AFL Round 10: Another Friday, another parma, another Blues win

By Josh Barnstable


Another Friday, another exciting day at school, another successful radio interview on ABC. I tip the Blues on this occasion, knowing that Brendan Fevola does not play too many bad games in a row and that Chris Judd should bounce back from last week’s shocker against Adelaide, and so should everyone else in the team. Judd should also be looking to shine against his old side. A delicious chicken parma cooked by Mum precedes the match, as it does on every Friday night.


The first quarter begins with a free kick to Matthew Rosa out of the middle despite Marc Murphy being felled by a punch to the midriff from Daniel Kerr. Brad Fisher, one of the inclusions for the night, kicks the first goal on the run.

 He is a good player for Carlton and I can’t seem to figure out why he has been out of the side for so long, as tonight is his first match for the year. Judd pops up and kicks the 2nd of the night after marking uncontested, 15m out from goal. Ryan Houlihan followed with a long goal on the run from 50m out before Josh Kennedy, also playing against his old side, was gifted with a free kick. He goaled from 20m out. Brendan Fevola weaved some magic with a Peter Daicos-like goal from the boundary line to take the margin out to 18 points. The umpires seemed to have lost their whistles as they let play go on when certain free kicks should have been paid. Mark LeCras gathered from a throw in and snapped a goal before Houlihan marked and goaled from 50, his 2nd. Adam Hunter finished the quarter with a goal on the siren to cut the margin to 11 points at quarter time, 3.3 to 5.2. Nick Stevens has 12 touches for the Blues while Murphy is on 10. For the Eagles, Adam Selwood is on 10 possessions.


 The second quarter got underway and early misses to Fevola and Quinten Lynch were followed by a goal to Eddie Betts on the run. Fevola then marked and goaled before Steven Browne took a mark and kicked a nice goal from a tough angle, the margin had gotten out to 33 points. This became 41 points after Brad Fisher received a free kick and kicked a goal, the Blues leading by just under 7 goals at half time, 9.10 to 3.5. The Blues kicked 4.8 that quarter and should have kicked at least 6.6 while the Eagles failed to kick a 6-pointer, scoring just 2 behinds. Stevens is up to 17 touches for the Blues while Murphy and Paul Bower are on 15 disposals. For the Eagles, A. Selwood is on 15 touches while Kerr has 14 possessions.


The second half begins and an early goal to Fevola after running onto a loose ball sees the margin out to 47 points. LeCras receives a free kick and goals, then takes a mark and kicks a goal from the boundary line before taking a strong mark and kicking his 3rd goal in a row to cut the margin to 30 points. Jeff Garlett marked and goaled from a 45 degree angle before LeCras added his 4th of the quarter and the best of the game; he spoiled, gathered then snapped over his shoulder from the boundary line to reduce the margin to 29 points at three quarter time, 7.7 to 11.12. Judd, Murphy and Stevens are getting amongst the ball for the Blues while A. Selwood is on 22 touches for the Eagles and Andrew Embley is on 20 possessions.


The final quarter begins and the Blues get a lucky goal through Garlett after he soccered the ball through for a goal despite the ball seemingly hitting the post, but for some persuasion from Betts, the goal umpire stuck out his two fingers. David Wirrpanda kicked a running goal from 45m out before Fevola kicked two goals in a row from marks to take the margin out to 40 points. Kennedy marked and kicked a nice goal with a lot of curve about it to reduce the margin to 34 points. Fisher marked in the goalsquare and kicked his 3rd before LeCras kicked his 6th from 50m out. Fittingly, Fevola ended the game with a strong mark and his 6th goal to take the final margin out to 41 points, 16.15.111 to 10.10.70. Murphy finished on 32 touches while Judd and Kade Simpson ended up on 29 possessions for Carlton. For the Eagles, Adam Selwood picked up 29 touches while Rosa and Embley finished on 24 disposals each.


Once again the Blues have backed up their slogan for the 2009 season. I think they are genuinely coming. Not coming as fast as people have been led to think, but coming none the less. A win next week against the Brisbane Lions at the Gabba should determine whether they are a genuine side. As for the Eagles, they weren’t that bad tonight but still are a long way off their winning days of 2005-2007. They will be back up there soon though. A few good young players to come into the list and the improvement of Brad Ebert, Chris Masten, Nick Naitanui, Ben McKinley and Scott Selwood, they could well be the new Cousins, Judd, Cox, Matera and Kerr.


Carlton 5.2—9.10—11.12—16.15.111

West Coast 3.3—3.5—7.7—10.10.70




Carlton-Fevola 6, Fisher 3, Garlett 2, Houlihan 2, Betts, Judd, Browne

West Coast-LeCras 6, Kennedy 2, Hunter, Wirrpanda




Carlton-Murphy, Fevola, Stevens, Kreuzer, Judd, Simpson, Fisher

West Coast-A. Selwood, LeCras, Embley, Kerr




39,611 at Etihad Stadium




3 Votes: Marc Murphy (C)

2 Votes: Brendan Fevola (C)

1 Vote: Mark LeCras (W)




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