AFL Grand Final: Cats prevail on my favourite day of the year

By Damian Watson

It is in my opinion the most exciting day of the year, the last Saturday in September.

After a week filled with traditional events, pre-game TV shows, anticipation and hype surrounding the big match, the city, or indeed the nation, comes to a standstill. The biggest game of the season has arrived and two sides prepare to lock horns in a battle for the elusive Premiership Cup. The Cats are striving to travel down the highway armed with their second flag in three seasons and truly make their mark on football history as one of the greatest teams of all time. Standing in their way are the robust Saints looking to erase 43 years of anguish and earn just their second premiership after a stellar season.

On Grand Final eve I flick between channels, deciding whether to watch the VFL Grand Final, Before the Game or one of my favourite movies, Anchorman. I choose the former and witness my Northern Bullants fall dismally to North Ballarat.

The morning arrives and the rain is pelting down outside as expected. My parents are not the biggest fans of football but I am proud of them as they attempt to become involved in the spirit of the day by heating pies and chips for lunch.

As the clock indicates 2.30pm we all gather around the plasma as the “Match Made in Heaven” commences. At this stage I am tipping the Saints in a close one. In the early minutes the Saints look vulnerable, no doubt due to the lack of Grand Final experience of the players. Young Raphael Clarke makes the first blunder at centre half back as he’s pinned by Max Rooke, who then capitalises, scoring the opening goal from just outside 50. The Geelong defence seems to repel every St Kilda attack early and this leads to a Cameron Mooney mark and goal. Just as the Cats are appearing to blow the St Kilda side out of the water, Brendon Goddard scores the Saints’ first from a set shot before young star Joel Selwood replies at the other end.

Suddenly the Saints midfield start to click into gear, with Lenny Hayes exerting some influence on the match with 11 disposals in the first term alone as well as booting a vital goal. Following a sluggish 10 minutes filled with scrimmages and stoppages, Adam Schneider provides the breakthrough with a goal just before the first break. The match has certainly lived up to its expectations as the Saints hold a two-point lead at quarter-time.

Throughout the second stanza the St Kilda side continues to waste easy opportunities in front of goal, providing shades of 1998 when North squandered simple shots at goal and ultimately paid for it with a shattering loss to the Crows. Eventually Shannon Byrnes makes the Sainters pay with an open goal.

The clouds look threatening above the city of Melbourne and so do the Geelong team with three unanswered goals. Gary Ablett and Jimmy Bartel are looking ominous in the centre and Paul Chapman makes a remarkable recovery after supposedly tearing a hamstring to score his first.

Controversially a Tom Hawkins shot at goal is paid as a six-pointer after clearly hitting the post, but there is more controversy to come. In a complete shift of momentum the Saints score three in a row in the final minute of the half to steal the lead. The last of those coming from a very soft free kick paid against Darren Milburn after displaying a ‘demonstrative demeanor’ towards the umpire.

“When are these umpires going to get a thick skin?’ I ask myself.

I remain confident with my tip as the Saints hold a six-point advantage at the main break.

“Unbelievable! Dad’s fallen asleep already!”

I valiantly try to keep him awake as the second half gets underway.

Forward Cameron Mooney is back to top goal-kicking form, booting his third major to place the Cats back in the lead. Nick Riewoldt finally stamps his authority on the match after having wind knocked out of his sails earlier on. As he slams through his first the Saints regain the lead to continue the see-sawing tussle. Late in the term a very Happy Chappy snaps his second before Leigh ‘Joey’ Montagna’s snap from an acute angle splits the middle. My tip appears to be coming to fruition as the Saints lead by seven points at the final change as I prepare for another cliffhanger.

The Cats storm out of the blocks in the final term as youngster Tom Hawkins steers through his first to pull the margin back to a solitary point. The eyes of my family members are now glued to the TV as the arm wrestle continues and behind after behind is scored. I am now anticipating a draw and I ask myself will they be back next week?

Paul Chapman says NO WAY with a snap goal in the final minutes to stretch the lead out to one straight kick.

The Saints continue to press and persist but the siren sounds and delirious scenes are captured in the Geelong coach’s box as they have held on in a truly classic Grand Final. Max Rooke scores a goal after the siren but that seems secondary as the wild celebrations continue. I feel some sympathy towards the Saints but the Cats deserved their victory to redeem themselves following the heartache of 2008. Paul Chapman is announced as the deserved winner of the Norm Smith and I think back to the story of his brother who was killed in a car accident many years ago. How he must feel.

As I write this report I look back and think, “What an entertaining Grand Final to watch”. Bring on 2010!!!!!!

St Kilda     3.2   7.7   9.11 9.14 (68)
Geelong 3.0   7.1   9.4   12.8 (80)

St Kilda:
Schneider 2, Goddard, Hayes, Koschitzke, Jones, Dempster, Riewoldt, Montagna
Geelong: Chapman 3, Mooney 2, Hawkins 2, Rooke 2, Selwood, Byrnes, Ablett

Crowd: 99,251 at the MCG

My Votes: 3. P.Chapman     2. J.Gram     1. L.Hayes

About Damian Watson

Hey,my name is Damian Watson and I am 14 years old. My ambition is to become an AFL broadcaster/journalist in the future. I am a keen blues supporter and I live in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. I play and write for the Knox Falcons U/16's.


  1. Great work Damo.
    i didnt really like the umpiring.
    some decisions were just SOFT!
    How about a Collingwood vs Carlton final next year eh??


  2. Damian Watson says

    I doubt it, would be great though. How was Sydney?
    You didn’t get blown away by the dust storm did you?

  3. yeahhh it was really good!
    i had heaps of fun!
    the airport is the best place to see goodlooking dudes!
    on my way bak i had to run into a boys footy team!
    i was like “omg helllloooooooooo!”

  4. Damo, great report mate.

    I thought it was my family there for a minute because my mum tried to get in the spirit of the day by heating up pies and my Dad always falls asleep when the footy’s on. There’s no chance of a Collingwood V Carlton grand final. The Dees will make it. :)

  5. Whatever Steve, we all know it’s gonna be North Melbourne vs. Geelong next year in the Granny

  6. Michael Allan says

    I heard from a very reliable source is that it will be Richmond v Fremantle in the Grand Final. Lookf forward to it. I know I am.

  7. ..gezze that would be a real bodgey gf.

  8. Michael Allan says

    As If Danni. Imagine, stars like McMahon, Bradley, Grover, Soloman, King and the rest of our sp[uds. Does it get any better?

  9. Michael Allan says

    Hill would probably win the Norm Smith.

  10. yeah, like i said BODGEY!
    the only good thing is that if Freo wins their cool theme song plays non stop.

  11. I actually like there theme song, it’s got a really good tune when your at the game listening to it

  12. Michael Allan says

    We’ve got the best theme song going around Danni. And North have the secon d. It’s funny that you sy that because alot of people hate Fremantle’s theme song.

    Have you heard Gold Coast’s current theme song. It’s pretty funny.

  13. Where do i go to hear it?

  14. lol yeah i like Freo’s and Hawthorns.

    Gold Coast? Nah I haven’t heard it, and I don’t think I want to LOL
    Does it go like this:
    We are Gold Coast, the Coast made of gold.
    Our players are hot surfers for young girls and old.
    Just give us a chance to show you what we have got, cos we are the Gold Coast, did we mention were hot?

  15. Send that to Guy McKenna Danni, they just might accept it lol

  16. lol you think?
    i made that up like right on the spot.

  17. Me and my mate spent a good hour of the bus trip on school camp singing each team’s theme song out loud lol it was funny

  18. really even freo?
    how did the opera part go? did you break any of the bus windows? :)

  19. Haha nah but broke some of the teachers ears. He’s a massive Richmond supporter and scared the hell outta me when he shouted out YELLOW AND BLACK in the Tigers song lol

  20. LMAO thats cute.
    my friends wouldnt have a clue how any teams theme song goes, so id probably have to sing alone.

  21. ohh the gold coast theme song is on utube by the way.

  22. Yeah was just listening to it, as well as a few videos of Stuart Dew. It’s an alright song

  23. Hahahah I’ve heard the Gold coast theme song:

    We are sun and the sand and the sky
    We are on in the red, gold and blue.
    We are the pride of Gold coast (or something like that)
    We’ve got the hunger to win for you.

    Fight, fight, fight till we take out the flag.
    (something) we will never give in. HEY!

    And then it repeats it over and over

  24. Yeah i was wondering what that word is after the fight fight fight sentence.

  25. It might be ‘trust’ be that doesn’t even make sense lol.

    Josh I’m up to round 15 on my fixture by the way- haven’t made a mistake and I’m confident I’ll complete it.

  26. i like my version better :)

  27. Lol your version is too short Danni. Maybe if that verse was repeated 5 times

  28. Michael Allan says

    I’m pretty sure it’s run but that doesn’t make much sense.

    Anybody remember Brisane Bear’s song?

    We’re hot! We’re hot!
    We’re mean! We’re mean!
    We’re strong! We’re strong!
    We’re a team! We’re a team!
    We’re the very best team you’ve ever seen. We’re the Brisbane Bears!

    If you havn’t heard it it’s on youtube. It’s worth a listen to.

  29. the GC jumper is crappy!
    i wouldnt be caught dead wearing that

  30. I agree Danni why would they make a red jumper with the Dees, Bombers, St.Kilda and Sydney already in the comp?

    The Bears’ song was great

  31. yeah i know ey Steve?
    but whats worse is the bodgey emblem, logo thingo on the front.
    it looks like a bloody sports drink label!

  32. Michael Allan says

    Exactly Steve. Especially when they’ve got four colours to choose from. They’ll probably change it from now until they get a name. Same with the theme song. I hope it’s the sharks but since their mascot is a life saver they’ll probably be the Guards.

