AFL Round 15 – Adelaide v West Coast: Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Adelaide versus West Coast
7.10pm, Saturday, 6 July
Saturday July 6, possibly one of the best nights of Sport a Sports nut like myself could wish for:

  • A mini final between the Eagles and the Crows – the loser can kiss finals goodbye
  • Geelong vs Hawthorn at the G – Can the Hawks break Kennett’s curse?
  • Wallabies versus the British and Irish Lions at ANZ Stadium to decide the series.
  • Wimbledon Ladies Final
  • Tour De France

Usually this is the type of night I dream of. Perched on the couch with 2 sets of controls and a couple of frothies on a cold winter’s night. Unfortunately my plan has been foiled. A month before my mate Bruno has sent out an invite for his soccer club’s cards night which I have been to for the previous 3 years. A great night but not with the sporting coverage I could get from the couch. I make the call to Bruno and he assures me they will have A TV there alternating between the footy and the Rugby. I have heard these promises before and been disappointed.

Saturday night comes and I weigh up the options. The fact that is it raining torrentially outside and the aroma of Chips and Gravy is wafting around our kitchen makes pulling out of the cards night a viable option.  Make an excuse blaming the wife or the kids, or feign a mysterious illness. I know these ploys are folly as I have invited 8 people who are all going and even I could not stoop to those levels. I love my cards, so as long as the TV is in working order and the person entrusted with the controls knows what they are doing it should be a good night.

I venture out into the downpour and make my way to the salubrious surrounds of the Walkerville RSL. The first thing I do is survey the TV. It is a 1970’s projector with the Rugby on. Not a good result. The waitresses Bruno has organised (use your imagination) are a little older than the ones used last year. A lot of the guys nonetheless are struggling to focus on their cards let alone their rugby. I of course am only looking at the projector and my cards. The cards kicks off and I start about as well as the Wallabies, dealt a 4 and a 5. In the blink of an eye the Wallabies are down 10 Nil and the crowd calls for a change to the football. Bruno obliges but as it is in half hour delay with no Foxtel I choose to follow the game on my phone.

The Crows start well with 3 goals to nothing but by quarter time they are behind. At half time they are 7 points up but the game looks like it will be an arm wrestle all night. My cards picks up as I am dealt some very good stuff and my chip stack skyrockets. By the break I am flying and I have knocked out 2 of the people I invited, which is considered poor form. As I tell them, I can only play what I am dealt.

At 3 quarter time the Eagles are 2 points in front. The Crows find something early in the last quarter to streak clear and they are 13 points up with 6 minutes to play. They shouldn’t lose from here. The cards is down to the final 5 which I have made. Things are looking up as the Wallabies have also come back to be 19-16 down with 20 minutes left. One of my mates on another table has the footy live via Fox on his phone. 8 of us huddle around to watch the dying stages. Andrew Embley kicks a goal and Mark Le Cras snaps a point to make it a 6 point game. The turning point comes at the 26 minute mark with Matthew Jaensch running into an open goal only needing to score to seal the game. Somehow from 10 metres out he fails to score. The Eagles go Coast to Coast and Dalziel levels the scores.

The Crows win the next centre clearance and all is not lost. They have the ball in their forward line for 3 minutes but Jaensch, Lynch and Crouch all miss opportunities to score.  Porplyzia makes the play and rakes in the ball and is sat on by 3 defenders and pinged holding the ball by the rule I loathe. The Eagles stream downfield and Kennedy kicks an incredible running left foot goal to seal victory for the Eagles. We are ropeable. So many questions to answer:

  • How did the Crows blow a 13 point lead with 6 minutes left in the Wet?
  • How did Jaensch fail to register a point from 10 metres out?
  • Why did Sanderson shift from the box to the boundary after celebrating with a fist pump after the Porpoise goal at the 18 minute mark of the final quarter?
  • How did the Eagles players run unchecked in the last 5 minutes with no Crows players behind the ball?
  • How did the Wallabies end up losing 41-16?
  • Will the Hawks ever beat the Cats?
  • Why is Bruno paying $50 an hour for waitresses who look old enough to be his mother?

Whilst I am ropeable all is not lost. I am a live chance to win the poker. Then it seems like fate, I am dealt 2 Aces. At least I can salvage something from this night. Some young upstart from the soccer club goes all in, surely a bluff so I do the same. As we flip over our cards I have 2 Aces and he has a 2 and 3. Nice bluff son. I watch in horror as the flop comes out King, Four, Jack, Five Six. He hits a straight on the River and I snatch defeat from the jaws of victory just like the Crows.

Cards night Over. Season Over.

Thanks for a great night Bruno.


ADELAIDE 3.2 6.5 7.11 9.15 (69)

WEST COAST 4.3 5.4 8.7 11.9 (75)



Adelaide: Lynch 2, Porplyzia 2, Mckernan, Sloane, Jenkins, Dangerfield, Wright

West Coast: Kennedy 4, Hill, LeCras, Cripps, Schofield, McGinnity, Embley, Dalziell



Adelaide: Crouch, Dangerfield, Lynch, Douglas, Henderson, Rutten, Porplyzia

West Coast: Kennedy, Masten, Naitanui, Priddis, LeCras, Waters, Embley



Adelaide: Aidan Riley (ankle)

West Coast: Nil



Adelaide: Matthew Jaensch replaced Aidan Riley (ankle) in the first quarter

West Coast: Andrew Embley replaced Jacob Brennan in the third quarter.


Reports: Shaun Mckernan for striking Brad Sheppard in the first quarter.

Umpires: McBurney, Stewart, Armstrong

Official crowd: 26,426 at AAMI Stadium

Our Votes:  Kennedy 3 Crouch 2 Masten 1


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Very Entertaining Read Raj next time you play cards can you take Matty yench re stench with you !

  2. Good idea Malcolm

  3. Crows look a spent force this season. Perhaps last year was an abberation and this year is their equilibrium.

    There is no way the Crows should have lost that game with the points and momentum running as it was with 5 minutes to go. The turn around came with the smother of the certain goal in the goal square and coast to coast goal from the Eagles.

    In response to your questions:

    1. Ticker was lacking.
    2. Ticker was lacking, tried to dribble it, wrong;
    3. Sando was oozing arrogance, thought game was in the bag. Too much belief in his peroxided prima donnas.
    4. Ticker was non-existent;
    5. Wallabies are a highly over-rated team. Calls for Quade Cooper return by the media only show the depths of despair for a very average team. Hello, anyone remeber Quade in the World Cup? The guy couldn’t even kick the ball; a very basic skill requirement.
    6. No, unless it is a grand final.
    7. Bruno is using the wrong agency. I recall that a certain P Singh organised some very fine waitresses for an engagement party, no less!

  4. mickey randall says

    Nice read. This Crows line up is especially dreadful in the last minutes of a quarter and concede too many late goals. This long term problem, excellent win against North Melbourne aside, was shown with full amplification, on Saturday night.

    I don’t think we can entirely blame the loss of Tippett and Walker for 2013’s woes.

    Good luck for your next cards game!

  5. Great Article Raj – Now that the Crows are gone, i’ll just have to rest all my footballing hopes on the mighty Redlegs going back to back this year.

    Another poker tip – always remember that a flush beats a straight.


  6. Trent Godfrey says

    Great wrap-up Raj.


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