AFL Prelim Finals: Deserving Saints win through to Grand Final

After spending my first week of holidays in Yarrawonga, I’m keen to get home and head off to the Dogs-Saints game.

Hours after getting home Dad and I are out on the road again to Surrey Hills station. We aren’t willing to take on preliminary finals traffic. On the way to the station we make a detour to B. Kane’s house. The Geelong-supporting mate of Dad had spent most of the week in Yarrawonga with us.

After eating our fish ‘n’ chips in Richmond we head down Brunton Avenue. We pass the home of Richmond, Punt Road Oval, along the way. There’s no sign of life at the place. As with every September our season is finished and we sink into hibernation until March when we resume taking floggings. It usually starts with Carlton.

I read earlier in the week that St Kilda had 6,000 AFL members compared to the Bulldogs’ 800. It definitely showed when we arrived at our seats. Surrounded by St Kilda supporters I stand up and scout for some Dogs. There are few and hard to spot. This alone decides the team I’m supporting tonight. For the sake of securing a decent Grand Final seat it is crucial that Bulldogs win and Collingwood lose tomorrow.

There’s more to that, though. The Dogs have some very likeable players such as Higgins, Giansiracusa and the smiling asassin Brad Johnson. They’ve also had to wait longer than the Saints. 1954 was the first and only time they’ve been premiers and the only other time they’ve been in a Grand Final was in 1961.

They are probably the most liked club by their foes, yet struggle to find a supporter base. As a Richmond supporter I shouldn’t feel sorry for any other football teams, especially the team that gave us Jordan McMahon, but sometimes I do feel for Footscray.

The game starts differently to what I expected. Bulldogs come out all guns blazing against a slow St Kilda. Picken converts and the Dogs look good to go. Zac Dawson seems to be feeling the pressure and when Rob Murphy begins to rack up the possessions the cries for Hudghton come from the St Kilda supporters around me. Unfortunately the Dogs can’t turn their dominance into majors. The only other goal in the quarter is a very nice goal from ‘Missy ‘Higgins from outside 50.

At quarter time Saints are goaless with a few players looking suspect. Montagna has hardly had a touch and Farren Ray is proving it’s hard to break old habits as he constantly kicks to Footscray players. Clinton Jones is the only Saint midfielder playing well.

The second term begins with a lovely goal from Dal Santo to give the Saints their first goal. As McQualter kicks their second it looks like they’re going to run away with it. Bulldogs fire back though. Mitch Hahn, the medium forward who plays as a key foraward, keeps the Dogs in front kicking two consecutive goals.

The Bulldogs are beating the Lyon Cage but they still need to convert more. Lenny Hayes kicks a goal, making his presence finally felt in the match.

At half time then Dogs lead by seven. For the first time I’m unsure about who will win. I’ve felt pretty confident in the first that the Saints would turn it on like they did against Collingwood. Now I have my doubts.

As the players take positions I’m looking for Riewoldt. The 2009 All-Australian captain did it against Collingwood and he’s got to do it again tonight. Morris has done well keeping him goalless. For the Saints to win he has to lift.

As the ball is bounced a free is paid down the ground to Saint Nick. As he slots the goal I join the rest of the crowd in turining to the scoreboard to see the free. The few Bulldog supporters in attendance fill the ground with boos. Nick Riewoldt took a Matthew Lloyd type dive and Lake has every right to be angry.

It’s what the Saints needed. Fisher makes a statement to the All Australian commitee by kicking a goal and giving the Saints the lead. As Riewoldt kicks his second I feel that it’s now getting away from the Dogs.

When the Doggies look gone Brad Johnson kicks a goal. The star forward (who should play on next year) wheels around his body to improve the angle,  reminding me of Mitch Morton. The goal has given me belief again. I start cheering like a Bulldog supporter. COME ON DOGGIES!!! I yell.

The game goes up a cog. The passes seem faster, the tackles seem harder and every goal seems to be worth two. Cross lays a tackle on an unidentified St Kilda player. In perfect unison B. Kane and I get out of our seats and scream BALL!!! while displaying the “holding the ball” signal.

The umpire doesn’t pay the decision and we look like idiots surrounded by St Kilda fans. We sit down and laugh it off.

Just before the siren sounds Milne (who has done nothing all game) finds the ball and dribbles it in for a goal. It gives Saints the lead and is heartbreaking for the Dogs. But with a quarter to go it’s anyone’s game.