  33. Michael Allan says

    Once they get a proper name they’ll change that too Danni.

  34. guess what song me just put on my ipod?
    ill give u a clue:

    Freo, way to go!
    Hit ‘em real hard, send ‘em down below
    Oh Freo, give ‘em the old heave ho
    We are the Freo Dockers!

  35. Michael Allan says

    We’re the rollers and the rockers
    We’re the mighty Freo Dockers
    We’re gonna roll em and we’ll rock ’em
    We’re gonna send em to the bottom
    And If they get up, We’ll do it all again
    Cause Dockers stop at nothin’ nothin!

    Not great but ok. I’m not sure if I’d like to be known as the rollers and the rockers at the game.

  36. How do you put an AFL song on an ipod? Do you download the theme song off the internet?

    Your a freak Steve, i made it to Round 9 but made a mistake and i gave up. Would you mind sending me what you have? I’m already missing footy

  37. ROFL Michael! i would!! :)
    yeah i downloaded it using limewire thingo.
    on my ipod it comes on right after: “EVACUATE THE DANCE FLOOR!”


  38. mmmm OMG i wish Evacuate the dancefloor was the collingwood theme song.
    i can see it now….
    PLUS everyone would be like dancing! :)

  39. I have 370 songs on my ipod, yet only listen to about 80 of them.

  40. Josh, I’m up to Round 16 now.

    Thanks for telling me about making a graph to make sure teams have played each other a certain amount of times I’ll be sending it on to this website when I’ve finished- which won’t be long.

    Just to let everyone know, my internet has gone slow for the last couple of daysI can’t get on many websites and this loads slowly.

  41. Michael Allan says

    Does anybody remmber West Coasst’s old song.

    It had lioke three verses and had the chorus that they have now.

    I rememebr one of them

    So watch out all you know alls
    All you wise men from the East
    Cause you’ll get more than just a footy game,
    You’ll get a West Coast Eagles footy feast!

    It was my favorite song. They should go back to it.

  42. It takes me like 10 minutes to finish one round haha your a whiz.

    I only have dial-up internet so my net is always really slow, but i got a laptop for my birthday last month with broadband so i’ve been very happy with the fast speed.

    My favourite songs would be Adelaide’s and Brisbane’s

  43. okay this is the PERFECT SONG. ive chnaged the words for Evacuate the dancefloor:

    Turn up the music
    Let’s get out on the turf
    I like to move it
    Come and give me some more
    Micks yelling, getting crazy now,
    Out of control
    We love Jack Anthony
    He never misses it.

    Steal the ball
    Kill the umps
    Feel it, were gonna win
    Time is right
    Keep it tight
    Cause it’s pulling you in
    Wrap it up
    Can’t stop cause it feels like a Premiership!

    Oh, oh, evacuate the goal square
    Oh, oh, kick it to the goals
    Oh, oh, stop Toovey is killing me

  44. Haha that’s awesome Danni, you should be a songwriter.

  45. hahahhaha :)
    LOL thanks Joshy.
    from now on i will sing that song with those lyrics.
    especially the LAST LINE. :)

  46. My family has just used our monthly broadband limit-

    Doin Round 17 now

  47. Don’t call me Joshy haha.

    Yeah the past couple of days my internet hasn’t been working coz my sister said i had gone over my limit but apparantly they just cut my connection because they thought i was over my limit but i wasn’t lol (my sister works at an internet provider thingo)

  48. naww dont be like dat Joshy!
    Joshy is cute its that or Joshers?

  49. It’s either Josh or Barney! Haha i prefer Barney, nickname i’ve had for ages. The only people that call me Josh is family, and even Mum and Dad call me Barney sometimes.

  50. ..naww come on!
    joshy sounds very VFL footballer. :)
    Barney just reminds me of the toy dinosaur i used to worship when i was like 5.

  51. VFL? You mean AFL! Haha

    My name has no association and never will have an association with that stupid purple dinosaur. Lol

  52. Lol yes okay, AFL!
    You see I like how Matthew goes to Matt but is sounds so good when they say Matty.
    Atleast just let me call you Joshy, it can be my thing.
    And Barney IS NOT STUPID!!!!

  53. Hmmm it’s stupid when people call me a purple dinosaur haha.


    hahahhahah :) cant get over that.

  55. Lol.

    Steve, how come you get called Boost? And how’s the fixture going?

  56. Haha Boost?
    does it have anything to do with the drink?
    my nick names are:
    Danni, Pretty, Brunette, Crunchie and well only my religion teacher calls me Nathan Brown.

  57. I drank two mothers in 5 minutes on school camp! Haha

  58. serious?
    ewwww i hate that stuff.
    just the smell turned me off.
    ill stick to my lemon ice tea thanks.

  59. Sorry had dinner then

    Lol nah Boost is a nickname from way back that my brother named me.

    mothers are great.

    Lol Dani why do you get called Crunchie?

  60. Omg lemon ice tea?? I’m absoltuely hooked on that stuff, it’s so refreshing. Especially the biggest bottle you can get of them, dunno what size you call them. I drank a whole bottle of it in one mouthful when it was the 47 degree heat last summer haha :D

  61. lol welll…
    me and my friend candy tease eachother.
    i bagg her for being blonde and she baggs me for being brunett, then one day she was like.. OMG DANNI YOUR A CRUNCHIE!!!
    this is because she thinks on blonde on the inside just like the yellow stuff in the Crunchie chocolate.
    i once wrote it on a sticker and wore it on my jumper at school. i was getting weird looks all day. :)

  62. And the 2 mothers were my first ever, i was dying of a drink and a 4-pack of them cost $9 so me and my friend went halvies.

  63. LOL WOW that really got you excited :)
    LMAOOOO haha
    yeah i love it too.
    when its like ice cold………. YUMMMMM

  64. Ok Crunchie.

    Sorry to spoil the party but I’m not obsessed with ice tea lol.

  65. When i was on camp, a shop in Alice Springs had a variety of energy drinks, and one was called LOL. Haha i was gonna buy it, but by then the teachers had put a ban to buying those type of drinks.

  66. Well you should Steve, it’s the best, healthiest (i think?) drink out

  67. haha lol dats okay Steve.
    Joshy stop drinking all those energy drinks your 15 as if youd need any more energy.

  68. I drink energy drinks regularly as well.

    I just need the caffeine to wake up

  69. Actually, i don’t get any energy boosts from them at all. The only thing it does is burns my lips, and that hurts :(

    Do you get a boost from them Steve? Haha i made a joke there lol

  70. Hahaha well yes I do.

    I thought I had Round 17 done there for a moment but Freo and Melbourne already played in Round 14 so I have to change it.

  71. i remeber last year exam time i would have 5-6 cups of coffee everyday.
    i was a complete wreck.
    my trial exam is on thsi Thursday.

  72. I don’t like coffee…i’m a milo man haha

  73. lol Yumm! :)
    well ive gotta go and study.. :(
    arrgggghhh i hate exams :(

    cya guys
    Crunchiieeeeee :)

  74. Study? It’s the holidays Crunchie!!

  75. I’m a coffee drinker as well.

    Have a good one Crunchie.

  76. You almost finished it Steve? The fixture by the way

  77. Nah I just found a mistake so I might be a while longer

  78. Oh right.

  79. Poor Damo, getting all these emails and he’s only posted one comment haha.

  80. Michael Allan says

    Yes and I’ve got a good run of Richmond players with my comments

    Polak,Riewoldt,Richardson, Johnson, Cousins, White and Foley.

    I like all of those players except for Johnson and White.

  81. Why don’t you like Matty White? I think he’s a gun

  82. Michael Allan says

    Ha! Be careful Josh, don’t be using that term lightly. Especially to a player who struggles to hold a place in the worst AFL team. For someone who won the Grand Final sprint last year he gets caught for holding the ball alot. Turns the ball over to much. Goes missing in games and doesn’t have an impact. The thing that saves him well is that he’s still young. I’m prepared to give him time.

  83. Bloody hell it took 15 mins for this page to load.

    I’ve got Watts, McDonald, Cheney, Rivers, McNamara, Jamar and Blease in my comments

  84. Michael Allan says

    If you had 6 you would’ve had all the red heads.

  85. I have Sam Power, Spud Firrito, Leigh Adams, Ben Ross, Nathan Grima, Jack Ziebell, Toddy Goldstein, Levi Greenwood, Shannon Watt, Leigh Harding, Scott McMahon and Liam Anthony. That’s almost the team the Roos will have in the next 5 years haha.

  86. Cyril Rioli and Brett Burton have won the Goal and Mark of the Year awards respectively. Rioli is the 4th indeginous player to win it, Burton wins it surprisingly for the first time.

  87. Damian Watson says

    Thanks for the comments guys,
    Nah I’ve been in Port Campbell over the past few days that’s why I’ve barely posted a comment.

    I believe the worst theme song is the West Coast Eagles! with the back-up singers and the 80’s style singing makes it sound like a song at a charity concert.

    I don’t mind the Mother energy drinks, the worst is definitely the V drink, I just don’t like the taste.

    That Cyril Rioli goal was a deserved despite Fev’s brilliant goal in Round 15, with the recent events he probably doesn’t deserve the honour anyway.

  88. Fevola has been dumped from Carlton Damo, how do you feel about that? Sacking him won’t solve his drinking problem, it’ll make it worse if anything. North should pick him up. Or Brisbane to do a straight swap: Fevola for Bradshaw

  89. Damian Watson says

    I admit it looks bad but I still believe this is a scare tactic employed by Carlton. The Blues are mad if they are giving him away!
    If he does get traded I think the Bulldogs would want to pick him up as they are lacking a key forawrd. I don’t see Barry Hall moving to the kennel.

