AFL Preseason – Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints must improve on ball efficiency


Thursday, 8 March 2018
7:05 pm
Casey Fields, Melbourne


After working hard for three days in a row, checking the score of this game didn’t bring me good news.


Even though it’s only a preseason match, I hate to see my Saints defeated, especially by one of my big rivals.


However, I watched the full replay because:


1. I wanted to see how my boys played;
2. I could learn a bit more of how to play footy myself; and
3. I wanted to show the club I am wearing a halo on my head, always.


The first half was so frustrating.


St Kilda didn’t handle the ball well, even when we worked hard. Former Melbourne coach Paul Roos made a point on the Fox Footy live coverage.


The first note reminded me that McCartin is unable to take a mark in our goal square and allowed the opponent to take an incept mark. The Dees found open space and Petracca kicked the first goal.


His mistakes were found later too – kicking to Membrey but the footy was hit outside the boundary line. He also missed taking a contested mark.


Our kicking and handballing needed to be done more accurately. Finding the right player is essential, but you can’t take long. Otherwise you will be tackled and give away a free kick. It’s hard.


A positive action in the first quarter was Arces taking a mark inside 50 contested by Gawn. His braveness produced a goal.


The second quarter was dominated by Demons again. I admit that tiredness of long working hours between Tuesday and Thursday and off-field tasks for the Dingoes couldn’t keep me watching the replay on Friday night. I left the remaining half way to watch on Saturday morning.


At a cold bus stop, I watched a bit and one of my boys (sorry I can’t identify who was) ran to find the right spot to handball (how good effort it was) and Clark grabbed it. The new draftee wearing former Joey’s number 11 kicked a goal.


I was impressed the good ball use.


The third quarter was also impressive.


Steel kicked a long goal and Bruce ran towards the forward line and took a mark. The left-footer forward kicked a goal on a 30 degree angle.


However other mistakes were made. Marshall’s kicking was poor and Steel kicking backwards made me unhappy. Kicking towards the right space and right player should be reinforced.


Kicks done by Clark to Billings to Sinclair were brilliant and Sinclair kicked the ball forward and picked himself. Finally he did his job!


Then he assisted by kicking a ball towards my favourite, Armo. He took a good mark and scored a goal straight. 9:07 reminding in the third quarter.


I had not been impressed with Savage’s performance, but he kicked brilliantly towards Bruce. His mark was contested and then Bruce kicked a goal. Now we were six points behind.


Then it was Paddy’s turn to return work his way into the game. He jumped to catch a ball and dropped. But he held the ball so it was a mark. His scored the goal and brought the score level. Good boy!


Josh Bruce then kicked a goal 48 metres out and put the mighty Saints in front for the first time in the match.


But at the end of the quarter Marshall was tackled and the ball was dropped. Garlett picked it and scored a goal. Sadly we were now a point behind.


The last quarter was not when we dominated. Dees fired up again.


Marshall’s hit out was picked by Jack Billings. He was tackled and awarded a free kick. He scored a goal. What a great young bloke he is. I like Jack Billings too.


Another positive in the last quarter was Savage’s goal from outside 50.


St Kilda need to produce more efficient ball handling and must push forward earlier. I want my boys to be fast starters.


By the way I have potentially got a cracked index finger on the left hand. It caused from the footy training two weeks ago. But I am willing to train again on Sunday.



MELBOURNE 8.4 11.5 12.8 18.11 (119)
ST KILDA 4.1 6.4 12.7 14.9 (93)

Melbourne: Oliver 2, Garlett 2, Brayshaw 2, Melksham 2, Hogan 2, Tyson, Petracca, Bugg, Hannan, Fritsch, Salem, Vince, Hunt
St Kilda: Bruce 3, Sinclair 2, Savage, Membrey, Clark, Billings, Armitage, McCartin, Steven, Gresham, Acres

Melbourne: Oliver, Gawn, Hibberd, Petracca, Lever, Hogan
St Kilda: Billings, Acres, Ross, Geary, Savage, Steele

Umpires: Rosebury, Fleer, Mollison

Official crowd: 4567


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