AFL Round 11: The 2013 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Greetings Tipsters

There were all sorts of exciting plans being laid during the week around here at the Stop Privatisation Of Football offices.  Then I went out drinking with the girls on Friday night and didn’t get home until Saturday night so I sent Fatima, the work experience girl, out to review the Kebabs game at Stooges Stadium.  The following was left under the door this morning:

OMG, we couldn’t decide where to sit!  And, where do they get those arms from?  Even Ali doesn’t have arms like that and he, like goes to the gym all the time

Wow, our team is in front already!  Bahija just  yelled out her fone no to that guy with the head band.

My stupid boss says that bad kicking  is bad football, so this team in blue and white must be really bad.  Like, they haven’t done anything.

OMG, Bahija just found a big piece of carboard and she wrote her fone no on it, she’s hanging it over the fence.  That must be why the guys in those sorta orange jumpers keep kicking goals.

Bahija got SOOO embarassed about her sign that she sat on it and the cute boys missed goals.  Then one of those old guys kicked a goal at the other end.  I told Bahija to go to that end and sit outside the little post.

Anyway, so I got this new fone, right?  So I was playing with it and then Bahija screamed and I looked up and those old guys are in front!

So I said to Bahija that we have to go the other end and OMG, our boys are back in front!

Like I really think that me and Bahija are the taliswomen for this team.  The boss calls them Kebabs, but he likes eating pide too.

I told Bahija that she should wear that really cute orange shirt, but now she’s saying that she has to go to the ladies at half time cos she wore a blue shirt, just in case.  OMG!  Where is Geelong? You can’t get a train there from Granville, I asked the guy with the flag.  He didn’t know.  So it’s not in Sydney.

I bet my boss would know.  He knows weird things about ships full of pepper 500 years ago.

I wrote 18 on Bahija’s arm.

What’s this halftime?  It goes forever.  Me and Bahija went out and talked to these guys,like,they said they werefootballers, oh RIGHT!    So I rang Ali, right, and Bahija rang Ibn and then we showed these guys our fones, oh I love my newGalaxy 4, so Ali and Ibn were sooo pissed off and they told these guys, it was soooo funny!

And we go back in and the old guys are in front but that 18 guy (I told you, Bahija,I did) kicked a goal.  And then that fat guy kicked a goal.

OMG Bahija bought some white wine, why do people drink this?  It’s sort of yuck, but we had some more and the boss is gonna kill me because I looked at the scoreboard and those old guys are, like 30 points ahead!

He told me to do the votes but I couldn’t find the number to text it to, but that old guy that’s in the ad with the milkcrates and the taxi driver that looks like my Uncle Djamel, only he likes the other football with the really big shorts, I gave my vote to him.  Bahija voted for the 18 guy, if she sees him in the street she’s just gonna go so mental.

Thanks for your efforts Fatima.  I’ll be out at Parramatta tomorrow and I’ll give that baklava shop a try.  And, yes, I did have a World Cup soccer ball almost to hand for your Uncle Djamel but it was last heard of on the Canning Stock Route.

Cheers Tipsters


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Brought to you, doubtless, with the assistance of that binkety-bink music kids listen to.


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