    What is your view on Josh Gibson Josh? It seems certain that he is moving to Hawthorn.

  90. Damo, I can’t help but think about what the consequences will be if Fevola leaves. Where will Carlton’s goals come from? How will the forward line work? Judd will single-handedly have to drive the Blues forward.

    A logical trade would be: Fevola for O’Keefe + a second or third round key forward pick.

  91. hey guys ill give you an update.
    im currently still alive. :)
    BUT being a complete stress-head!
    i had a look at past answered exam questions and that was almost the end of me.
    it wasnt a very good idea cos now im like.:
    ‘how the hell am i supposed to come up with an answer like THAT!’
    ive got notes covering my bed, literally.
    booklets everywhere, i dont think its worth trying to memorise stuff, iots not looking good for tommorow!
    think of me from 12:00 until 2:15 Cos that when ill be doing the exam.
    as for all the Fevola stuff, Eddie better NOT even think about bringing him to Collingwood, ill be SPEWING IF THAT HAPPENS!! Especially since we turned down Cousins!
    Hope you had a nice b’day steve.
    Until tommorrow :)


  92. Michael Allan says

    Roos bhas already said they don’t want fev. Some trades I think may happen with Fev are.

    Tom Williams
    Collingwoods first round pick for Carltons third or fourh
    Cloke for Carlton’s fourth round
    Medhurst for fourth round
    Carlton will not want a mid since they’re getting rid of a forward and are getting mclean.
    Danni Fev will probably go to the magpies whether you like ity or not.
    Happy Birthday Steve btw

  93. Damian Watson says

    I’m still pondering that myself.
    Without Fev we have no tall forward and we would have to rely on the midfielders and small crumbers, and Kreuzer who would have to wonder down forward and leave Hampson to contest in the ruck and vice versa. If Fev is traded our only other option for that tall key forward will have to come from the draft.

    It’s just strange how this decision arises while Fev is on the Gold Coast.

    I’m not sure if O’Keefe is willing to leave Sydney, didn’t he win their Best and Fairest this year?

  94. Thanks Danni.

    I love birthdays

    All these footy related presents, followed by dinner and a footy ground cake for dessert.

    Every birthday I can remember- except one I think, my Mum has made a chocolate mudcake with green icing, and with white icing she draws a footy oval, with a centre square, fifty metre lines and four candles at each end for goal posts (there were 7 red and blue candles lined up along the wings this year as well). Mum puts a red m and m in the middle. The crowd are m and m’s as well.

  95. Damian Watson says

    By the way Steve, Happy Birthday!

  96. Thanks Damo. Are you 15 yet? I’ve been wondering whether I’m the youngest contributer on this site or not.

  97. Michael Allan says

    excuse my ignorence steve but whart are you exactly thanking Danni for?

    Damolike many I’m undecided about the decision. Without a key forawrd this will seriously effect your chances of being a good finals team. I’ve never rated C Cloke and have been skeptical on Fisher while Kreuzer is still too young to carry most of the workload like Fev has. Carlton MUST get a key forward in exchange for fev.

  98. Michael Allan says

    it doesn’t even need to be a key forad. A medium sized forward will do.

  99. Damian Watson says

    Steve, I’ll be turning 15 next Saturday on October 10th, so I think I am given the title as the youngest on this website.

    I agree with you Michael without Fev our forward line is B grade to say the least. Cloke should be traded as he has made little contribution throughout the season although I believe we should keep Fisher as he is a great mark and he is a fairly accurate kick, unfortunately he has been injury riddled throughout the majority of his career.

  100. Michael Allan says

    Damo, would you be happy with getting a defender lets say, Tom Williams. The move Waite into the forward line permanantly?

  101. Damian Watson says

    That is a fair idea Michael as Waite did play in the forward line briefly earlier on in his career but I think he has found a home in defence. After all he is our best defender alongside Jamieson and when they are fit and firing our defence isn’t too bad. So our main priority would be to find a target in the forward line.

  102. Michael Allan says

    I agree with you that you should be after for a forward but if you get someone like a Tarrant it would mean Waite would probably play in the forward line mostly even if he’s better in the defence.

    I heard Carlton where interested in Andrejas Everitt. Maybe you can get a deal with the bulldogs with fev involved.

  103. Michael Allan says

    What about Spangher Damo, are you interested in him? Could be a good fit for both clubs?

    Im so exited. This is going to be the best trade week ever!

  104. Damian Watson says

    Maybe but Andrejas would need to bulk himself up if he is going to play in a key poistion, but you can never rule him out.

    It will be interesting if the Lions trade any of their key players. Adcock and Charman have been labelled as trade bait recently.

    Do you think Nathan Brown of the Tigers would be picked up by another club?

  105. Damian Watson says

    Yeh the footy never stops! In your opinion which has been the greatest trade of all time?
    I’d say Tony Lockett from St Kilda to Sydney.

  106. Michael Allan says

    I hope not, I’d like him to stay as a Tiger and I don’t think he’d be any good at any clubs.

    That’s easy Damo


    Trent Croad and Luke McPharlin to Fremantle for picks 1(Luke Hodge) 20(Daniel Elstone) 36 (Sam Mitchell)

    Hawthorn get Trent Croad for pick 10 (Lynden Dunn) to Freo

  107. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    As good as Luke Hodge and Sam Mitchell are, they’re not in Tony Lockett’s league!

    Plugger is arguably the greatest full-forward of all time, a match winner.

    He carried the Swans into the 1996 GF on his back, albiet with great assistance from Paul Roos and Paul Kelly.

    Learn some History Boys!

  108. Josh Barnstable says

    This is the trade i think will happen:

    B. Fevola to Brisbane
    D. Bradshaw to Carlton

    Carlton will redraft Adrian Deluca, seeing as he was a handy forward, and this is what i think the forward line will look like:

    HF: Yarran–Deluca–Fisher
    FF: Garlett–Bradshaw–O’hAilpin

    Big call but it may happen.

  109. Michael Allan says

    Yes Rocket I know who Tony Lockett is and his feats where amazing. But at least St Kilda were given some decent compensation in that three way trade. Obviously they did benefeit from the trade since they made the 1997 Grand Final and were always there abouts while Sydney never really challenged for the flag after 96.

    It all depends on how you look at the b est trade of all time? Whether it was the best player of all time. The best win-win for both clubs. or the best one sided trade of all time.

    I read it as the third one since Hawthorn recieved their captain and vice captain who were instrumental in getting them a premiership in exchange for Luke McPharlin.

  110. Damian Watson says

    As hopeful as that may seem Josh I don’t think Deluca will come back to Carlton. I think he is at least 30 now and he is well settled at the Bourough.

    It’s funny how many former Carlton players have ventured off to Port Melbourne, there is Deluca, Dylan McLaren, Corey McGrath…

    Why isn’t Eddie Betts in that forward line? LOL

  111. Steve Healy says

    What about former Port Adelaide player Fabian DeLuca? He’s shown impressive form in the VFL. But one thing that I think Carlton have is too many big players on their list already- but none seem to be in the key forward mould yet.

    I think Tom Wiliams would be great for Carlton. The Dogs don’t need him since they already have Lake, Hargrave and Morris. The only thing that’s a worry is Williams’ bad history with injuries.

    I can’t wait till trade week either.

  112. Michael Allan says

    Maybe Dogs will trade Lake and Blues will give away maybe Walker or someonem like that. I think by getting McLean they canb afford to get rid of a mid. Lake still hasn’t resinged and both clubs would be able to afford the players since they’re giving away a high salary player.

    Williams could start playing full back for the dogs and all of a sudden their forward line gets really good with this

    HF Murphy Hall Akermanis
    F Hahn Fevola Johnson

    This will allow Minson to stay as ruckman and have Higgins mostly in the midfeild.

  113. Michael Allan says

    I also left out Giansiracusa out of that forward line.

    Maybe Hahn and Everitt to Carlton for Fev and Walker.
    This could be a win win for both clubs as Carlton will still have a key forward.

  114. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, Michael that’s a great forward line.

    I don’t think the Bulldogs will get rid of Lake, after such a good season and he’s a really important player.

    Fevola and Hall in the same forward line would be brilliant.

  115. Michael Allan says

    Steve I don”t think the Bullies will get a choice, he doesn’t seem to be resinging so it isn’t totall out of the question.

    However with all these trades I still think he’ll go to Collingwood.

    How about

    Carlton trade Fev to Collingwood
    Richmond trade Tuck to Collingwood
    Collingwood trade Anthony and N.Brown to Carlton
    Carlton trade third round pick to Richmond

    So each club gets
    Carlton N.Brown Anthony
    Collingwood Tuck Fevola
    Richmond Pick 43

  116. Steve Healy says

    Michael, wouldn’t you want a bit more for Tuck, instead of pick 43?

    I think Fevola at the Dogs would be much more likely than the Pies.

  117. Steve Healy says

    Michael, wouldn’t you want a bit more for Tuck, instead of pick 43?

    I think Fevola at the Dogs would be much more likely than the Pies.

    But it does give Carlton a key defender and forward so it’s a good trade for them.

  118. Damian Watson says

    I don’t think N.Brown and Anthony would shift to Carlton. Mick has placed a lot of faith in those two.
    I also think Lake would like to go elsewhere, he is refusing to re-sign with the Dogs. Fev and Hall in the same forward line woul be handy although I doubt that the Bullies would be able to get their hands on both.

  119. Michael Allan says

    Yes I would Steve but with such high quality players going up for trade Tuck’s value has gone down significantly. I doubt Carlton would trade both their first and second round picks the year before Gold Coast take all the picks.