The siren blows, signalling the start of the final quarter. This is it. A game this close can go either way and will paint an entirely different Grand Final picture. The Bulldogs will be the fairytale story while the Saints will be the team who have deserved to be there all year.

It’s first blood to the Dogs. Ryan Griffen, who has played well since half time, bombs the ball inside 50 where Johnson gets on the end of it. The Dogs may just do it yet.

But when finals are on the line, the best players stand up. Brendon Goddard thumps the ball from the centre circle deep into the forward line where a pack of players await. Out of it all comes the St Kilda Saviour Nick Riewoldt with Sherrin in hand.

As all good captains do Riewoldt kicks the goal when Saints need it most to give them the lead once again.

Cooney, Murphy and Gilbee all miss gettable shots. Time is running out.

With only minutes to go Welsh finds himself with the footy. He thumps it to the 50 arc where Dawson awaits it. A poor bounce sees the ball in the hands of Gilbee. He fires the ball out to Giansiracusa in space. I’m on the perfect angle for the kick. As the ball comes from his boot I know he’s missed it. It’s a shocking kick and another chance is wasted.

Soon after the ball is down in St Kilda territory. Jones finds Dal Santo, who kicks to the square. Who else but Riewoldt manages to kick the sealing goal.

This result seems fair. To win the game you’ve got to make the most of your opportunities. The Dogs didn’t, but Riewoldt did. I think the cries for Barry Hall will grow louder now and rightly so. I think the two will be a perfect fit.

The siren sounds and the crowd erupts. To beat the crowd rush we make a quick exit. As I walk up the aisle I’m surrounded by St Kilda fans hugging, cheering and singing. They havn’t seen their team in a Grand Final since 1997 and most of them weren’t around for 1966.

I hope they win the Grand Final. They’ve waited long enough.

St Kilda 0.2 3.6 7.6 9.6 (60)
Western Bulldogs 2.5 4.7 6.7 7.11 (53)

St Kilda Riewoldt, Hayes, Jones, Dal Santo, Fisher.
Western Bulldogs Griffen, Johnson, Harbrow, Gilbee, Lake.l

St Kilda Riewoldt 4, Dal Santo, McQualter, Fisher, Hayes, Milne.
Western Bulldogs Hahn 2, Johnson 2, Giansiracusa, Higgins, Picken.


  1. like your work Michael. Just have to pick you up on one salient point. When Farren was at WO he rarely found a team mate. Neither did your beloved Jordan McMahon come to think of it. I too was surrounded by StK fans & enjoyed watching them squirm for most of the night. Keep up the good work.

  2. Great report Michael.

    I presume that, like me, you weren’t around for your team’s last flag. But you can boast 10 Tiger flags to just one for the Doggies!

    Spot on Chalkdog, about Ray and McMahon.

    It was Ray’s delivery and decision making under pressure that made me text an apology to my St Kilda friend when the Saints picked him up.

    Having said that, he’s been generally fantastic this year, and I won’t begrudge him flag. Just as long as we get the next one…

  3. Michael Allan says

    Chalkdog you’ve probobly got me there. you’ve got to hand it them though. They seem pretty good at offloading these players for some pretty good picks.

    Your right Gigs. And in that time Richmond have only made the finals twice. I myself only have a hazy memory of our 2001 campaign.

    I’d say your turn’s almost come.

  4. Start a new conversation on this article since i can’t find the one we were using before lol.

    Interesting day at school, we finally got the laptops that K.Rudd had promised, and my friend broke his femur.

  5. lol
    school was ‘meh’ today just happy to be home. Lets just say i had a lunchtime history lesson.

  6. Lol? It’s not funny!

    Rightio, oh and i just read your email. Sounds interesting, you should invite some more of your girlfriends haha. And i’m not sure if Greg would be up for it.

  7. 6- well i think we have to change it to Sat since the footy is on Friday therefore we lose most of the guys to the nab final.

  8. The footy is on Saturday!!

  9. AFTER a massive off-season clean out, where do you see the Tigers sitting on the ladder? Jon Ralph debated with SuperFooty fans.

    ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!omggg im goignt o cry right now!!

  10. 8- what i thought it was friday!!
    fine make it friday then!


