AFL Round 14 – St.Kilda v West Coast Eagles: Crazy Hope and Love Stuff


Ethiad Stadium

Sunday 22nd June 2014


My coach needed me and I need my coach.

I heeded Alan Richardson’s’ plea to supporters to come and cheer the boys on.  About 16,000 others came, if we give the Eagles 1,317 supporters, who actually sounded like 10,000.  Winning does that to fans.  I know, because we had that noise and that excitement in the first ½ of the first quarter and a little in the fourth quarter.  The rest was business as usual for the 2014 Saints fans and players.  More of the running into a wall of opposition, both on the field and off.

I bought a friend too.  Rina still hasn’t recovered, and I bought Iwona, who’s lived in Australia 24 years and never been to a footy match, ever. Her partner is a St.Kilda supporting man, she drives with St.Kilda number plates, and watches games with her man on TV.  But today was the first live experience, and she loved it.  She got it.  She understands now what it is to be infected by the roar of the crowd, moments of good play and wonderful goals for our team.  She plans to bring Stan to the footy in the future.

I have only got to know Iwona better over the last few months, she is one of the two carers who have supported my Uncle Garry and Aunty Serry over the last few years.  As Margaret, the other carer, was overseas for the last 6 weeks with a new grandchild, Iwona took over the full six day a week care of my Aunt and Uncle, and we got to know each other over this time.  And what a time, hospitals and funerals aren’t the usual place to make new friends, or maybe they are.  We spent time together caring for my family, and supporting each other through a tough time.

Today was a chance for a little fun.  We even met Uncle Bob and Cousin Gary on the train itself.  They saw us get on at Malvern and came through the carriages until we were all together.  It feels like ages since a home game, first Port Adelaide and then down in Geelong.  Collingwood at home before that. Not only did it feel like a long time between actually going, it feels like years since we won.  We are now the cellar dwellers, the only compensation will be better draft picks, but in round fourteen, that’s not a lot to be cheerful about.  Uncle Bob is even leaving the country, for the first time in years, holidaying in-season.

Despite all this, we were together, and the Saints started well, Billings starring with the first goal of three,  and all 10 goals, even though not enough compared to the 15 of West Coast, were precious to us.  Seeing Clint Jones kick two, Hayes, Lee, Riewoldt, Simpkin and our debutant Minchington all get one, were wonderful moments.  Too rare but celebrated in full.  The Saints supporters made noise.  Cheering, happy noises.  Grumpy noises too, when the free kick count was 9 – 18.  That’s a pretty big difference.  West Coast had two players with bags of three, McGovern and Darling, and it seemed everyone else in their team kicked goals too, Brown, Gaff, Masten, Priddis, Shuey, Kennedy, Hutchings and Lycett with two. They may have been overrun for some of the first quarter, but they put the pedal down for the rest of the game.  It was a good result to only lose by 5 goals.  Had they kicked more accurately, it could have been more.  Mind you, we missed 10 to their 13.

So pleasure was measured, and we were metered out goals, after the first quarter, only two by two for each bit, and again, the moments mattered, and the boys improved, and one day, it will be for four quarters and we’ll win games.  Until then, it was lovely watching in company and it will just have to do.

A note to Alan Richardson, job done today.  I came, I supported, I enjoyed many moments and I will be back next week with another guest and more of that crazy hope and love stuff.


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  1. Gracious as always Yvette. I went to the movies on Sunday arvo. I taped the game and we watched the highlights over dinner. Took about 10 minutes.

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