    With Tuck’s value going down and down I don’t see it being worth the trade however if Hardwick will stick to his guns like I think he will it would be a waste just having tuck play out his career at Coburg.

  120. Steve Healy says

    Maybe the Bulldogs should try and get Anthony, so along with Hall they can have a young key forward instead of a 29 year old Fevola and a 33 year old Hall

  121. Michael Allan says

    I’m not so sure Damo. Brown spent alot of the year playing for Collingwood’s seconds while Anthony hit a form slump. And who wouldn’t prefer Fevola to Anthony? Danielle would but that’s based on who she likes not on skill.

    If my three way trade happens Collingwood will have what it needs to become a premiership team. A quality forward and a hard inside player to win contested footy.

    As for Hall and Fev in the same forward line it may sound big but I don’t think it actually is. Carlton have agreed to pau half of Fev’s wage if they can find the right deal which it would if it got Lake. As for all I beleive he’d be on a much lower pay than he was on at Sydney since he is a big risk.

    Saying that I think he’ll go to Collingwood. I think Dogs will be happy to settle with Hall whereas I think Collinbgwood need a good forward like Fev. When their young forwards are still developing.

  122. Damian Watson says

    Has Anthony indicated that he is going to leave Collingwood? I think he should stay, he had a rough 2009 season but I think it is too early to decide if he is up for trade, he loves Collingwood anyway.

  123. Steve Healy says

    You make a good point Michael. I can’t believe how quickly Tuck went from the best few Richmond players to a player who’s lucky to make the team. I guess the coaching change was part of the reason. Do the Pies really need Tuck? that’s the question

  124. Michael Allan says

    No he han’t Damo So the only reason I can see him leaving is if he’s part of the Fev deal.

    Yes Steve it has been a quick downfall. I think Pies certainly need an insiode midfeilder. Against Geelong they were smashed in the clearences. Sidebottom and Beams are no where near ready to take that job. Look at Collingwood’s best mids. Swan, Pendlebury, Thomas, Didak, Davis. Thewy’re all outside players who don’t win there own footy. Yes Tuck isn’t a good kick but he wouuldn’t need to be if he was handballing the ball out to these sought of players. AIt seems like a good fit inm my opinion.

  125. Damian Watson says

    Yeah your right, the Pies need another agressive midfielder, that is where the loss of Nathan Buckley hits hard,he would win plenty of the footy and execute well. I wouldn’t call Swan a reciever he is an attacking midfielder who wins plenty of his own disposals, but the rest are otside players I suppose.

  126. Michael Allan says

    Anybody sure on what the go is with Luke Ball?
    I thought he was up for trade with thir salary cap issues but Ihaven’t heard much on him.

    I know Saints were interested in Mcmahon so I wasn’t sure if he may be part of that deal. I don’t waznt him because it would totally contradict getting rid of Tuck.

    He may go to Collingwood but I’mm not sure what they’d want in return. Maybe a forward like Brad Dick or someone like that. I’m not really sure.

  127. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Luke Ball is an interesting one.

    A lot of people suggest that the Tigers should trade McMahon and Tuck in a straight swap with Ball.

    But there is no real evidence to suggest that he will move and you would think that he will stay. Believe it or not he was named one of St Kilda’s best on ground in the Grand Final despite playing just half the game.

    What is everyone’s view on Matt McGuire? should he be traded?

  128. Michael Allan says

    I thought Goose was going to Hawthorn. But I guess every defender is going to Hawthorn. Saints defence seems pretty solid so I think he’d be better off at another club.

  129. Damian Watson says

    Yeah the Goose played at Sandringham for practically the whole season.
    Michael,I just heard that the man who wrote the Richmond theme song has died.

  130. Michael Allan says

    Yes I read that. I love our theme song and I think it’s one of the best in the league. I don’t get to sing it much but I enjoy it when I do.

  131. Damian Watson says

    I remember the Richmond Centenary Match last year when they played the Tigers theme song about five times before the match and it was bloody annoying.
    Then the mighty Blues spoilt the party. Good Times.
    Where you at that particular match?

  132. Michael Allan says

    Haha yes I was Damo. I remember it very well.

    The Carlton banner read “Congratulations Richmond 100 years of yellow and bleak”
    It was a bit of a shoot out between Fevola and Hughes.
    That night Polak got hit by the tram with Mcmahon and Hughes. None of those players have been the same since.

    Not a celebration to remember.

  133. Josh Barnstable says

    That night Graham Polak was hit by the tram.

    Don’t let Danni see use talking about Collingwood trading Anthony LOL.

    Sorry Damo i completly forgot about Betts. Is Brad Fisher staying? And when exactly is the trade week? Isn’t there a maxium of 5 trades that can be made in the AFL? Or is that 5 trades per club?

  134. Josh Barnstable says

    What’s the go with Hughes Michael? My Richmond supporting-friend said that the Tigers should offer Hughes and Schulz for Fevola.

  135. Damian Watson says

    I’m not sure if Brad Fisher is going to be traded but the odds suggest that he will stay.
    I think Trade Week is next week but I’m not completely sure because trades can be initiated before or after.
    I would say five trades per club, it wouldn’t be fair if only five trades are made in the competition alone.

  136. Josh Barnstable says

    Oh and McMahon’s been the same. Before Polak got hit he was terrible, after it he’s still terrible lol. Sorry i shouldn’t be making jokes about that topic

  137. Damian Watson says

    McMahon was a fair player while he was at the Western Bulldogs, it’s only when he was traded off to the Tigers his form declined.I wonder what that suggests LOL

  138. Michael Allan says

    Well seeing as though there were 6 trades made last year i reckon it would be per club.

    Josh your Richmond supporting friend is highly overestimating Shultz and Hughes. If Carlton offered us a mars bar for the two of them I’d take it. lol

    I was so excited about Hughes. He kicked 6 goals against Port Adelaide and then kicked 3 against Carlton the ollowing week. After that he did nothing. This year he struggled to get a game with Coburg’s firsts. As for Shultz well he usually kicks about 5 or 6 goals for Coburg because his body is so big compared to everyone elses. But when he gets put into the senior team he can’t do anything.

    If Fev goes Fisher will stay. It wouldn’t make sense if they got rid of both.

  139. Josh Barnstable says

    I remember Schulz kicking 6 against Brisbane in 2004, Round 14 i believe…seems every player for the Tigers who kicks 6 goals turns out to be a dud, including Richo haha.

  140. Michael Allan says

    Well since we’re laying into Richmond players yes McMahon is terrible. I’d be very happy if we could trade him to the Saints.

    I think Shultz may get delisted since we’ve got Post and Vickery and probably Butcher. The only chance he has now is to play as a defender but I don’t mind a backline of

    B Thursfeild Moore Rance
    HB Newman McGuane Polo

  141. Josh Barnstable says

    Perhaps Carlton could make a move on Trav Cloke? He might want to go to the Blues to be with Cameron again.

  142. Damian Watson says

    Wasn’t Schultz the reason the Tigers lost their sponsorship with the TAC?
    I remember when he burst onto the scene in 2003, he kicked six goals against that highly acclaimed Brisbane Lions team and he had a great season the following year but over the last 4 years he has spent much of his career at Coburg.

  143. Michael Allan says

    lol. I was watching that game the other day. It was Tuck’s first game.

    Luckily Morton’s highest is 5 goals and same with Deledio.

  144. Damian Watson says

    Sorry scratch that last comment

  145. OMG
    I come bak from trial exams and WHAT DO I FIND?

  146. Josh Barnstable says

    Andrew Raines Michael? Where’s he at?

  147. Michael Allan says

    Yes he was Damo.

    My team for Richmond Round 1 2010 is

    B Thursfield Moore Rance
    HB Newman McGuane Polo
    C Richardson Deledio Cotchin
    HF Tambling Riewoldt Cousins
    F Morton Vickery Nahas
    R Graham Jackson Foley
    I/C Simmonds Collins Edwards Post

    A decent young team to get smashed by the Blues

  148. Josh Barnstable says

    Uh oh, we’ve angered the beast!

  149. Michael Allan says

    We’re trading Raines for a third round pick to Brisbane. It’s been agreed to. I watched a few games at Coburg this year and he was pathetic. He hardly had an impact and didn’t look like an AFL player. We’re lucky to be getting third rounder.

  150. Michael Allan says

    Danni get a grip. I said this would happen. It’s about what Collingwood need not who you like. It would be fantastic for Collingwood to trade N.Brown and Anthony for Fevola and Tuck. It could put you in contentention for the flag in the next two years.

  151. Damian Watson says

    I wonder if Danni would switch to the Blues if this trade occurs?

  152. Josh Barnstable says

    My North Melbourne team for Round 1 next year (as long as everything goes to plan)

    B: Judd–Judd–Judd
    HB: Judd-Judd–Judd

    We don’t need a centre line or forward line, that should be enough haha.

    B: Grima–Thompson–McMahon
    HB: Wells–Petrie–Pratt
    C: Rawlings–Firrito–Anthony
    HF: Swallow–Hansen–Thomas
    FF: Campbell–Goldstein–Warren
    R: McIntosh–Harvey–Ziebell
    I/C: Josh Smith–Jones–Greenwood–Harding

  153. Michael Allan says

    Haha. I hope it does happen. She’d be booing her own players. Danni wouldn’t you rather see you team win a flag rather than have two players on the list that YOU think are good looking. Neithr of them were even on Chennel 7’s best lookiong footballer’s list.

  154. Josh Barnstable says

    Wow you and Danni don’t get along do you Michael? LOL

  155. Ah no, I have to disagree!
    We don’t need FEV to win the flag!
    Carlton had him and they didn’t win it!
    Malthouse needs to get that through his thick head!
    We need a RUCKMAN! And as soon as Presti is done and dusted we will
    Need a DEFENDER which would be Nathan who knows what hes doing WHY TRADE HIM? He won the award for best first year player!
    Fev is one word = TROUBLE!
    And Collingwood doesn’t need anymore of that!