  12. What are you talking about Danni? I thought Ralphy did quite a professional job on the article, apart from picking Jake King in the back pocket, saying Graham was not in the best 26 and saying in the chat that Adam Thomson was worse than Tom Hislop. If that’s the case, Thomson is the most underrated player in the AFL.

  13. 10: I had to explain to my P.E teacher today that its on Saturday night.

    Yeah i hate how they organize those blog things on school days at midday. They would get more posts if kids were present.

  14. 12- IM GOONA CRY, im not kidding

  15. Let’s move onto MSN. Seriously Danni, what is the problem?

  16. friend went to Melbourne today as part of a rockclimbing excursion and the harness rope got wrapped around his leg and broke his femur. Poor guy, i’ve been texting him all afternoon. Never knew he could swear so much.

  17. at like 10:00am today there was a LIVE BLOG WITH JON RALPH!!
    JON RALPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. 16- Shizzzzzz

  19. Can you go on MSN Danni? We’re all on, except Steve, Damo, Susie and Dom.

  20. i do have the laptop…should i multitask and study at the same time?

  21. Damian Watson says

    Hey Guys,

    I apologise for not being on the site for the last couple of days- was busy by the way what other thread have you guys been commenting on?

    Did a Religion sac at school today and I got 12.5 in the beep test which wasn’t expected.

    I don’t think it is suprising that Bingle-Clarke have split up if that is indeed true, their relationship has always been shaky and the photo scandal only compounded the issue.

    Looking forward to the match on Saturday although I’ll probably miss the first quarter, just to clarify is this match being shown live on One HD?

  22. 12.5!!!!
    lmaoo i cant get past 6

  23. 20: That’s what you’ve been doing anyway right?

    21: On Steve’s Collingwood v Melbourne report from Round 2 which is under JTH’s name. We didn’t talk about much though coz we’ve all been on MSN so the Almanac has been dying without our comments lol.

    I’m not sure if its live on One, all i know is the Footy Show is back tonight!

  24. Damian Watson says

    Don’t worry Danni I hought it was flukish that I even reached 10.

    Yeah I’m looking forward to the Footy Show tonight!

    Alright well I’ll leave you guys to talk on msn lol I should really create an account one day.

  25. I need to get Channel 9 working before i can watch the Footy Show though.

  26. Damian Watson says

    Really? I thought you had digital.

  27. Yeah i got Digital, but 9 doesn’t work so i have to use the antenna to get picture.

  28. Lets not speak of the whole falling off the chair thing Josh. .

  29. Steve Healy says

    Dont think ill be able to watch the footy show, thats how it works in a family like thou.

    Just got home then, we finished at 1:30 today, I went to chadstone with friend

  30. Steve Healy says

    I’ll record it though

  31. Steve Healy says

    Carlton 0.2 2 Adelaide 3.4 22 First quarter,

    on Fiveaa online

  32. Just got back from school, a lot of my friends are getting suspended and after-school detentions because the principal has found out about that video of my teacher that was on Youtube.

  33. 31: I’ve never heard worse commentary.

  34. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys,

    Well that’s not a good sign 20 points down early, I hope we can become a little more competitive than the match against West Coast last week.

    I’ve got another crappy cold and I have to interview people at my school’s 30th Anniversary dinner tomorrow so it couldn’t have come at a worse time, hopefully I’ll slug it out.

    What are your opinions on the Chris Judd interview last night?

  35. He looked very awkward, even worried, when some of the harder questions were put to him.

  36. Yeah he might be a great footballer, but that interview was terrible last night. He stumbled a lot and couldn’t answer some of the questions straightly. But it was a smooth transition into Thursday night’s for me, the Fevola phone was funny.

  37. Steve Healy says

    33- Oh well ,its still footy.

    I was just watching the footy show that I recorded, yes, Judd did seem a bit awkward.

  38. Steve Healy says

    Crows won by the way, 11.15 81 to 12.10 82, sad for the Blues, apparently Tony Armstrong was really good

  39. Armstrong will replace Otten I reckon.

  40. 13 days until the actual season starts…I’m as excited as the obese kid in Charlie and the Chocolate factory when he saw the chocolate river.

  41. Steve Healy says

    Petrenko and Cook look the likes as well.

    Im really excited too

  42. I’m excited as Charlie when he found his golden ticket. “Run home Charlie, run home!”

  43. Steve Healy says

    Off to Casey fields

  44. Got home from Tennis finals at Waaia not long ago. We won, 38-29. Playing again next weekend for a spot in the Grand Final.

