AFL Round 10: The View From Shepparton

Peter Schumacher


The main point of point of interest that has arisen from this round is not that Ben Cousins has been caught acting stupidly again but rather what do these excursions to the dressing rooms add to the footy coverage anyway? I would have thought that in general what happens on the ground, except for reportable offences, should stay on the ground, and that in the same vein  the dressing room should be an inner sanctum where players can say or do what they like away from the TV glare. I am not an expert on choral singing either but would think that the singing of the club song as rendered or perhaps rent by the victors would hardly qualify for any eisteddfod or even heaven forbid that epitome of unexcellence, Australian Idol.  Come to think of it if clubs really did take pride in their anthems why wouldn’t they have a club choir formed for the exercise and indeed as a fund raiser as well. These projected choirs could be an extension of the professionalism expected of the players and as such really add to the occasion of a win. Oh and by the way I wouldn’t want to see this being an excuse to portray the female members of such a choir in that awful American cheer leader style as  is done by the NRL. Post script, I don’t mean to suggest that the NRL actually has choirs, that would be slightly  up market for them but rather I am referring to the banner wavers as the players run on to the arena. Actually, on reflection, perhaps they should show replays of this aspect of the game!

I note that Terry Wallace has either called it a day or has had to call it a day. What  a pity his triumph and that of Morton as well,   was sullied by the dumb action of a player who is lucky to back. I thought that the effort of Morton after his clanger against Port Adelaide was exceptional.  Freo are definitely the Richmond of the West.

Home losses are absolutely devastating for all clubs, particularly this year, in the same way, the apparent intelligence which can be gained by the  analysis  of away losses is often overstated in my view. Bad luck for those teams that play more away than home.

So Carlton beat the West Coast in Melbourne, not a great result for West Coast, but let’s see how Carlton are away next week against a very understrength Brisbane.

Talking about which, Brisbane DID win away, but I nearly wept seeing Brennan trying to be a ruckman. How good is Rich going to be? And the twin towers produced hardly anything in the way of goals. In fact one of them will probably be at full back this week trying to stop Fevola. Pretty easy though, just stop the ball getting down to him. I think that I need another beer at this stage! Warren played well, have been following him for a bit, looked ordinary in the first game in which I noticed him but he can certainly mark and kick.

A crowd of just over 9000 at Gold Coast Stadium. Not great and if it is argued that this is somewhat irrelevant because once they have their own team to support denizens of the Gold Coast will come out in their droves I can only wonder at the local support the Tasmania team will get when they come in as the eighteenth side. Rather than barrackers  pretending to support an interloping Victorian team they will be able to get fair dinkum. Might even bring the north and south of the island together! St Kilda won as expected. Are there too many teams in Melbourne? Have to wonder about that (again). Melbourne won’t win in years, suppose that like some other teams they will always be going through a rebuilding phase.

Western Bulldogs are the real deal, no doubt about that, completely cleaned up Sydney but because the match was in Canberra somewhat out of sight out of mind for all observers concerned, except for I suppose the Sydney and Bulldog ones. Wasn’t a good match for Sydney to lose but here’s the thing, the reality is that it was an away match for both teams.

Collingwood beat Port, thought that they would because it was a home match for them, but Port won’t go anywhere this year even if they play the rest of their matches at Footy Park.

I though that Essendon would give Geelong a match but have to admit to laughing out aloud a few times as Geelong showed their skills in such a way as to make Melbourne look ridiculous, but then Brisbane (and eight other sides) haven’t exactly looked flash either in their games against them. It is a pleasure to watch Geelong play, simple as that. Actually to psych myself up and owing to the fact that she who must be obeyed was out I watched a replay of the Lions Essendon 2001 grand final  early Friday evening. How I wish it were possible for these two  (Geelong and Brisbane 2001 model) to  be in a match..

Adelaide surprised me I have to say, thought that they were finished, perhaps not, but it is the home game thing again, although for them in the recent past this has been more of  a hindrance than a help.

Look forward to the Carlton Brissie game next Saturday.



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