  156. Michael Allan says

    Where’s Hale?

  157. Damian Watson says

    Josh, where do you see Gavin Urquhart?
    Can he break into the senior side and hold a regular spot?

  158. Josh Barnstable says

    I think Hale is finished, sadly. Sure, i’ll give him one more chance but they need to start getting some experience into Goldstein and josh Smith, see if those two can be good goalkickers, and if they aren’t, then i’ll be the first to say bring Hale back into the side.

  159. Michael Allan says

    Well at least now your using real arguments.

    Yes you do need another forward Danni. Lets review the end of the season of Collingwood’s forwards

    Cloke – Out of form
    Medhurst – Out of form
    Anthony – Out of form
    Dick – Struggled

    Your best forward in the finals was Leigh Brown for crying out loud!
    Danni you need one.

    The backline is set with Presti, Maxwell, Goldsack, O’brien, Shaw and the rest.

    You need an inside midfeilder to win clearences which you’ll get with Shane Tuck as part of the trade.

    Danni Collingwood come out best with my three way trade.

  160. Josh Barnstable says

    Oops forgot about Urquhart…umm yeah he’ll be a starter, take out Jones and put Urquhart there and there ya go! A team ready to kill :)

  161. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah. Urquart’s a gun. Where’s he?

  162. Damian Watson says

    What about Macaffer Michael?
    Can he play an important role in the forward line?

  163. Michael Allan says

    Not yet. He’s young, inexperienced and I wouldn’t want to rely on him in a finals game (even if he did play very well against Adelaide)
    Surley you’d rather Fevola than Mcaffer?

  164. Josh Barnstable says

    And whoever said Fevola and Hall to the Dogs, do you really think they could handle Hall, Akermanis and Fevola in the one team? This is what i think the Collingwood team will look like next year:

    B: Shaw–Prestigiacomo–Goldsack
    HB: O’Brien–N. Brown–Maxwell
    C: Beams–Tuck–Sidebottom
    HF: Anthony–Cloke–Didak
    FF: Davis–Rusling–L. Brown
    R: Fraser–Swan–Pendlebury
    I/C: O’Bree–Medhurst–Dawes–Thomas

  165. Michael Allan says

    Josh my Dad and I have our own fantasy footy game like supercoach and dream team except different scoring, different and every player can only be taken once and you keep your list at the end of the year. We’ve held onto Hale throughout the year because when Hall went down we needed a full forward. and besides Warren he’s our only North player. So he better start performing!

  166. Look, you make SOME valid points.
    But as easily as they slipped ‘out of form’
    They can slip back ‘into form’
    Nathan never gets the chance he deserves! And it really upsets me!
    Firstly Nathan is actually supposed to be a FORWARD!
    But it was too crowded so Mick put him in DEFENCE.
    He’s a gifted guy and like Tazza can play both roles but id like to see him get another chance up forward.
    I really don’t want Fev at Collingwood.
    Looks aside, yes I repeat LOOKS ASIDE he is a good player but his problems need addressing. I only say he’s a good player cos he kicked a bagful but I don’t want him at Collingwood.
    If Malthouse is stupid enough to get him over, then I just might consider changing teams depending on how I feel after a few weeks.
    I really don’t want his influence anywhere around our younger players.
    If bucks get a word in about this, which I think he WILL, then Fev will NOT be at Collingwood.

  167. Josh Barnstable says

    Did you know Urquhart hasn’t kicked a goal in his career yet? Hopefully he snags one next season

  168. Michael Allan says

    IO did and I think they could. Aker is settled now, I beleive Barry will co operate now he’s on his last chance and I think if they put down the law like I think Rocket will Fev should settle.

    It looks okay but the forward line looks to be a weakness. I guess if you put Fevola in it that would change my mind.

  169. Josh Barnstable says

    And Fev needs to be AWAY from publicity, and he surely ain’t gonna get that at the Pies, that’s why he’ll go to Sydney or Brisbane.

  170. Josh i love that Collingwood set-up
    its exactly how i would have it.
    you have even named Rusling. :)

  171. Josh Barnstable says

    The Dogs wouldn’t be able to afford Hall and Fevola though. They sell games to TIO and Manuka!

  172. Josh Barnstable says

    I hope Rusling doesn’t hurt his shoulder again, he’s like Max Bailey, but injured shoulders instead of knees.

  173. Damian Watson says

    Thats funny he kicked a few for North Ballarat in last years VFL Grand Final, I’m not sure how he contributed this year.
    I remember when Duncan Kellaway took about four years to score his first ever goal for the Tigers and when he finally sent one through the whole team came from everywhere.

    Would you consider switching over to Carlton Danni? If the two happen to be traded.

  174. Damian, well firstly i would go through a whole week of crying my eyes out.
    then id saty at Colling wood for about 3-4 rounds and from then i will make up my mind.

  175. Michael Allan says

    Danni I don”t see how you can you say your worried about his “influence” when you still have Didak and Shaw still on the list. What about their influence. Keep in mind at Carlton he was surrounded by younger players however he never dragged them down with him.

    Look at all the other players who have changed team due to their bad rep at the other team. Akermanis, Cousins, Gardiner have all done well since changing teams WITHOUT getting themselves into a mess. My theory is that when players are on their last chance like these players they are commited to making to work because football is their lives.

  176. Josh Barnstable says

    I think i’ve told on here before how i was mighty close to switching to Hawthorn after Round 3 of 2007. 30 odd wins later and i’m Blue and White through and through! Oh and Mum and Dad are buying me a North Melbourne guernsey for me in the next week or so. They were gonna buy me one when i was at Paul’s house but they couldn’t find a suitable one. I’m gonna get the Argentina-like jumper.

    I remember Duncan’s last game against Essendon. They got smashed by 80 points, he was dragged in the final minutes and in frustration he threw his boot away on the bench lol.

  177. Michael Allan says

    One other thing….YOUR FORWARD LINE IS NOT CROWDED!!!

    Don’t EVER say that again!
    Their is plenty of room and if N.Brown was a decent forward he’d easily get a spot. It has nothing to do with the forward line being crowded. If anything the backline is. That’s why L.Brown went down to the forward line in the finals and did much better then any other forward imo.

  178. Damian Watson says

    What about Wayne Carey Michael?
    When he moved to Adelaide from North he still never changed his personality even though he played an instrumental role in the Adelaide side.

  179. ..i cnt believe i might be..a carlton supporter.

  180. Damian Watson says

    welcome to the dark side Danni LOL

  181. Josh Barnstable says

    If Carlton were gonna be influenced by any player, it would have been the two players that showed up to training in 2002 i think it was under the influence of ecstacy and/or ice. Can’t remember there names though, i think one was Karl Norman.

  182. Michale, dude!
    when im talking about the forward line being crowded, that was when all of teh above players you listed WERE IN FORM!

  183. Josh Barnstable says

    Does the dark side have cookies? haha…if i could change teams atm, i would go for Adelaide

  184. im so not gonna look hot in a carlton jeresey!
    :( arggghh

  185. Damian Watson says

    I think that was 2004 Josh and the other player was Laurence Angwin the South Australian. He was dumped and Norman never amounted to anything in his football career again.

  186. Michael Allan says

    Damo whose side are you on?

    Age and injuries stopped him from being the player he once was. Although his personality didn’t change he never brought Adelaide into disrepute like he did at North.

    Fev wont have spend a year out of the game like Duck and will be just as good if not better at Collingwood.

  187. Josh Barnstable says

    Is anyone gonna stand between you two and stop a punch on? Haha

  188. lol Damo jst wants me at Carlton

  189. Michael Allan says

    Danni you keep on mentioning Fevola and not the other side of my deal. Would you be happy to get Shane Tuck. I think he’d be just as im,portant to Collingwood as Fev would.

  190. nah..i dont want Tuck.
    isnt he like..old?

    since u love Fev SOOO MUCH why dont u take him Michael????

  191. Josh Barnstable says

    Actually, i’ve changed my mind. Give Fevola a one year ban, and he will be picked up by the Gold Coast. Simple solution, every one wins, Fevola gets a year to look at how he can improve himself as a person, and the Gold Coast get one gun of a forward.

  192. nawww send him to the GC?
    Josh!! your so nice! :)
    i like that idea, FAR FAR AWAY FROM MY TEAM

  193. Michael Allan says

    27 is not old. It is the right age for a team about to challenge for the flag. Collingwood need an inside mid to win clearences and it looks like Tuck is the only one for sale.

    I do not love Fev.
    It would be stupid for Fev to go to Richmond. It would retard the development of our young forward line of Morton,Riewoldt,Vickery Post that we’ve got going.

    Fev should go to a team that is ready to challenge for the flag like Collingwood.

  194. Damian Watson says

    Depends if Danni switches to the Blues LOL
    You guys make good debaters, I’ll look back and see the arguments and see which ones are more logical and realistic.

  195. Michael Allan says

    Josh I don;’t get it.
    Whose banning Fev for a year and why?

  196. Damian you are looking at a two years of experience as a school debator, best speaker award twice. :)

  197. Michael Allan says

    Damo I had the best debating average in the Ringwood region! Be on my side.

