AFL International Cup: Classic jumpers and some old rivalries! 

The AFL International Cup kicks off on Sunday at Royal Park. It’ll be an early start, with the GB women taking on Pakistan in the opening game at 8.45am! I’ll be there, coffee in hand, and probably wearing about 18 layers, given the weather so far this week.

We’re still looking for writers to help cover the five rounds of the tournament, so please drop me an email if you’re keen to help out: [email protected]

I’m really excited to take in some games between old rivals, and equally excited to learn how to yell “ball” in as many languages as possible!

I’m also particularly interested in the women’s tournament. Given the relative youth of AFLW, I wouldn’t be surprised if a few club recruiters are out and looking for emerging and undiscovered talent.

Some of the jumpers are classics from other sports, made to suit our game. The red and white Croatian check will be all too familiar for soccer fans, and isn’t surprising that Pakistan and India have taken one-day cricket strips and converted them. India have whacked a big Essendon logo on the front of their jumper, though!

China will play in Gold Coast Suns colours, but they’ve found room for a Port Adelaide logo, and they’re training in Adelaide with the Power this week.

The PNG Mosquitoes have a terrific strip – their classic red, white and black – and their team name is equally sensational. I hope their small forwards live up to the hype!

Canada’s jumper, with a large maple leaf in the middle, is also a cracker.

You can find them all, and even more information on the teams, via our friends at World Footy News –

Going over the fixtures, a few games jump off the page…

-Rivals Canada and the USA will battle it out at 1pm on the opening day in the Men’s 1st Division.

-Defending Men’s Div 1 champs  PNG face Ireland in a rematch of the 2014 Grand Final at 11.15am on the first day. The game will be crucial in deciding if these sides can make it to the ‘G again.

-Pakistan and India play Friday night footy in Bendigo on August 11 in the Men’s 2nd Division, which I can only see being immensely entertaining.

-GB and Ireland battle it out in Caulfield on Saturday the 12th in the Men’s 1st Division.

-Two games will be played as double headers with VFLW games on Sunday the 13th – USA v European Crusaders @ Melbourne Uni and Canada v GB at Diamond Creek (IC games @ 12pm, VFLW games @ 2pm)

Hope to see a few of you out there on Sunday, and out at some of the other fixtures too!

And if you can’t make it, you can catch rounds 1, 4 and the Grand Finals online via this link –


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  1. Will keep an eye out for you whilst doing the WFN rounds. Will have a look at the start of the 8:45 game before heading over to SL v Indonesia. Sunday morning will be thermal shock for some competitors. The worst thing though is the forecast wind. Weather for the school round of matches looks lovely.

  2. Thanks Michael!

    Just checked the bureau.

    The weather looks perfect. Should add to the experience!

  3. Yvette Wroby says

    If I can get to a game I will definitely write up.

  4. JBanister says

    Thanks Yvette – look forward to reading it!

  5. I love the creativity of some of the international footy jumper designs. AT AFL level, we normally don’t like our clubs experimenting too much with far-fetched designs, unless it’s to commemorate themed rounds, but at this sort of level, there’s a fair bit more freedom in jumper design.

  6. Hi Jack thanks for this. I didn’t know it was on, there is a small chance I might be able to get to the game in Geelong, I’ll let you know. I’d love to go just to see what the standard is like. Noel

  7. JBanister says

    Thanks Noel! Perfect Friday night, South Africa/Fiji should be interesting! Let me know how you go!

  8. This is a sweet initiative, Jack. Here’s hoping the weather gods aren’t too harsh for players and fans alike. Look forward to reading some cracking reports.

  9. Great stuff, Jack B.
    I reckon the International Cup is a great initiative.

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