AFL Preliminary Final – Hawthorn v Port Adelaide: In a tense finish, the mighty Hawks win the day

Thompson, Kaisha age 8

Kaisha Thompson takes it all in



Hawthorn v Port Adelaide

by Kaisha Thompson (aged 8)


They start the action with Port Adelaide running through the banner, bold and brave.  Not many supporters but they scream very loud.  Next the Hawks run through the banner as if they know they’re going to win.  They have the most supporters, but will they win?


The national anthem is playing and every one of the players and supporters, Port Adelaide or Hawthorn feels proud to live in Australia.


Hawthorn won the toss and are playing at the city end.


The siren rings loudly 20 sec, 15 sec, 10 sec, 5 sec, 4,3,2,1 START.


Port Adelaide start with a point, then a goal.  No score for the Hawks and they’re favourites.  Hawthorn take a mark and it goes out.  The throw in comes and Sammy gets it.  Port takes at mark at 4.49 runs up, kicks, point – unlucky.  Hodgey gets a kick, he kicks the ball but Hawks miss it.  Another mark for Port right near their goal but only gets a point.   Roughead gets a kick. HAWKS 1st GOAL of the game!


Langford takes a mark.  Another goal for Hawks and they’re in the lead.  Free kick to Port Adelaide.  Mark to mark to mark.  BOOM.  Point to Port Adelaide.  Another point to Port.  Now a point to Hawks.  What is up with these points?  Hodge goes to kick, another point, jeez.  Goal to Port.  At least it wasn’t a point.  Another point for Hawks. 21.00 the scores are 15 Hawks to 17 Port.  Port got another mark then another point, then another.  EH all these points.  Another mark by Port and ANOTHER POINT!  URGH.  Now a goal, phew but by Port so not to my taste.  At the end of the quarter the scores are Hawks 15 Port Adelaide 27.  Port are in the lead by 12 points.


In the second quarter the Hawks passing is much better.  OOH it’s out.  Port get a kick.  Hawks take a mark. Port take the ball and get a mark.  Accusation for throwing goes against Hawthorn.  Grrrr.  Mark for Hawks.  Another mark for Hawks and a GOAL!  Port take the ball and get a mark.  Goal to Hawks and now they are just 1 point behind.  Suckling just kicked a goal for Hawks and now are in the lead.  Port take a mark and SCORE A GOAL and are now in the lead.  Another goal for Port.  Will they win?  Roughead kicked a goal but it wouldn’t have happened without Gunston.  Isaac Smith just kicked a goal gracefully but hard.  Kick to Langford and gets a mark. At 26.00 the scores are Hawthorn 45 Port Adelaide 40.  Port just took a point.  Roughead got a free kick and GOAL.  Hawks are now on 51.  YEAH.  Hawks take a mark, and another, almost a goal but just stopped by Port.  At the end of the 2nd quarter Hawks 51 Port 41.


It’s been a great half for both teams.  1st quarter Port were great.  2nd quarter Hawks were great. So I think they were both fabulous.


Hawks get tackled and Port surprisingly kick a goal.  Now Hodgey for Hawks kicks a goal just before the line.  WOOHOO!  And another from ROUGHEAD this day is getting better and better.  Another sweet sweet goal for the Hawks.  YES! Port kicked another goal from no. 6 and another.  Only 10 points between them.  Hawks a point and another point.  Hale kicks a great goal.  GO HAWKS. A point to Port.  Who will win?  NOT to my surprise ROUGHHEAD kicked a goal just before the siren.  The score is Hawkers 84 Port 61.  The pressure is getting to everyone, it could be anyone’s game.


Port have come back with an extraordinary goal in the first 2 minutes.  Hawks take a mark then it goes to Port but it shouldn’t of because Spangher got tackled but didn’t have it in his hands.  Point to Port, yikes.  Another wonderful goal from Hawk’s Isaac Smith.  Gunston GREAT GOAL another for Hawks.  Rough-head a point but oooh 36 from Port Adelaide was injured.  Goal for Port Adelaide BIG SHOCKER.  Mark leads to GOAL for Port and another goal to Port.  2 goals and Port could win….1 goal to Port 1 more to win.  URGHHH 1 point to Power, phew.  The siren goes.  HAWKS WIN.  Port was amazing but in the end Hawks came out on top.




The game was a close call, only 3 more points and Port Adelaide would have won. I for one loved the way both teams were awesome, they were graceful and were hard but fair.


The grand final next Saturday will be a tough match against the Swans with great players fighting great players, good players fighting good players. What will happen?  I think it will be Sydney to win but I would prefer them not to.


  1. “Isaac Smith just kicked a goal gracefully but hard” – This should win line of the year award. Loved it. Thanks Kaisha. Best report I’ve read for ages.

  2. Thank you . Your very nice

  3. By the way I love this website

  4. Keep writing for us. And keep barracking for the Hawks. One day they might be as good as Geelong!

  5. Neil Anderson says

    I too liked your description of Isaac Smith kicking a goal ‘gracefully but hard’. Experienced football writers would not be able to describe it better.
    I am very envious of you watching your Hawks winning so many finals and grand finals.
    I was your age when I saw the Bulldogs win their one and only Grand Final and I have been loyal to my team ever since. I don’t think you will have to wait that long for the Hawk’s next grand final. Probably only three days and not sixty years like me.

  6. Kaisha

    I love writing on this website too but there is no way I could have ever written something as good as this when I was 8.

