AFL Round 14 – Richmond v Sydney: Missin’ the missus

No. This is not the title of a country and western tearjerker. Troy Casser-Daley has nothing to do with this match review. The Richmond Tigers are my wife’s football team. The Sydney Swans are mine. When we can, we watch this match together, however the little missus is away and I am watching this match ‘Han Solo’. The last time the Swans beat the Tigers at the ‘G was Round 19, 2009. The last time I will ever go on a second date was Round 19, 2009. It was Micky O’s 300th and the Swannies won by 55 points. I had a ball. I was also very lucky to get a third! Now, she has gained revenge every time these two proud teams have matched up at the home of football since. Is this a case of the footy goods punishing me for going to the football as a form of romantic rendezvous? Perhaps. What I do know is that I will be delighted if this punishment is finally over tonight.

From the first bounce right up until halftime, the Enemy dominate. Two quick goals and the Bloods are chasing their tails. This is becoming all too familiar as Cotchin, Martin and Maric are everywhere. Buddy one-out is not working and the slow-go pace of the match is not to the Swans advantage these days. When you watch your team play every week, you quickly gain a sense for when they are off the pace. The Enemy are hungry and attacking the Sherrin in swarms of yellow and black. They have endured a testing season, but their best is right up there with any team. A clear game plan of keeping the footy in their hands at all costs, is working and this will be a hard-fought slog ’til the bitter end. Six of the first eight goals go to The enemy and the momentum is all theirs. I cannot believe that this is a team with only three wins for the season. Tigers supporters must be thinking the same thing. A text message from my Tiger striped brother-in-law informs me that ‘the floodgates are opening’. He is right, and I fail in my endeavour to formulate a witty reply.

At the halftime break I produce some sumptuous chicken burritos that fully extend my culinary capabilities. I am nervous. As I consider my team’s performance thus far, I ponder the fact that my best little mate is usually here to discuss such matters. Right on cue, a text message from her with a simple ‘Go Tiges’ brings a smile to my face. Right. Back to it. Bruce and Denis really annoy me these days. Particularly Bruce. Their attempts at analysing the game soon focus on the ‘ugly’ nature of the match. This is a popular theme among the football media at the moment whenever they are deprived of a near-perfect aesthetically pleasing match of Australian Rules Football. NEWSFLASH: No sport ever known to mankind has produced a lovely free-flowing display of skill and endeavour every time a match is played. Winning ugly is a term that I have never understood. It is used mostly as a derogatory slap in the face for a team who have, more times than not, busted their ass to eventually come out on top. I can’t ever remember being disappointed with a win in any form of sport. Ask a Demon supporter at the moment if they are annoyed that their team is playing ‘ugly’ footy!

The Swannies hit back in the third term with much-needed goals to Buddy, Kizza and Reidy. The Enemy won’t go away though and they are showing that ol’ Tiger fight tonight. They have found a little ripper in Miles and when he dobs a set shot from 50, the siren sounds and the The Enemy head to the three-quarter time huddle with a slender one point lead. This is an absorbing battle which is as tough as I have seen this year around the clinches. A disappointing, but loyal MCG crowd are trying to will their team over the line, but the South Melbourne faithful behind the big sticks in the Ponsford Stand are just as vocal. Buddy again finishes a match off for the Swans and a two goal to nothing final term earns them the four points. As I am lost temporarily in delightful reflection regarding my delectable salsa that I now finish off and am still surprised I created,  my thoughts turn to our debutant tonight, Zac Jones. Having been injected into the match at halftime, the young kid showed that he will be around this side for a very long time. Welcome aboard.

And so, the hoodoo has been broken and I turn the sound down on the post match analysis to call my wife. She is happy for me. As she always is. This was an incredibly hard-fought battle that the Swans looked extremely happy to win. Well played Tigers, there are better times ahead.

Sydney 9.8 (62)

Richmond 7.9 (51)


Sydney: Franklin, Smith, Grundy, Kennedy, K.Jack, Jetta, Cunningham

Richmond: Martin, Miles, Cotchin, Maric, Houli, Rance


Sydney: Franklin 4, Reid 2, K.Jack 2, McVeigh

Richmond: Riewoldt 2, Miles 2, A.Edwards, Hampson, Deledio


Donlon, Dalgleish, Leppard.


34,633 at MCG.

Malarkey Medal Votes:

3- Buddy Franklin (Sydney)

2 – Dustin Martin (Richmond)

1 – Nick Smith (Sydney)




About Joe Moore

Learned the art of the drop-punt from Derek Kickett as Jamie Lawson watched on. And thus, a Swan for life. @joedmoore1979


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Geez Joe no one can have a go at the media for pointing out what a shocking game it was , Sydney internally would have just been glad to get the win and move on .
    Longmire showed at q time what he thought of Sydneys mental approach and effort .
    Richmonds last few players picked are not up to it and are a long long way away from challenging . Sydney will be around the mark it’s ruck weakness is it’s major concern

  2. Franky's Mask says

    Gee Joe. You made a very, very ordinary game sound like a cracker!

    Can’t wait for the next Sydney V Freo game – what a hoot that should be!

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