  198. Josh Barnstable says


    Adelaide-Don’t need him
    Brisbane-Could use him as a foil to Brown, or vice-versa
    Collingwood-Already has a group of forwards ready to fire
    Essendon-Young forwards on the rise
    Fremantle-Who would want to go there?
    Geelong-Couldn’t afford him
    Hawthorn-Forward line is packed to the rafters
    Melbourne-Don’t need him
    North-Could use him if they could afford him
    Port Adelaide-Dunno if they could afford him, plus have a bright future ahead, in the forward line anyway
    Richmond-He may consider going there
    St Kilda-Don’t need him
    Sydney-Need him
    West Coast-Looking for youth
    Western Bulldogs-Either Fevola or Hall
    Gold Coast-Needs a power forward

    To me, its Brisbane, Richmond, Bulldogs, Sydney or Gold Coast

  199. MY team went to finals in WHOOP WHOOP and won

  200. Michael Allan says

    I was best speaker three times out of four debates thank you very much?

    I’m a Swannie award winner and Danni can’t top that! lol

  201. ohh did i mention that my team was named the best debating team to have even represented the school?

  202. umm what does Dane Swannie have to do with this?
    see he doenst even know whats relevant to this arguement!

  203. Michael Allan says

    Ok then well done Danni. Your in a good team that you get carried along with. From now on I’ll call you Tom Hawkins. lol

  204. Josh Barnstable says

    I’d go with Michael Damo, sorry Danni.

    I think Fev has caused enough trouble, the AFL should say look Brendan, take a year off, reassess your options, come back and start fresh with the Gold Coast

  205. Michael Allan says

    lol the Swannie awards go to the debaters with the highest average in their regional competion. And I won mine!

  206. hmmmmmm
    firstly id like to clear up any misconceptions the opposition had led you to believe…

    He didnt even want Fev for his own team.
    he was on and ON about how great FEV IS BUT HE DOESNT EVEN WANT HIM IN HIS OWN TEAM…
    not good enough!

    they go to year 12s and im in year 11!
    so THERE!

  208. Josh Barnstable says

    I feel like a sheep that’s been sheared! :( got a haircut today. My mop-top’s gone lol

  209. JOSH!
    Dont think i missed you comment!
    your with Michael eyyy??
    im starting to dislike NORTH NOW

  210. Josh Barnstable says

    But Michael’s not year 12. Or are you?

  211. Damian Watson says

    Bare with me, almost done

  212. Michael Allan says

    Incorrect Danni. They’re awarded to all Grades. If you need proof I’m in the year 10 and recieved one.

  213. Josh Barnstable says

    Meh, that’s the way the cookie crumbles Danni.

  214. Michael Allan says

    I got a haircut yesturday. My hair’s as short its ever been.


  216. today before exams:

    FIONA:”Danni why is your hair curly?”
    ME: “I didnt straighten it!”
    SARAH: “Fiona Danni’s hair is naturally wavyish, didnt you know?”
    FIONA;”OHH yeah!”
    ME: “stupid hair!”

  217. Josh Barnstable says

    Well your school’s weird Danni, everything in Coburg is weird i have heard. Even the footy team :) haha…i’m getting colours in my hair tonight so it doesn’t look black!

  218. ohh that reminds me
    Damo are you related to a Matthew Watson???

  219. Michael Allan says

    Danni. I’m on the website now and I know why your confused. It has the list of all the winners and it says here tjhat Terryna D’Souza won from Mercy College. So just because she won and she’s in year 12 doesn’t mean they’re the only ones handed out. They have a winner from every year level from every region. Look on the website if you don’t beleive me.

  220. hmmm whats wrong with black hair?
    i have black hair!!

  221. lol i believe u its just that in my school its always the year 12s that win the Swannie.

  222. Damian Watson says

    Sorry Danni but I am on Michael’s side but you both make some very valid points.

    Firstly the forward line is not crowded there is still room for Fev

    Although Michael Fev’s move to Collingwood won’t exactly help his attitude or misdemenour just because that has occured with others in the past. It’s better if Fev stays out of the spotlight.

    But the part that got Michael over the line was the fact that Danni suggested that Fev’s incidents and attitude may be a bad influence to his younger teammates, that was never the case at Carlton and I doubt it would be the case at Collingwood as they have had their fair share of incidents as well.

  223. Josh Barnstable says

    No black hair on me i mean lol. I’m not used to plain black hair, mine is always black with blonde through it.

    Oh Damo, also are you related to Shane Watson? haha it’d be good if you were (he’s a cricketer if anyone didn’t know)

    I’ve never heard of this Swannie award or whatever it is. Musn’t get it in the country..

  224. Damian Watson says

    No Sadly I am not related to anyone with a famous profile. I wish I was related to Emma watson.

  225. Josh Barnstable says

    wait Damo, a few Carlton players have had some drinking/anger problems last year. Setanta O’hAilpin chucked a hissy at Cam Cloke, the group of Carlton players late in the year were caught drinking and showed up late to training or whatever. Probably not Fev’s influence, but still.

  226. Michael Allan says

    lol Damo you should be an adudicator. That was a good rundown of the arguments and why you elected me to be winner.

    Well Josh it says here they’ve got it in the Ballarat and Bendigo regions and I call that the country but my geography is extremely poor. lol

  227. shoulda known, you boys always stick together.
    nothing i can do now expect pray that BUCKS gets his word in.

    lol..ofcorse you dont have Swannies Josh, i cant even bring my straightener to the Country!

  228. so your not related to Matthew?

  229. Michael Allan says

    Oh yeah Danni bring up the sexist argument lol.
    Bucks will want Fev. He’s an intelligent man who knows what Collingwood need.

  230. Damian Watson says

    Nope sorry Danni, I don’t know any Matthew Watson in my family tree.

    I think Setanta has always carried that agressive personality onto the field even before he ventured down under from Ireland. But that’s true we have had our fair share of troubles on and off the field.

  231. Actually i heard that the reason we truned down cousins was cos Bucks got a word in. so theres no way fev will get in.

  232. Josh Barnstable says

    I wouldn’t be able to bring my straightner either, it’d get stolen by some Collingwood supporter of course!! Lol

    Oh ok i’m in the Goulburn Valley region..i think..

    Mhmm Damo i wish i was related to her as well

  233. naww too bad.
    i Went to primary school with Matthew Watson, he was AN AWESOME kick at FOOTY and his uncle was steven Alessio.
    i havnt seen him for ages and im wondering how far hes gotten with the footy dream.

  234. rofl lmaoo thats so cute, all you guys drooling over Emma Watson.
    you could get Michael to impersonate Ron AND sneak you guys onto the set.

  235. Steve Healy says

    Calm down everyone.

    Sorry, I’m usually in these conversations, but my slow internet has given me limited oportunities.

    Debating awards are good. But what about %100 in a romeo and juliet speech?

  236. Josh Barnstable says

    are you related to a Neil watson?

    Perhaps Carlton should get Aisake back, he might be a good replacement for Fev

  237. Damian Watson says

    It’s weird, when Bucks was playing I always thought he was an arrogant two faced *$%$#@*, after all I am a Carlton supporter.

    But ever since he has taken a job in the media he has proved to have an exceptional football brain.

  238. ill match you that STEVE!
    A+ through my whole public speaking class, thats right 6 in a row, all of them 100%
    and it helps when my teacher was also my debating coach.

  239. Damian Watson says

    No sorry Josh, Most of my relatives live in Adelaide.

  240. Steve Healy says

    Gee i’ve got a lot of reading to do, it seems like Danni has turned into the devil in the space of 100 comments.

  241. Josh Barnstable says

    I know how you feel Steve, my internet useage ran out so i’m on dial-up for now.

    I used to do debating at primary school but not anymore, i don’t like getting up in front of big audiences.

  242. thats right, no more miss nice girl.

  243. Damian Watson says

    Are any of you guys in Advanced English? By the way I got 100% on my last speaking assessment.

  244. nawww josh!
    lmao thats cute!
    try being a drama student.
    last year was my last performance and i had a singing part!
    i love the stage…
    mum wouldnt let me continue through vce.

  245. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you can brag about your speeches as much as you like.

    But coming from me, I don’t get too many good marks at school and it was my first 100% ever so I’m proud of that.

  246. we dont have advanced English.
    well done on that assignment grade! :)
    i do literature, does that count?

  247. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got rellies in Adelaide too.

    I got an average mark on my English so far, and usually i get very good’s. Guess im in a bit of a slump.

  248. Michael Allan says

    Everybody does the same English at my school.
    Does anybody know wher I can find results from the draft camp?
    My school has two boys up there and I want to know how they’re doing.

  249. Damian Watson says

    I thought you want to be a commentator Josh, where thousands of people listen to you. LOL I’m just exaggerating.

  250. lol Steve, dont be silly.
    trust me, you and Damo and Josh and even Micheal LOL :P write at a really high level.
    take it from me, the oldest in the group who has meet some seriouslsy stupid guys in her time.

  251. Damian Watson says

    Probably would be the most reliable source, otherwise it’s the news.

  252. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m doing advanced english next year Damo, if they get enough kids for the class. If not then i guess its another year of big fish in the small pond.

  253. no clue Michael,
    are they cute?
    wait…i should ask u that right!

  254. Steve Healy says

    I’ve only got relitives from england on my Mum’s side, and eight of my cousins (all in the same family) moved to Broome early this year.

  255. Michael Allan says

    What are you saying when you say EVEN Michael? I’m sure you meant to say ESPECIALLY Michael. lol

  256. Josh Barnstable says

    Hey i can be as stupid as anyone. Last year i didn’t know how to put a coat on a coathanger but i learned how to in my Science class. probably the only thing i’ve learnt from science actually.

    Try Michael, if you don’t get what you want then have a look at the site anyway, it’s brilliant.

    Yeah i wanna be a commentator Damo, but they can’t see me when i’m behind a mic though! Lol

    Thats soo COOL

  258. Michael Allan says

    One of them is (I’ve been told that’s not my opinion) and the other is Kelvin Moore’s brother so I think you know the answer to that. lol.

