AFL Round 12 – Port Adelaide v St Kilda: We’ve been Tealed but it’s still a good week

This week found my sister Denise and her 70’s group, the Primitive Calculators hosting RAGE both last Saturday morning and Saturday night.  Not my taste in music but I love the fact that they are more popular and engaged now, with a music tour to China planned, than in the few years their band started.  It’s also coming up to my Aunties 90th birthday, which will be both a happy and very sad occasion now she doesn’t have her beloved to share it with.  There is a Glen Eira Artists Society Inaugural Exhibition coming up, our first major one for the group.

We had a wonderful Friday night Shabbos dinner with my fake Grandson, and it was so lovely eating chicken soup (I make an awesome chicken soup), gefilte fish, challah, noodles and kreplah. Then roasted duck and lamb.  We could barely walk.  Eating too much is the only way to go on a Friday night.  I got to play with Play-doh and painted with Luke, now 3 ½ years old before dinner.  He loves visiting his Nanna Yvette, especially when my big boy Daniel is home and he gets to play with my cute dog and even cuter son.

On top of all this, the Saints led the AFL and footy world with the employment of the first female coach, Peta Searle, and it was good to watch this very happy and ground breaking event that augurs well for the development and education of our young men into the future.  They need to develop, and Peta comes with a super coaching resume. St.Kilda making headlines for the very best of reasons. It is truly a blessing. The beginning of the Port Adelaide VS St.Kilda game found me on my comfy chair, watching a better than expected first two quarters.  We weren’t squashed immediately, that came in the second half as I got ready for a friends 70th birthday.

Yvette Cartoon Saints Port

There were some wonderful game moments…I find my enjoyments in Saints games reduced to the finest points, not in the whole but in the parts.  In the parts I can find some pleasure and hope.  Like Weller speeding away from a possible tackle.  Bruce’s strength and effort.  Riewoldts’ wonderful 601st  goal, after he kicked four for the afternoon.  Dunstan and Billings growing confidence and skill.  Lenny being one of our best on ground and Shenton becoming a very solid defender.  Simpkins continual bravery.  Wingard’s unbelievable aerial mark, not so much the resultant knees to the back of Dempsters’ head from said super mark.

Watching Port’s superpowers and hoping that this team gets a chance at a Grand Final and defies the odds.  We were at the top of the ladder in 2009 and we didn’t get the cookies.  I want the Port Adelaide team to have the whole fairy tale ending.  Polec played well at the beginning of his career with Port Adelaide, though he then got hurt. It was good seeing Lee and him having a go and he took a few flying marks in the second quarter.  More please.  It was great seeing Milera showing better signs, reminding us of when he and Saad burst onto the scene a few years back and gave us Sainters great excitement and many goals.  Murdoch showed some form, as did Saunders.

The final moments of the first quarter saw the Saints fight back after a four goal start from Port.  Riewoldt marks and gets an accidental punch to the head, and splits the big ones.  Joy.  After a behind to Port, Saints again run towards their forward, where Riewoldt steals a pack mark, right on his chest, and goals after the siren.  I will bottle these moments. Saunders goals two for the day, and shows great promise for the Saints future.  With every game, Longer learns more, how to stand his ground, how to be a ruckman.

I listened to the final quarter as I drove to Kew, to a great Greek restaurant.  The 70th was in a function room upstairs, and I caught up with friends I hadn’t seen since last year at my footy exhibition.  It was lovely to be out and about, with good food and old friends.  Seeing my friend Jenny happy and healthy and we celebrated. When I chatted with Kate (a committed Demon who is happy this year) on the other table, I was introduced to the golf crowd and to Ewen and Rosemary.  When they discovered my Saintness, (who could miss it with my glasses and nails and jewellery) they introduced me to John at the other end of the table, a Sainter from 1963.  He was a Tassie boy and followed the Saints because of his admiration of Darrel Baldock.  He went to games to watch him and just keeps going with his friend.  We talked of meeting at the games in the future, and enjoying what we could.

Today I emailed him the Footy Almanac details and the details of the biography of Darrel Baldock that’s worth a read.  He’d sent an email saying how great it was to meet another mad Sainter.  His wife Louise is a North Melbourne girl.  We Saints supporters know another mad soul when we meet them.  They are of our colours.  They must be made of stern stuff to keep on trucking with the Saints. So as 2014 and the season of the Saints continues its development, life throws in a few lovely moments where I can be amused, diverted, engaged and crazy.  And eat well on top of that.

Finally, I cartooned again, something that hasn’t happened for a while, and so, as the year ticks by, perhaps my interest and engagement can come in a different way. Hang in there Sainters.  Even going down has its benefits.  And as another Almanac article by Drop Kick pointed out, there has to be losers to be winners, and so we will take this side of the coin until it is flipped.

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