AFL Grand Final: Glory Equals Pie Art Shared

A ripping yarn of the juices (competitive and other) which flow during a Grand Final.

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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to “on the sauce”.
    Though I reckon you cheated entering as Tony Bilson. How could they not give the prize to the Godfather of French cuisine in Australia?

  2. Peter Fuller says

    I recall (don’t know whether here or in the Age) Tony Wilson’s uproariously funny account of a football trivia competition on a TV program in the late 1960s, restricted to players’ wives/partners. The story revolved around Ray’s wife (apologies that I can’t recall her given name) being coached with an intensity only exceeded by pre-seasons under Barassi or John Kennedy snr.
    She emerged from this footy trivia boot camp to win the competition despite her previous disinterest in useless footy facts (quite possibly, some of these details were exaggerated as a bow to literary licence). I can’t with certainty specify the prize – either a bedroom suite or an overseas trip perhaps, but definitely something of substantial value.
    I think that taken together these competition triumphs in such varied fields should lead to the Wilson family being banned from any future event/raffle/numbers racket. The case is strengthened by Peter Baulderstone’s implication that TW’s reverse ring-in gave him an (additional) unfair advantage in the pie decorating quest for a barbecue.

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