  259. Damian Watson says

    Does your Mum have the English accent Steve?

  260. OMG steve connection to Colin Firth!!
    hes English!!
    you are SO LUCKYYYY

  261. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I’m an average student at school

    average at maths, good at english (not always high marks) average at geography and history and average in science.

    If I went to a footy school, I’d be getting 100%’s all the time. Gee I wish a footy school existed.

    Josh, thanks for the Collingwood jokes by the way. Hillarious

  262. Damian Watson says

    Did you get those Collingwood jokes from Big Footy Josh?

  263. Steve Healy says

    Not really, my Mum’s Dad was Australian (he died earlier this year) and my Mum’s mum is english. So my Mum’s only half english, but she was born there and moved to Australia when she was about 6.

  264. Michael Allan says

    If I nwas at a footy school I’d be

    Good at English (describing and writing about football)
    Average at Maths (Stats)
    Very good at Geography (Football Stadiums)
    Pretty Good at History
    Dreadful at P.E
    Bad at Science

  265. lol this is me at school

    English- B-A
    Accounting- D
    Legal- E+
    Ras3/4- B
    Literature- B
    Media- B

  266. ohh HISTORY -A

  267. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah i was laughin at them when i first read them. I dunno Damo but my dad sent them to me in an email, i’ll send them to you if you want.

    Sorry to hear of your loss Steve. My Mum’s Dad was born in India, so i’m part Indian but you wouldn’t know by looking at me lol

  268. Steve Healy says

    Michael, is those fields I’d be

    Very good at writing about footy
    Freakish at stats
    Excellent at Geography
    very good at history
    good at P.E
    good at science (but it’s a bit hard to define what footy science is)

  269. wow, thats cool!
    im fully Lebanese.
    or as the muzza would say

    ‘imma fully sick lebo chick!’

    but everyone seems to think im Italian or Greek.

  270. Damian Watson says

    Here are my school marks:
    English A
    Maths B
    History A
    Geography A+
    Science A
    RE A+
    I hate Maths!!!!

    I’d love a footy school, when are we eligible for Journalism school?

  271. footy school
    PE. how many times can i say ‘i forgot my uniform?
    but if were playing footy IM IN!
    SCIENCE- F lol

  272. for someone who hates maths, you doing well.
    i was lucky to pull a D

  273. Steve Healy says

    Actually Josh, come to think of it you do look indian in your facebook photo just kidding.

    Oh, so you’re lebanese Danni. I’m not being racist or anything I was just wondering because you said your dad came from another country (I think)

  274. LOL yeah Lebanon, mum was born here but all my grandparents are Lebo.

  275. Michael Allan says

    Geez Damo they’re nice Grades.

    Mine are
    English B+ orA
    Maths D+ to C+
    History 1/2 B+
    American History B+
    Literature A+
    Journalism B+
    Game Design B+

  276. Damian Watson says

    Yeah but Year Nine is deifferent to VCE, my marks will probably drop down
    Footy School Marks maybe..
    English A
    Geography A
    History A
    Stats D
    Science probably an F

  277. Josh Barnstable says

    Mine would be:

    Science-C (probably would be where a footy went if the wind was blowing this hard or whatever lol)

    i wonder if there is a footy school?

  278. Damian Watson says

    Does your school have Journalism Michael, where can I sign up LOL

  279. Michael you nerd! and A+ IN LIT!!
    i was drowing thsi year in Lit
    we read Wuthering heights and i was dying i went from Cs all year and now im on B+.
    im getting there :)

  280. Steve Healy says

    This is a very multi-cultural conversation: A lebo, an indian, a south australian, a brit and a Griffindorian.

  281. Damian Watson says

    I am actually Italian, my grandparents and Nonna and Nonno settled in Adelaide and my parents moved to Melbourne.

  282. Michael Allan says

    Yes it’s an Elective Damo.
    Elective’s are the best because from now on I don’t have to do science.
    M<y teacher is getting annyoed with me though cause all my articles are about footy. lol

    Danni my teacher is the lightest marker ever! And it was a pretty easy essay.

  283. if we went to footy school Steve would have to tutor me in Stats class. LOL
    and i would have to help you all in fashion class, about jersey colours LOL

  284. Michael Allan says

    Boom Boom let’s all bring out the red head jokes. Nice Steve.

  285. Michael Allan says

    Fashion would be an elective and you’d be the only one in it Danni. We’d all be in Public Speaking (Commentary)

  286. OMG REALLY!
    My teachers been teaching Lit for years and years so shes a really tight marker maybe b/c she also teachers yr.12 english?
    when i was struggling she asked me how i was doing in english b/c she thought my lit and english grade would be the same. when i told her i was getting A’s she was kinda shocked! LOL
    BUT lit is WAYY HARDER than english.
    i jst learnt how to write yet another diff type of essay.

  287. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m putting up a new facebook profile now coz you said that Steve! Lol nah i found a good photo of me when i was on central australia so i’m puttin that as my display picture. Looks good as my msn picture as well lol.

    My actual school report doesn’t have A’s or B’s or C’s, but this is what it is:

    English: Good
    Maths: Inconsistent
    Physical Education 1: Very Good
    Physical Education 2: Very Good
    Science 1: Satisfactory
    Science 2: Satisfactory

    Just came over the radio that the Dogs have ruled out signing Fevola.

  288. heraldsun website has had that up since i got back from exams.
    woot woottt!!
    (yes i work there!)

  289. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Michael, as you were the only one who didn’t mention your heritage you gave me no choice but to make a lame joke.

    I can’t get on to Facebook at the moment.

    Sorry guys, I can’t find my report so I’ll just say I’m average at everything apart from English and PE which I’d be better than average at.

  290. Damian Watson says

    In what capacity Danni?

  291. what? damo what are you talking about?
    capacity? i dont do maths

  292. Damian Watson says

    No I mean what job do you have at the Herald Sun?

  293. ohh i thought u were jst being Random.
    well i work alongside Jon Ralph in the office.


  294. Steve Healy says

    I know this is a bit strange to ask, but does anyone have a soft footy that they kick around their house and have shots on goal in door ways?

  295. …yeah when i was like 6.
    not any more.

  296. Damian Watson says

    Yeah in fact I’m kicking one right now, I have an old Fox Footy one.

  297. I want a hot pink footy!!

  298. Josh Barnstable says

    Yes! One of my favourite pasttimes Steve. I even add a bit of commentary to things, especially when taking a screamer onto the couch haha

  299. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Damo, I have two: A melbourne one that I got with the membership package, but my brother kicked it in to fish and chip oil a few weeks ago and it’s still soaked. I have an old McDonalds one that I’m using now but the cover came off.

    I always kick the footy around

  300. Steve Healy says

    Josh, same. Ever since I was young I have played pretend games where I have been all the players and I always commentate.

  301. Steve Healy says

    Danni, you’re never too old to kick a soft footy around the house.

  302. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I like to add a bit of commentary, did anyone see the Brownlow opener with that kid kicking the footy around?

  303. Josh Barnstable says

    I’ve got a North one i got with the membership package. I can’t beleive how fun it is to just kick around a ball filled with foam.

  304. lol i didnt say i was too old.
    its just been that long, since i was like 5 that ive kicked a soft footy around.

  305. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, that kid reminded me of me. I’m confused. I wanna be a commentator, stats man and journalist. Hopefully I can be all 3.

    Is anyone listening to SEN? Apparently Carlton supporters are going to go to Optus oval and protest to keep Fevola. It’s ridiculos lol

  306. OMG Imma go get dressed and join!

  307. Steve Healy says

    The only thing I hate about those footys is when you kick them often the cover starts to crack and come off.

  308. Damian Watson says

    Whats wrong with that? I’m on my way to Princes Park right now! LOL just kidding,
    The decision has been made so people power can’t make things different in this instance.

  309. atleast you have options Steve.
    for me its journalist or

    well..thats it.

  310. Michael Allan says

    Iused to do all that stuff that you guys have said but I’m not sure where they all went.

  311. Josh Barnstable says

    Are you good with your numbers Damo? Would you know what 18.13 is off the top of your head?

  312. Michael Allan says


  313. Damian Watson says

    That’s 121 isn’t it.
    Hopefully I can be a football commentator or some sort of broadcaster.

  314. Michael Allan says

    That was easy because you just add 2 goals making it 20 goals which is 120 and then just add 1

  315. Steve Healy says

    Too easy Josh. I knew that when I was still being brest fed

  316. the other day i was with my friend sand i was reading the Herald sun (DUH) sports section and my friend goes.
    “Danni i know this is random but i can see you getting married to a footy player.”


  317. Damian Watson says

    Please Steve I’m going to be eating soon.LOL

    I wonder what you would wear to the Brownlow Danni?

  318. Josh Barnstable says

    18.13.121 was just an example. I know any result you could come up with, as long as it wasn’t something like 23.46 or something lol and obviously Steve knows his scores too.

    Yeah Steve that milk does help babies learn stuff LOL

    Oh and last night i figured out that the next time a Grand Final will be on September 30 (Steve’s birthday) will be in 2017, so im putting my money on Melbourne to win it that year lol

  319. Steve Healy says

    Who could look at a fixture of this season, and recall all the scores in every game? I found a fixture from 2008 a couple of months ago and didn’t make a mistake.

  320. thats easy a pair of shorts, heels and a chk-chk boom singlet.


  321. Michael Allan says

    Hey Josh for Journalism I’m writing an article about Damien Hardwick and Brad Scott.

    As a North supporter could I interview you?

  322. Josh Barnstable says

    She’d probably get married to someone who doesn’t get invited to the brownlow (Toovey) or someone who makes a dick of himself (Fevola) lol

    Random question guys:

    What will you be wearing to the book launch?