  45. Steve Healy says

    Home now.

    If you don’t know the Dees lost 12.14 86 to 18.16 124

  46. Aw, Steve, rotten luck :-(

    On the plus side, halftime Geelong 21 v Fremantle 44

    Since halftime, Geelong has scored 72 points to Fremantle’s 7, and the game is still going.

    WE’RE BACK, BABY!!!!!!

  47. Steve Healy says

    wow, Susie, thats amazing.

    Oh yeah, and Colin Sylvia broke his jaw!!! 3-4 weeks, they’re dropping like dead flies!

    Lecras and Hansen kicked 3 each for the Eagles and Miller kicked another 3 for the Dees

  48. Wait a second, do you mean 121 Susie?

    Tigers lost 147 to 72, the first quarter was bad, the second quarter was disappointing and the less said about the last quarter the better, but apart from that we played well.

  49. Actually I get you Susie.

  50. 48: Nah, I meant we were playing crap. But in the second half, we switched on. It was 21 to 44, last I checked it was 93 to 51.

  51. 49: LOL, sorry. I was unclear ;-p

  52. Geelong: 1.1, 4.4, 12.7, 14.12 (96)
    Fremantle: 3.1, 7.2, 7.3, 10.5 (65)

    That’s the final score. Geelong won comfortably despite winning 1 out of 4 quarters.

  53. And Wonaeamirri did his hamstring Steve.

    Bad luck about the loss, it sounded like a good game when i saw it was 59-51 at half time.

  54. 52: “Geelong won comfortably despite winning 1 out of 4 quarters.”

    That’s the Geelong way. And that’s why I love them so much. Essentially, they are just arrogant, teasing jerks. But they’re MY arrogant, teasing jerks :-)

  55. ..and Collingwood are doing it pretty easily against the Power, 40 points in front.

  56. LOL, just got a good chain email, one of the ones that make me laugh somewhat:


    In a shock announcement, Richmond president Garry March and Collingwood president Eddie McGuire held a joint press conference this morning announcing that due to significant financial pressures on both AFL sides, they intend to merge for season 2011, allowing the AFL to avoid the bye with the introduction of GC17 and providing Collingwood and Richmond fans with a sustainable, profitable and powerful football operation.

    No details have been released as yet, however it is believed the side will be known as the Tigerwoods and will f*ck everybody and everything.”

  57. Yep, I had a good chuckle at that, although I heard it about a week or so ago.

  58. Until I saw the end, the line “significant financial pressures” made me laugh.

  59. Steve Healy says

    yeah, its sad that he injured it during the Casey game.

    Thats 5 major injuries in 3 weeks.

    Anyway, im off now, the footy’s on in 15 minutes

  60. 56: Hahahaha, yeah i heard that on the radio a couple of weeks ago, except it was just TigerWoods, not the whole press conference lol.

    I’m still tipping the Saints in a nailbiter tonight. I wonder how much confetti will be used this year? And i hope the kids sing the national anthem well.

  61. Steve Healy says

    Should be a great final quarter.

    Still staying by my tip- Bulldogs by 7

  62. Awesome game, brilliant last quarter by Barry Hall. Now i’m really getting behind the Bulldogs for the Premiership. It just doesn’t seem fair if they get a taste of NAB success but miss out on the real glory. Poor Mitch Hahn though, he must be in a world of pain at the moment.

  63. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, hopefully it doesnt put him on the sidelines for a while.

    I’m so glad that the Dogs won, they deserved it and i’m now $4.10 richer.

    Votes: 3. Hall, 2. Harbrow, 1. Riewoldt

  64. Votes: 3-Hall, 2-Cooney, 1-Riewoldt

  65. Steve Healy says

    I wonder if our votes will be identical on one ocassion lol

  66. I wanna get my votes the same as the Brownlow votes if i get a spot in the book this season.

    Anyone see Riewoldt throwing up at quarter time? Lol

    And i think Cooney is a good chance to win a second Brownlow this year.

  67. Damian Watson says

    Yeah it’s not every day you see a team break a significant drought.

    Although I only saw the last quarter but Hall was brilliant leading up the ground and his kick was supurb.

    What happened to Hahn?

  68. Hahn was backing back into a contest, all eyes for the ball and Barry Hall came from behind and took him out, also taking out Zac Dawson but he only suffered from a corky. Hahn was very puzzled and could hardly walk.

