AFL Round 12 – Greater Western Sydney v Essendon: misfiring Monaros


Greater Western Sydney vs Essendon

The Showground, 1940, 6 June 2014.


This columnist can confidently state that reviewing a match on teev ain’t really touching the gist of things. I was driving my folks home from a family do at dusk and had trouble keeping my eyes open. Partly because I prefer driving with the window down (but my folks don’t like that) and partly because I’d been up since 6 and had done several hours work.

So we got home and had about 40 minutes to get moving, and I said to Perky Girl “I’m tired. Too tired to ride a motorcycle to the Showground.”

If I’m too tired to get on a motorcycle, I am goldurned tired. I wrestled with my conscience. Must support my team. Must meet mate who took public transport from Maroubra. Must… stick to the couch. I’m a gardener with a slash of flu that’s been hanging around for two weeks, I’ve been rescheduling jobs to allow me time to get home and get into bed under layers so I can get warm and have it together to do at least four hours work the next day.

Monaros, you’re my team, but I have to draw a line. Anyway, so to the match. I took notes but the incipient RE inspection caused me to tidy up and I can’t find my notepad.

Monaros might have won this if JC hadn’t been suspended. The glaring fault throughout the game was their utter lack of a functioning forward line. Patton was hanging around the backline for far too long, most goals were kicked by midfielders running forward. In the third term, they had 13 forward entries and no marks.

Don’t blame this on Patton. He is, effectively, a first year player. In the end, the difference was Essendon lining up several players with five or six pre-seasons behind them, while the raw talent of the Monaros have no more than three pre-seasons.

They kept on having a go, it was great to see them rush in on Myers after he’d elbowed Smith. There’s some team spirit happening there.

But you gotta follow up that team spirit with wins. The Monaros are kinda clueless. The backline was good, the midfield was good, the forward line was non-existent. Y’ can’t expect Lobb to hold it together in his first game.

There’s an awful lot of random disposals and a sense of wobbliness. There’s that attitude that I like but it still ain’t enough. And reviewing matches off the teev is like writing record reviews. You sit on the couch and try to take it in, but there ain’t the grand tale you get from heading out for a bit of an adventure.


GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY                  2.1   4.4    5.9   9.12 (66)

ESSENDON                                                  3.3    5.8   8.11  11.15 (81)



GWS: Treloar 3, Palmer 2, Lobb, Lamb, Smith, Tomlinson

Essendon: Daniher 3, Dell’Olio 2, Zaharakis 2, Howlett, Ryder, Hocking, Stanton



GWS: Shaw, Mumford, Treloar, Ward, Shiel, Smith

Essendon: Zaharakis, Watson, Heppell, Stanton, Goddard, Daniher



3- Heppell; 2 – Treloar; 3 – Zaharakis


Umpires: Farmer, Burgess, Armstrong


Official crowd: 8,429


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  1. kath presdee says


    One thing you miss about watching the TV is the changing atmosphere on the ground. You might be able to hear some of it on TV, but you don’t get the change in mood.

    I really felt the spark at the start of the fourth quarter when the Giants were fighting back. It was like that passage of play in the Sydney game when the Giants finally got on top and then kept going. When Essendon got that goal to make it a seven point buffer, you could feel the let-down.

    Going to the game is so much better… although night games are a powerful argument for staying in where it’s warm. Big stadiums with 8,000 people are pretty chilly.

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