AFL Round 14 – Greater Western Sydney v Carlton: The Kids are Alright

Greater Western Sydney v Carlton


1310, 22 June, 2014


One of these days, we’ll get there a bit early to properly scope out the parking arrangements. Motorcycles park for free and I know a spot near the northern end of the Showground. Trouble being that the sole entrance is at the southern end. So we could hear the AC/DC riff loop as we walked there but the game had started by the time we got in.


I bought the Record from a bloke about 30 and asked him “What happened to all the kids that used to have your job?” Carlton kicked a goal while we were buying some good burgers and I couldn’t write it down in the Record cos my hands were full.


We made seats on the eastern wing in beautiful sunshine, distributed helmets and jackets, retrieved Record and notepad and pen, ate, took a phone call from a client who needed it done tomorrow (it was) and another from a mate who was there with his eight year old son.


Ben and I were at the 2005 Grand Final, we’ve a lot of football-watching history. He loves the game, played into his 40s, in Manila no less, and I like his take on it. We talked a lot about football stuff and I forgot to take notes.


The game started goal for goal, then the Monaros had a good patch. They were too slick for Carlton – then dropped the guard and Judd got in there, the ODNBs kicked three straight. Scores level at quarter time here at The Showground. Marks, 33 to 11 in Monaros’ favour.


’TNT’ rang out over the PA just before the second bounced off. It boosted Carlton, they kicked the first goal. But that was just guitar solo stuff, Monaros got into the bass and drums and kicked five goals.


Shane Mumford is the kick drum. He’d casually grab Warnock and toss him out of the way, then deftly tap. He looks like he’s enjoying his football, playing with these sharp youngsters.


They’ve a very limited playlist at the showground. We hear a loop of the ‘Kashmir’ riff every halftime,


Having set a club record half-time score, the Monaros were outscored in the third, but 13.4 to 10.8 at three-qtr time tells the story. One of these teams has kicking skills, the team on the wrong end of a 19-5 free kick count.


Carlton had a real go in the last, the Monaros outplayed them but kicked 2.6, so much for kicking skills, I got a little bit nervous for a minute or so. The boys held their nerve and came out winners.


Ben reckoned this was like the Swans’ win over Carlton in 1995, the game that can set a team up with a belief in themselves. It was the best Monaros performamce this season, those kids are starting to work together, captains Ward and Davis oversaw their lines w due diligence and Patton did so up forward.


March, I figured the Monaros would need six wins, incl an upset scalping, to break even this year. The scalp came quickly, then it went downhill. Until my pastel-orange and charcoal-grey heart wanted to to destroy Richmond for evermore.


Since then, two damn-near upsets, a decent kinda win away and now a good all-round performance. The kids are alright. That break-even point is a realistic goal.


GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY                   5.1    10.2    13.4    15.10 (100)

CARLTON                                  5.1    6.5    10.8    14.8 (92)



GWS: Palmer 3, Hoskin-Elliott 2, Shiel 2, Patton 2, Boyd, Kelly, Smith, Ward, Whitfield, Jaksch

Carlton: Menzel 3, McLean 2, Waite 2, Thomas 2, Armfield, Everitt, Walker, Tuohy, Gibbs



GWS: Mumford, Ward, Patton, Palmer, Coniglio,

Carlton: Gibbs, Robinson, Judd, Everitt, Menzel


Umpires: Ryan, Jeffery, Mitchell


Crowd: 9059


Votes: 3 – Mumford; 2 – Ward; 1 – Gibbs





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