  69. Damian Watson says


  70. Steve Healy says

    Gee, who would’ve though Hall would kick 17 goals in 3 pre season games? jeez.

    12 days till the real season, it seems like such a short time, but it could seem like an eternity

  71. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the result of an injury is inevitable when Big barry is in your path.

    What injury did he suffer?

  72. 71: Suspected broken cheekbone and will be dazed for quite a few days.

  73. How did your interviewing go tonight Damo?

  74. Damian Watson says

    Shame many of the Dees suffered injuries, I’ve just seen images from Casey fields, appeared to be a picnic atmosphere at the ground. They should host AFL matches on that groung if it recieves a re-development.

  75. Damian Watson says

    73- It was great, everything went smoothly and my voice was clear despite my sore throat. Some of those whom I interviewed had great stories to tell particularly on Gary Wilson the Fitzroy rover who used to be a P.E teacher.

    One person claimed I sounded like Brian naylor, although I don’t have any resemblance.

  76. How awesome was it when Hall won the Michael Tuck medal and was standing on the dais and the crowd was going crazy? It was the highlight of the match to me.

  77. Steve Healy says

    who did you interview Damo?

  78. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Hall would definitely be their marquee player at the moment and everyone is on the bandwagon lol.

    An intresting factor this season will be how the Dogs respond to the pressure, many have the view that this will be the Year of the Dog and many believe that Big barry was the missing ingredient last season.

  79. Damian Watson says

    77- Just past students and teachers.

  80. Josh Josh Josh – I do believe I called this :-)

    Either I said Hall 6 goals, Dogs win by 7 goals, or Hall 7 Dogs 6 … either way, pretty darn close :-)

  81. Steve Healy says

    Was this at some school function?

  82. Damian Watson says

    Who were the promising players in the match today Steve?

    How did Scully and Trengrove perform? if they were in the line-up.

  83. 80: Well done Susie, your a good predicter i’ll give you that. Lol

  84. Damian Watson says

    81- 30th Anniversary Dinner, nothing too special.

  85. Steve Healy says

    76- Josh, I think you over use the word dais lol.

    They both played damo, I think Trengove spent a fair bit of time on the bench, but when he was on the ground he looked good, Scully was strong all afternoon.

    LeCras, Hansen. Kennedy and Mitch Brown were all good forward options for the Eagles, Koby Stevens looked the likes, and Nick Naitanui was really turning the crowd on.

    James McDonald continued good pre season form and signs look set that he will have a stellar year

  86. 85: Steve, i think you over use the word “Oh no Melbourne lost again!”

  87. Steve Healy says

    yep, that isn’t a word, but ok

  88. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the Eagles have a significantly tall forward line.

    I’m guessing your initial reaction to the loss wasn’t as crazy as last week lol.

  89. Steve Healy says

    Nah, I just enjoyed the trip to Casey fields, I was pretty lucky to go there today, but my parents dropped me off on their way to visit my Grandma

  90. Well, what a performance from Big Barry Hall! Definitely gets my 3 votes, Riewoldt the two, and Boyd sneaks in for 1 vote.

    Done 5 hours of homework today in between following the Tiges-Dons match on the net and watching the final. Productive day, eh?

  91. Steve Healy says

    By the way, who heard the result for Port V Collingwood at Mt Gambier? 15.7 97 to 27.16 178! what a monster win from the Pies, really surprising condsiering how good a pre season the power have had

  92. 91: Very high scoring game for a NAB Challenge game

  93. Wow, I don’t like to say this, but that’s an incredible performance from the boys in white and black, despite the fact that they ARE the boys in white and black. Very high scoring match too, its not often you see 275 points in a match with 17 and a half minute quarters.

  94. Steve Healy says

    um Adam, challenge games have regular 20 minutes quarters

  95. Damian Watson says

    That is an impressive victory from the Pies particularly with the form the Power have conveyed although Port may not have fielded a full strength side.

    The Mount Gambier ground is impressive, I’ve been there a few times and the surface isn’t too bad.

  96. 94: Well that’s just stupid.

  97. Steve Healy says

    Where haven’t you been a few times? lol

  98. Steve Healy says

    96- You didn’t know!!!!???

  99. Damian Watson says

    Nah we used to travel to Adelaide via Mount Gambier so the town isn’t exactly exciting when you have travelled there a few times.

