AFL Pre-Season – St Kilda v Sydney: Flying Nearby and Potential Taking Over

Sunday, 12 March 2017
7:10 pm (5:10 pm Kyoto; 8:10 am York)
Lavington Sports Ground, Albany


Neither St Kilda nor Sydney has no AFLW club, but St Kilda are reported to have the one in a few years. St Kilda are flying nearby to establish the female counterparts so I could be a Saint fully in the future so that I can report both girls games and boys games soon from the UK.


The game day started having a cooked breakfast to get energy to take a long walking tour organised on my own. The purpose was to do exercise, to see Kyoto once again from different points of views (I had only done by cycling and boarding a bus previously) and taking photos so that Katie can see what Kyoto is like.


Walking a lot (maybe about 10 kilometres or 6 miles), I got sore legs. It was okay when walking, but I felt pain while stopping somewhere, for example sitting on the bench to have lunch and to wait for a bus. So I had a nice warm bath before the game started.


The scheduling was perfect, but my AFL App didn’t speak up on the behalf of SEN or AFL Live Radio (I can’t remember what the name of the station exactly was). I have to let myself to check the live score with the app while cooking and eating dinner. Watching the highlight video is the only source to write here.


At the first quarter, Weller was unable to hold the ball in the midfield and then Towers kicked a goal for the first for the game.


The great midfield works were alive; Dunstan to Weller to Bruce has done. The super young gun of 2015 (Bruce) has taken a fine mark, but only scored a behind.


Later at the Q1, other handball works have done at the midfield by Steel and Bruce who was not able to take a mark. But no worries as Weller caught the ball and scored a goal.


Good midfield ball works continued at the second quarter. Wright took a deep diving mark at the beginning of the quarter.


Hickey kicking the ball, but Roberton was unable to take a mark and then the ball was handed to Sydney. Eventually Buddy has scored a goal.


Then our powerful midfielders kept their ball works from Dunstan to Ross to Weller. Weller seemed to take a mark but dropped off; however he was not played by the ball and got the ball back. Indeed a goal was scored by our number 44.


But just before the main break, Roberton was tackled when catching the kicked ball done by Carlisle. Then we allowed the opponent to score a goal at 33 seconds reminding. The error was made at the third quarter too, sadly. The margin was extended to 26 at once.


But at 3:08 reminding, out former skipper Riewoldt scored a goal from near the left boundary inside 50. Nick is our reliable veteran.


At the last quarter, Billings’ brave tackle and Bruce’s deep mark were representing how we are so strong now.


Buddy and Wright scored goals from the boundary closed to goal posts.


Gresham kicked efficiently to Dunstan who missed several matches last year due to the shoulder injury. He took a mark and set the ball to kick at the 45 degree angle, 25 to 30 metres away. But the number seven missed the goal.


Our braveness and power just missed the opportunity to win. Having had a close game lost by three points against last year’s minor premier is the proof we have been improving. I look forward to the proper AFL season.


Hickey accumulated team high tallies of 29 possessions and 39 hitouts cause a headache to the club. In the previous week, Billy Longer played well against Carlton while I was in York, so it is hard for the club to pick the number one ruckman. It’s another proof of being in great form.


Sydney 0.3.4 0.6.7 0.9.9 0.11.11 (77)
St Kilda 0.2.2 0. 4.5 0.8.9 0.10.14 (74)


SYDNEY: Franklin 2, Towers, Tippett, Parker, Cunningham, Hayward, Reid, Robinson, Cameron, Hewett
ST KILDA: Weller 2, Armitage, Newnes, Lonie, Webster, Gilbert, Riewoldt, Wright, Membrey

SYDNEY: Jones, Franklin, Rampe, Tippett, Smith, Robinson, Mills
ST KILDA: Steven, Hickey, Armitage, Riewoldt, Weller, Billings


UMPIRES: Ben Ryan, Ray Chamberlain, Craig Fleer

CROWD: 6893


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