  323. Steve Healy says

    23.46 184 Josh.

  324. omg..bartel is asking for his gf jumper to be returned, app some stole his jumper and Selwoods.
    thats so mean! :(


  326. Book launch:
    i have like 5 dresses to chose from

  327. Michael Allan says

    Steve we all know your using a calculator. Stop trying to impress us all.

  328. Steve Healy says

    I’ll probably wear a melbourne scarf, jeans and a T-shirt.

  329. Damian Watson says

    Do you happen to know where and when this book launch is Josh?

  330. jeans?
    Josh do you know if theres a dress code?
    cos i dont wanna rock up and look over dressed

  331. Michael Allan says

    Last year all the writers for the book had to wear a footy jumper. I don’t know if they’re doing that again.

  332. Damian Watson says

    Then I’d wear my Carlton jumper.

  333. Steve Healy says

    You’d wish I was using a calculator, wouldn’t you Michael?

    I know it has never been a score, but I know 23.16 is 154 (the same score Collingwood scored in last year’s Anzac day match)

  334. …but i just bought a new dress!

  335. Josh Barnstable says

    Sure thing Michael. if you wanted to ask me questions over this its okay or if you wanted to text me the questions or whatever lol.

    Oh and Damo, i don’t know if Paul told you but he wants a Carlton supporter on this website ( i suggested you) to write about how Jordan Russell finished sixth in the best and fairest, despite a lot of supporters wanting him gone from the club.

    Steve that’s freakish, i could name a few but not all of them. All of the North games i could though. In fact probably all the North games from the past 5 years, and if not the scores i could tell you who won and the winning margin. I got a question for you Steve: Round 6, 2005, Melbourne vs. Fremantle. What was the score? And don’t cheat by using wikipedia or whatever.

    Gettin sick of the emails Damo? LOL

  336. i wouldnt be able to wear my jumper cos it would be hot weather by then.
    ill just wear my new dress.
    the top bit is black and then the bottom is white. :)

  337. Josh Barnstable says

    The launch is November 19 Damo, and it’s at a pub or something up the road from Paul’s house lol. Mum and Dad were saying oh you can wear nice pants and a tie and i was like NUH!! Just wanted to know what use were gonna wear, i might wear my new North jumper. Or my Waaia jumper.

  338. Michael Allan says

    Okay then Josh. Try to give long answers by the way.

    First question:
    Were you happy with the selection of Brad Scott as coach?

  339. Steve Healy says

    That was a great high scoring game. Was it 20.9 129 to 22.11 143?

  340. Michael Allan says

    Which jumper guys? Collins or Newman?

  341. Josh Barnstable says

    It would be at night and probably air conditioned so it might be colder then u think Danni, and u know what Melbourne weather is like. 4 seasons in the one day lol

  342. Damian Watson says

    Hey it’s worth it, I have nothing else to do today.

    Yeah paul asked me that question on one of these threads this morning,when did he ask you that?

    Who did Carlton play in Round 15 1994 and what was the score, oh and what venue?
    I’ll give you two minutes! Sorry for putting the pressure on.

  343. Michael Allan says


  344. OMG i thought it was gonna be a tie event thingo!
    you guys should rock up in ties, its more professional!

  345. Michael Allan says

    Well Danni if I wear a tie I’ll go for the lot and wear my school uniform lol.

  346. Josh Barnstable says

    Yes it was, Luke McPharlin kicked 5 goals, the night before was Carlton vs. Hawthorn, Jarrad Waite kicked 5 goals i think, that afternoon was Adelaide vs. North melbourne at AAMI Stadium and Hayden Skipworth kicked 3 goals on a wet day. That night, Jonathon Brown played his first match of the season, kicking 8 goals against Essendon while the Eagles smashed the Swans at Subiaco Oval. The next day, the Saints thrashed the Pies at the MCG, Luke Darcy did his knee at Skilled Stadium as the Dogs went down to Geelong and the Tigers had a rare big win, thumping Port Adelaide at the Dome, with Richo taking a huge mark. There’s an example of what i think is my best bit of skill at footy lol i can remember things like that. Wear Newman’s Michael, number 17 for Richmond would go down well at a footy function

  347. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Damo, I don’t know that off the top of my head.

  348. Damian Watson says

    You guys remind me of Glenn McGrath, he can remember the details of every wicket he has taken throughout his career.

  349. Michael Allan says

    Josh an interviewer your not very good. I’ve asked you one simple question and you havn’t answered it. lol

  350. Damian Watson says

    Carl 144 Bris 46, Princes Park I always remember that as one of Craig Bradley’s best games.

  351. Josh Barnstable says

    Last time i wore a tie was at a funeral and apparantly i looked 20 years old haha.

    I was surprised that Scott was appointed coach, as i thought North would go for someone who had experience with the players, knew them and had a history with the club but i’m excited by the prospects that Scott will bring the side. Expect a more fierce attitude towards the ball.

  352. Steve Healy says

    But I can tell you it was V Brisbane Bears. 22.12 144 to 6.10 46 at Princes park. The crowd was 21,119 and it was on Saturday, 2 July.

  353. Josh Barnstable says

    Sorry Michael, i didn’t see your question amongst all the other comments haha.

  354. Damian Watson says

    What was the weather like that day Steve?

  355. Josh Barnstable says

    Steve: CHEATER!! lol

  356. gezze you guys!
    guys my age and older love the skinny tie casual shirt with jeans or black pants look.
    Plus girls love it when guy wear ties.
    i love ties in general!

  357. Steve Healy says

    Don’t know about the weather. Bradley had 7 kicks, 21 handballs and a mark. He was 30 years and 352 days old when the game was played.

    Danni, don’t be ridiculous. No one who goes to high school likes wearing ties out of school. I’ve worn a tie on two occassions in my life: Confirmation and school.

  358. Josh Barnstable says

    Do all of you wear ties to school? We don’t haha. One of the many advanteges of living in the country.

  359. Steve Healy says

    What do you wear Josh? Pieces of grass and charcoal paint?

  360. yes i wear a tie with winter unifrom.
    Steve, im being seriosu every party i go to with guys ages 17 and up all wear ties and open vests with nice shirts and they look damn good too i might add!

  361. Michael Allan says

    Dani I did the casual tie look for the year 10 social. Everyone else was in suits and stuff. Haha.

    What are your expectations for North next year in Scott’s first year as coach?

    Our school does. But it’s a private school so I guess we have to wear stupid uniforms.

  362. see THANKYOU Michael!
    and ill bet you looked great!
    just like the younger players that go to their player night award thingos.

  363. Steve Healy says

    I’ve got a school social coming up in a few weeks.

  364. it shoudl be made law for all guys to wear ties, cos that how good they make them look!

  365. Michael Allan says

    Yeah the girls at our school have to wear them in winter. Hey Danni do you girls do the thing where you wear a scarf over your tie and you wear your tie really loosely? All the girls do at our school.

  366. Michael Allan says

    Lol danni, the dress code was a tie so I had no choice but to go for that look.

  367. lmao nah i just wear my tie as lose as i can until i get told off, then i pretend to fix it untill the teacher leave so i losen it again. :)

    steve- ohhhhh how fun! what r u gonna wear??

  368. i love blue ties.
    you know those nice blue ones that kinda have all diff shades of blue….

  369. Damian Watson says

    We wear ties to school, the only informal ties I used to have were a South Park and Simpsons ties.

    We don’t have a school social until next year.

  370. Steve Healy says


    Lol nah I have no idea.

  371. hmm well i dont know what you younger crowd are wearing but all the guys 17 and over all look ready to go to the Brownlow.
    you dont have to have the full suite jacket cos guys are replacing them with vests and skinny ties.
    Pendals looks great in a skinny tie

  372. Josh Barnstable says

    At my school social last year i straightened my hair (RARE!), wore punk wristbands and painted my fingernails black lol.

    We wear either a light blue button-up shirt or a darker blue polo, dark blue shorts or pants and we wear black skate shoes. Girls uniform is different but too many combinations for them so i’ll leave it at the boys haha.

    I’m expecting a rise in the hardball gets next year from our players, and a lot more clearances. Also hopefully we’ll see a lot more goals.

  373. Michael Allan says

    WHere do you expect to finish on the ladder?

  374. josh i hope ur joking about the outfit u wore to the social.

    ps look how happy pendals’ girlfriend looks! :)
    he so CUTE

  375. Steve Healy says

    Lol Josh why on earth would you do that?

    Anyway gotta go guys thanks for the chat. I might be on later.

  376. Josh Barnstable says

    No i wasn’t

    Pendlebury is ugly, especially his mustache.

    I expect the Roos to finish around 11th, but i’d like to see them back in the top 4, but stranger things have happened. In 2006, we finished 14th, in 2007, we were in the Preliminary Final.

    Reckon we should move this conversation to another report? Because it’s getting annoying having to wait for all those comments to load to the bottom and then to scroll ALL the way to the bottom haha Steve is probably having the same problem.

  377. Steve Healy says

    Yes I am Josh lol. Anyway cya

  378. Steve Healy says

    Yes I am Josh lol. Anyway cya

    Move it to my fantasy fixture

  379. Michael Allan says

    lol okak then. We’ll go to an old one that doesn’t have many comments.

    hes sooo CUTE
    have you not seen the pretty girl next to him?
    un ungly guy wouldnt get a pretty girl

  381. Damian Watson says

    Thank God for that!

  382. Josh Barnstable says

    Move it to my Grand Final! lol

  383. Michael Allan says

    Danni. Yes he would. He’s a footballer. Any of them can get a good looking girl. Look at Cameron Ling for crying out loud.

  384. Josh Barnstable says

    Does that mean you’ll get a girl one day Michael? Lol you’d pass for Lingy anyday!

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