  100. 98: Why play the NAB Cup matches at 17:30 minutes but the NAB Challenge games the full 20 minutes?

  101. And for that matter, why not have supergoals in NAB Challenge matches too?

  102. Steve Healy says

    Because the 17 and a half minutes is just a one off for the actual nab cup. I’m not complaining either, I already think the nab cup should be normal time anyway

  103. Steve Healy says

    Its just a one off for the nab cup Adam, it should be as well. All this talk about 9 pointers coming into regular games, absolute bull shit, crap and rubbish

  104. If anything, the 17:30 minutes should be for the NAB Challenge games since crowd numbers are lower there, and the results don’t mean anything.

  105. 103: It should be implented into the regular season sorry.

  106. Damian Watson says

    It’s just experimental. The other various rules used in the NAB Cup such as the nine pointer aren’t used in the NAB Challenge either.

    Is there any indication that a match between Brisbane and Geelong will be played next week to compensate for the abandoned match.

  107. Damian Watson says

    104- You have to take into context that the stadium capacity is only about 10 000.

  108. Damian Watson says

    107- at most regional venues. .

  109. Steve Healy says

    I dont agree, just cos the crowd numbers are lowing doesnt mean the crowd should be treated to a smaller version if the game, and if thats so, then even less people would come

  110. NAB Challenge matches are regular games, Steve. I don’t see why some pre-season games should have different rules to others.

    I agree though on not adding it to the regular season though. Robert Walls made a good point during the commentary which I agree with on 9-pointers for 50m penalties – a guy gets 9 points for doing very little, I don’t like it.

    Besides, theres something attractive about the three-column scoreboard. A fourth column would just confuse people.

  111. I think 9 points should be awarded for goals outside 50, and if a player recieves a 50m penalty, they can take the option of shooting for 9 from outside 50 or from taking the shot for 6 at 30m or whatever.

  112. Damian Watson says

    I think some of these rules were implemented to entice people to attend matches.

    Before the rules were used in the Pre Season you would probably recieve a crowd of 2000-3000 at a night game at Waverley.

  113. Steve Healy says

    Exactly, 9 pointers who ruin the scoring fundamentals of the game, which would annoy people like me the greatest

  114. Damian Watson says

    Speaking of crowds over 42 000 attended tonight’s Grand Final which is a great result.

  115. Steve Healy says

    111- Yeah I agree Josh.

    I was so greatful that they got rid of the 3 point rushed behind rule and the hitting the post into play rule a couple of years ago, just terrible

  116. Steve Healy says

    Yep, 42,381 compared to last eyars 37,277, good result

  117. Yeah, 42,000 for a NAB Cup game, and 18,000 for a Round 1 blockbuster in the Rugby. Lovely.

  118. 112 – I agree with you Damo. Although I myself can’t imagine going to a footy game for the sole reason “because there’s nine pointers”

    I love the fact that a greater portion of our discussion on this site is about footy now.

  119. Steve Healy says

    Although, it might just be because danni isnt on lol.

    I cant believe I’ve been to four pre season matches, five including the intra club game this year.

  120. 119.1: True.

    119.2: That’s 3.5 more than me. I could have conceivably gone to the Collingwood match at Visy, but I didn’t in the end.

  121. I can’t believe i’m writing my 10th NAB Cup report. I didn’t write one last year.

  122. Damian Watson says

    Yeah god comments are flowing thoriugh.

    I agree Adam, i myself wouldn’t be attracted to a Pre Season game with one or two extra rules and we probably recieve critiscm from other codes because of this. But the reason the AFL imposed these rules was to enhance crow numbers.

    I can’t believe avid Rugby League followers believe their game is more superior to ours. Usually NRL matches at ANZ Stadium attract a crowd of 10-20 000 and the Stadium is almost empty.

  123. Damian Watson says

    * good comments lol

  124. Damian Watson says

    How many of you guys are writng reports this weekend?

  125. Steve Healy says

    im doing 2 (one on Melbourne V West Coast)

  126. I’m finishing mine now

  127. Steve Healy says

    Rhys Healeyx2+ Gawn- Morton

  128. 127: those comments are ruining the Almanac.

  129. Steve Healy says

    128- no, these ones are (actual quote from danni):

    omgggggggg OMG

  130. Thread rankings for the chat acronym in comment 129

    Steve 4
    Danni 1


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