling the scores in the early minutes. The Dockers could’ve nailed us, but their general and goal kicking let them down, and the game turns into a shootout, with both teams going goal for goal. Steven was just beautiful, like Montagna in the second. Pavlich pops up, and kicks 2 in half a minute to put the Dockers up by 7. The Dockers frustrate me, and when Walters gets one I punch my laptop. Dockers by 15 at Three Quarter Time.

The last quarter was EPIC!!!!! We kick 2 in a row to start, but Mundy screws the combo up with a goal himself. St.Kilda are pressuring, but so are the Dockers. In the end, one pressure would overwhelm the other and this happened to St.Kilda. The Dockers kick 3 in reply and the game was effectively over. I couldn’t see our side defeating a Dockers side given the circumstances. It was a brave effort from our boys. But like our history, 2013 has been tough for glory…

Frem: 3.1 6.2 11.6 15.10 (100)
St.K: 2.2 7.3 9.3 11.4 (70)

Fremantle: Ballantyne, Mzungu, Mundy, Fyfe, C Pearce, Spurr, Crowley
St.Kilda: Montagna, Steven, Hayes, Jones, Lee, Ray

Ballantyne 5, Pavlich, Mundy, Mayne 2, De Boer, Walters, D. Pearce, Mzungu.
Lee 3, Dennis-Lane, Saad 2, Saunders, McEvoy, Jones, Dal Santo.

Farmer, Pannell, Fisher.

Crowd: 34, 064 at Patersons Stadium

Malarkey Medal:
Ballantyne (Frem) 3, Fyfe (Frem) 2, Steven (St.K) 1.


  1. Skip of Skipton says

    Ross Lyon coached teams are an abomination to the footy gods. The Saints had a red hot crack and played some great football. I was surprised and impressed. If you could fuse Saad and Dennis-Lane into one footballer, you would have a very good one.

  2. Great report. The Saints played way better than expected and we kept the Dockers honest. Are we better than everyone says or are the Dockers not as good as it took them 3/4 of the game to run away from us. Either way, more games into a good young team that will only get better. I loved their fast breaks forward, often stopped only by a skill error kicking to the opposition. They were gutsy and brave and I look forward to seeing what we can do to a muddled Carlton team next weekend.


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