    Really well done, great writing and I am glad your team won.

    Good luck on Saturday but also good luck with your writing too. I think you show great potential and you really captured the excitement of the game. Not enough Almanac writers put WOOHOO and URGHHH in their pieces!

    Love it


  7. Kaisha
    I loved the report.
    Informative and entertaining!

  8. Almanac Unplugged. Love it. Well done Kaisha.
    Your report is ‘in the moment’ all the time. None of the fears and expectations that dog (sorry Neil) us older people.
    Hawks will win on Saturday.
    This is the year of the nice guys finish first.
    Norwood Redlegs, Footscray Bulldogs, Subiaco Lions, Matt Priddis and Kaisha’s Hawks.
    Those brash Sydney billionaires don’t stand a chance.
    And Hawks are like Eagles, so you are my team this week.

  9. Well done Kaisha,
    You had a go.
    Just like the Hawks and just like the Power, too.
    And you can’t do more than that.

    I read this with my daugheters (8 and 7 years old – Collingwood magpies) this morning.
    We all enjoyed it. Happy rest of the holidays.

  10. What a wonderful story. When i was an 8 year old Geelong supporter there certainly wasn’t these forums to write out stories on the footy. Keep up the great work Kaisha, look forward to seeing more of these stories.


  11. Earl O'Neill says

    Great report, you really captured the feeling of the match.

  12. Mathilde de Hauteclocque says

    Great players fighting great players and good players fighting good players. And you never know Kaisha, sometimes the good players might try to fight the great players and the great players might not be as good as the good players. Ah, the joy of footy. And the joy of your report.
    Bravo and enjoy Saturday! I will probably be hiding behind the couch for most of the afternoon, my heart skipping its beats, hoping my Swannies win. But I also hope it will be a match to add to the classic rivalry collection.
    Keep writing! x

  13. Excellent writing Kaisha, I enjoyed reading your report of the game. Go Hawks! :-)

  14. Very well written Kaisha and enjoyable. I like how you are positive about both teams and like to see goals scored by both teams. My daughter is turning 8 soon. I will show this to her and read it with her. I hope you enjoy the Grand Final – perhaps another match report on the way?

  15. What a fantastic piece of writing Kaisha, you describe the game beautifully. It’s a rare talent to be able to capture the ebbs and flows of a game as you have. I watched the game at home with my 7 year old daughter and we were on the edge of our seats in that last quarter of course (and we’re ‘pies supporters). Great work, and we’re looking forward to your next piece.

  16. Gregor Lewis says

    So that’s what fair & balanced actually means. There are people who work on TV who need to read this … so they can understand how wrong they are.

    Excellent writing Kaisha!

    And choc-full of all the tension and excitement most footy fans watching would have felt.

    What a beginning to a writing career! Well done young lady. More please.


  17. There’s ya Almanac cover…well done Kaisha

  18. Are you sure you’re only eight Kaisha? Great job.

    ” I think it will be Sydney to win but I would prefer them not to.” So true…

  19. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I loved this Kaisha, enjoyed your enthusiasm.

    Please keep writing more of these.

  20. Mark Duffett says

    What everyone else has said, especially crio. This is brilliant, please keep writing and publishing.

  21. Kaisha, I’ve read a lot of reports on this site over the years, but I think yours is my favourite! You have a wonderful style and are very talented. You took us right into the moment with all the excitement of a great preliminary final. Your observations and opinions are very fair and make me happy to read.

    Keep up the fantastic work! I hope the Hawks get up for you this Saturday! :D

  22. Excellent writing. My favourite line was: Point to Port, yikes.

  23. Terrific article (and pic!) Kaisha … my first match report was when I was 12 … nobody saw it but me. Go Kaisha, and go Almanac!

    My favourite passage in your article, the one that probably sums up the fate of the 2 teams on the day, is this one …

    ‘What is up with these points? Hodge goes to kick, another point, jeez. Goal to Port. At least it wasn’t a point. Another point for Hawks. 21.00 the scores are 15 Hawks to 17 Port. Port got another mark then another point, then another. EH all these points. Another mark by Port and ANOTHER POINT! URGH.’


    Go Hawks! (and as a Bombers fan, that’s saying something!)

  24. Hi Kaisha
    I am a Power supporter and this is the best match report on the game that I have read anywhere this week. I love the way you can be passionate about the Hawks and fair to both teams. I look forward to reading more of your work next season. Oh…and good luck in the Granny.
    Kind Regards
    Kerry Smith

  25. Great job Kaisha – best one line summary of Port Adelaide ever: “Not many supporters but they scream very loud”. Keep on writing! Will be cheering for your Hawks tomorrow.

  26. Thank you for supporting my writing and all your kind comments. I will make sure I keep writing.

    I am not sure I will be able to be so fair today because Sydney poached Buddy and I am still angry about it.


  27. Kaisha – Channel your anger, but use it for good. May the force be with you (and your Hawks).

  28. Hi Kaisha
    I bet you had a great day today. Enjoy every minute of the celebrations. Your Hawks were awesome.
    Kind Regards

  29. Yvette Wroby says

    Happy happy Hawks and Happy Happy Kaisha. I am glad the Hawks won and I look forward to reading many many more of your match reports over the years. Well done. Your writing was beautiful and I am glad you have joined the Almanac family. It’s pretty great (your writing and the Almanac family).


  30. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Great to see you at the launch last night Kaisha, can’t wait for your pieces in 2015.

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