AFL Round 11: Magpies fly through exams

by Danielle Eid

With year 11 comes the stress of VCE exams and with that comes my chocolate obsession. (Im an emotional eater)

The notion of locking myself up in my room with books became a reality.

My head buzzing with endless facts about the Legal system, Kristallnacht, Literature quotes and God knows what else. My parents encourage the prospect of me acing every exam, even on the day that I have three after each other.

On the inside I’m wishing, if only I could just close my eyes, open them and be a successful sports journalist with an 88.95 ENTER.

I watch for the door every 20 minutes in case my younger brother catches me on the Collingwood website when iI’msupposed to be studying.

I don’t usually procrastinate but I put down the books after my thoughts run away in a daydream.

Monday brings little relaxation and as planned I take my break to watch my Collingwood boys take on the Demons. As the boys run out I try not to think about tomorrow’s burden of two exams. I feel a twinge of guilt; maybe I should miss this game and study. I could always tape it and watch it on Friday night.

No I need sometime to myself besides there’s always halftime if I feel that guilty.

As the first quarter starts I decided that I’m not the only one who has something to prove. The boys in Black and White have their own exam to pass, with a win on the Queen’s Birthday. With Medhurst a no show and the debut of Watts for Melbourne it’s anyone’s game.

Lockyer gets the first goal of the match. Melbourne is competing well for the ball and our defenders are kept busy. Watts is welcomed to AFL with a three man tackle, even I felt bad for him. While Melbourne miss goals, Didak, Swan, Superman (Jack Anthony)

And Cloke kick a goal each. Brad Dick puts the Pies up by 42 points.

The Quarter ends with 7 goals to Collingwood and no goals for Melbourne.

I breathe a sigh of relief that even without Medhurst the ball is finding the goals.

Tarkyn continues his trend and starts the second quarter with a goal, while finally Robertson scores Melbourne’s first.

Captain Maxwell takes a hard hit that makes me cringe as the Dees kick their third.

I become a little worried at this point until Superman saves the day with his second goal.

Heath Shaw reminds me of myself as he losses his temper and gives away a fifty, which turns into a Melbourne goal.

Two chocolate bars later and I notice Nathan Brown’s absence in the backline.

He’s too good looking not to notice. The commentators break the news that Nathan is in the rooms and he’s done something to his knee.

Quote: “ooooohhhhhhh my God, I think I’m gonna cry!!”

I get pretty emotional when my favorite players get hurt hopefully it’s not that bad.

Along with the third quarter comes the pouring rain and many goal highlights for Collingwood. Dick kicks his third, while Didak pulls out his soccer tricks and lights up the crowd. With 4 minutes left I’m about to fall asleep, until Superman wakes me up with his third goal.

With Collingwood 62 points up the quarter ends.

I give in and read over my history notes just once, okay I’m lying more like three times.

As soon as the siren goes I put the books down and resume my football viewing.

For the fourth time Collingwood start a quarter with the first goal, this time its Dick who bangs his fourth. Melbournejust can’t be bothered and Collingwood are thinking about one thing, Percentage. Tarkyn kicks his third while its too little too late for Robertson who misses two shots at goal.

The siren sounds as the Black and White Army rejoice in song with a 66 point win.

Looks like the Collingwood boys passed their exam with flying colours, lets hope I can do the same.

A+ Students:

Brad Dick

Tarkyn Lockyer

Dane Swan

Jack Anthony (Superman)

Alan Didak

Scott Pendlebury

D+ Students

Alan Toovey: (I don’t want to talk about it)


Josh Frasier

Dale Thomas

About Danielle Eid

Im 23, cute and most importantly im the Collingwood Football Club's very own PRINCESS!! :) A Latrobe Uni graduate from Bachelor of Journalism. Admirer of Samantha Lane and Jon Ralph. Not your typical 'Robot Journalist' Loves Alex Fasolo


  1. once again well written but if the test for collingwood was easy this time, they should start studying for their next one. ITS A MAJOR ONE. Goodluck with ur exams and think percentage!!!!!!!!!.

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