AFL Round 10 – Collingwood v Gold Coast – Floreat Pica Society


Well off to the twilight game, seems strange to be heading off to the footy at such a time on a sunday arvo, but am neverless very hopeful of a good percentage booster for our team.
Having a day out with some girls from work and had to stop at the Hilton for a drink and celebrate the magnificant win by Port on the weekend. Or should l say another spectacular loss to Carlton.

Walking to the ground with just Pies supporters seemed a bit weird, probably spotted 2 Suns fans along the way,and out of the 36,000 that were at the game probably only 500 Suns supporters managed to make it. But Collingwood supporters can create some pretty good atmosphere all on our own.

No Jolly or Tooves was a bit of a suprise. But hey the way we’ve been covering everybody this year l was not concerned in the least.

First quarter we started pretty well with Daisy on fire, the play which resulted in a Fasolo goal was sweet. Wood was playing well, but still doesn’t take enough marks for a big guy. Could be a swap for Dawes if he doesn’t start getting his hands on it. Clokey was getting it but was frustrating everyone with his kicking….when is he going to kick those goals?
We had their measure and l was thinking that maybe we were just going to have a reasonable win, say by 30 to 40 points, so it was good that we managed to really have a good win.
The young guys that are getting a chance are really taking it. Williams was good after a shaky start. Buckley had a really good crack and little Sinclair just seems to get to the right spots.
Very encouraging signs.

Gary Ablett had 53 touches but Daisy was the better player on the night, his 3 goals were fantastic and l think he assissted in quite a few more. Steele was quiet for his lofty standards of late but still gives his all.
Beams, Blair, Fasolo were all very good again. Still Gold Coast looked very ordinary. Little chip kicks, sideways kicks, handballs all over the place, and what’s the point of one player getting it 53 times if the team loses by 97 points. Ablett’s great but the Suns just aren’t in it .

Still we can only beat who we play and that we did. To be equal top of the ladder after the start we had is a fantastic effort by the boys and the coach.
Pendles will be right, fingers crossed, they’ll probably give him a couple of weeks off seeing as we’ll have Shaw and Swanny back next week.
Great win for the club.

Let’s hope we can smash the Dees and break their winning streak and end up on the top of the ladder outright. Wouldn’t that be amazing.

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