AFL Round 14: Richmond v Adelaide – Same Tigers, different ground

As soon as the 2009 footy fixture was announced one game stood out. Richmond v Adelaide, eight point game, finals contenders,  Gold Coast and in the middle of school holidays, the offer sounded too good to be true. Even dad was willing to sacrifice a Hawthorn game for the holiday.

Unfortunately that wasn’t how the season panned out. While one team had lived up to expectations the other had already thrown away their season (and their coach). Talk had already started amongst fans of draft prospect Tom Scully. I watched the state championships earlier that week and he definitely stood out.

The hotel made up for Richmond’s shocking odds on winning the game. With Carrara clearly visible from our room it was good to know that after the inevitable loss we’d be back before the Crows victory music had finished.

We had made the trip up with another family, filled with two Bombers (the night before we went out to dinner and told the manager we wouldn’t eat their unless they put on the Essendon Collingwood game but thats another story) and three Tigers.

The pre-game drinks in the hotel provided conversations of Richmond’s low chance of winning tonight before a debate sparks over who has the better looking players,  (The three tiger supporters were all girls) Hawthorn or Richmond. The girls fire away at my dad with names like Deledio, Raines, Brown, Cotchin and Hughes. “They’re crap at football but at least they’re good looking.” Dad tries to argue that with Pettifer, Jackson and Simmonds balances the scale while Croad, Birchall and Buddy leading Hawthorn’s list of studs.

Mum and I are keen to get to the ground early so we force dad out with us before the others. I’m pretty keen to see the ground we’re the seventeenth team will play.

As we get to the ground signs around us say “Welcome to the home of Gold Coast F.C” It’s the only bit of advertising I’ve seen since I’ve been up here.

When we get our tickets scanned it’s clear we aren’t at the the ‘G.’ Walking along the grass we notice a few unusual things.

There’s a kid zone filled with a jumping castle and  ‘GC’ the Gold Coast mascot. Something tells me they didn’t name the mascot Gary just because it started with the letter G.

We walk along the fence of the field looking for our grandstand “premium” seats. “It feels like we’re at the Lilydale show.” mum says to me and she’s exactly right, as we get to a food van the choice is between a hamburger and a corndog. Gold Coasters musn’t be aware of the demand of a pie back in Victoria.

We get to our stand to find a peice of paper on our seats. It’s a form asking us to write suggestions of improvement for the stadium. We promptly discard it.

A few rows back we notice people wearing Gold Coast scarfs.The red and yellow on the scarfs suggest instead of watching Richmond play footy we’ll be seeing Gryffindor play quidditch.

All I can do is laugh when Richmond run out onto the ground as the announcer says “Lets welcome the Richmond tigers and nine year Ty from Melbourne leading them out. It gets worse, I then here number 2…Will Thursfeild,  number 3….Brett Deledio. Player introductions. Now before the game has started we’ve gone from the showgrounds, to quidditch to basketball. I just want the game to start now.

As my plea is answered I realise I shound be carful of what I wish for. The tigers handball far too much. We take two handballs we look okay but then we keep it going and on the fourth and fifth we always get caught. The likes of Edwards and McLeod make us pay with precise kicking inside 50. Five goals go unanswered with two to Tippett, He’s looking dangerous early with no defenders big enough to match up on him.

A strong mark from Vickery ends up in Richmond’s first goal to Hislop. I think Vickery will be a really good player but he’s not getting much of chance to prove himself when the ball isn’t going down to the forward line.

The quarter with the tigers down by twenty. We all agree it should be more. Dad gets on his phone and has a text message from my sister Bron. “Disgraceful” is all it says. He checks the score on his phone and Hawthorn havn’t kicked a goal upto quarter time. He’s glad he’s up here.

I go to the toilet and notice a roped off patch of grass. As sign hangs off the rope reading “Smoking area.” They look ridiculous huddled in like that. I try to hide my laugh, I fail but I don’t think any of them saw me.

A drinking game made before the match saw Essendon supporter Tom have to scull a drink after every Tippett goal. Poor Tom downed his third for the night at the begginning of the second. Adelaide are playing all over Richmond but aren’t putting it on the scoreboard.  After Crow goals Richmond keep on sneaking one back keeping them in the game.

At half time dad announces that the Hawks have finally kicked a goal. He hasn’t bagged the tigers as much tonight with the state that the Hawthorn match is in.

The Porpes gets into the game kicking a ripper goal. Stevens follows up making it a thirty nine point margin. Nahas kicks two quick goals, I think Richmond’s the only team that relys on a rookie player to keep them in the game. The out of form Deledio kicks a long ball that goes for a goal. The Tiges are still in it!

Richmond goes back to their handballing ways. They get caught and Mcleod runs into an open goal. All that hard work is just g0ne because of a stupid error. David Mackay kicks a fantastic goal around his body shutting down Richmond.

The quarter ends with Tom at the bar for the fifth time courtesy of a Tippett goal.

Knights starts the quarter of with a goal. A Richmond comeback six goals down is unheard of. While the Hawks had given up back home Richmond keep on going. Goals to Graham and Riewoldt leave Richmond in with a chance.

Tigers are now kicking the ball long and running with it. Two goals – Morton and Nahas leave the margin at 16. We can’t beleive it. After Richmond’s shocking efforts in the first half they’ve manadged to stay in it. With all the excitement we forget the Crows have only kicked one goal for the quarter. Before we know it the siren sounds leaving us very confused.

As I walk down the stand that is soon to be reconstructed the Gold Coast leave me with one final twist. As the Adelaide theme song is blasted out the words are displayed on the screen. The Gold Coast people must’ve thought that those passionate enough to travel interstate to watch their teams weren’t able to remember the words to their own song.

As we leave the ground the good looking footballer debate reopens. By the time we get back to the hotel it’s agreed that Giansircusa’s the best looking going around. As for me my mind breifly thinks about our poor game style, the new coach will have to fix it. After that I forget about footy. Why let Richmond ruin a good holiday? Bring on golf and Dreamworld.

Richmond  2.1    5.3   8.5   13.7 (85)

Adelaide  5.3  9.6  14.9  15.12 (102)


Richmond: Nahas 4, Jackson 2, Morton 2, Hislop, Tambling, Deledio, Riewoldt, Graham

Adelaide: Tippett 5, Mackay 2, Stevens 2, Knights 2, Thompson, Douglas, Porplyzia, McLeod


Richmond: Jackson, Nahas, Tambling, Cousins

Adelaide: McLeod, Tippett, Bock, Edwards, Johncock

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