AFL Finals – Week 1: The 2012 ‘Mopsy’ Fraser Cup

Greetings Tipsters

How about that! The closest finals in decades, if not centuries, where any team might win the flag and that team in sixth, well, golly, if ever a team would pinch a flag, these blokes were the outfit to do it.

Apart from the 4&20s getting their noses in front for a few seconds, it was a one-sided kinda weekend. I did see the most ridiculous example of a free kick given for a deliberate out. Some hapless Maybloom was tackled as he kicked the ball, it bounced several times over the course of 55 yards, in a leftward curve, yet the poor bastard got pinged for it.

Otherwise, everything was according to the script. The 4&20s had a go early, the second term was a ripper, but after the long break the Mayblooms just went ahead and did what we expect of them. But if defence wins flags, then conceding 15 goals in a final is not the greatest start to a ‘September Campaign’.

The Sparkies really slacked off, conceding two goals in the last to the Murder, who’d managed three to the last break. What’s with Taylor Walker’s hair? It has been described as a mullet, by people who know nothing. He’s a sharpie, take a look at Lobby Loyde circa 1972 (bear in mind, he was caught on teev drinking beer watching a Murder game he couldn’t play), yet I cannot but imagine he has a girlfriend who said “Mate, I’ll do your hair yeah, it’ll be great, I’ll just get the clippers out so Taylor has longish bits down back and random bits sticking out over the top.

Yeah, that’s Adelaide for ya. The town that gifted us the musical stylings of Grong Grong and Lubricated Goat.

Not that I did not enjoy such, but it aint gonna win anyone a flag. And so it proved, the Murder were a bit too much Charlie Tolnay while the Sparkies were straightforward Deniz Tek.

If any of you had paid much attention to the media the last few days, you’d have doubtless read an exorbitant number of tales about how the Pivoes could win the flag from sixth. Oops!

All power to the Funky Purps, this is their highest point, even better than when they made a prelim against Sydney, to beat the reigning premier on their home turf and knock ‘em out of the finals, it’s a great day for the Purps. Perhaps it’s their Great Day for 2012 and nothing else will come of it. Some may think that they’ve done somewhat of a disservice by taking out the team with a hoodoo over the Mayblooms, but that could be all for the good, in that it only comes down to football smarts, skill, strength now.

It was a good weekend all round for our Westralian cousins, both shutting out their opponents in the first quarter, both looking in touch with the form that may take them through to the prelim.

Let’s jump ahead a bit, as your correpsondent will be in Hanoi this time next week. The Purps may or may not knock over the Murder, but either would be on extremely long odds to repeat the win at the MCG against the Mayblooms.

On form, the Wiggles have an edge over the 4&20s, maybe a Nic too. Any way you look at it, the Mayblooms are odds on to make the Big ‘Un and the Sparkies, thanks in part to a scheduling quirk at the Olympic Stadium, ought to be too.

As good as the Mayblooms were, the Sparkies may have been better. The Sparkies crushed their opposition in a way the Mayblooms didn’t, played their best game of the year.

Cheers Tipsters

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  1. Earl,

    Not sure what you’re doing in Hanoi, but I’ll be floating around there next weekend if you’re looking for a partner to sit and watch the Australian Network with.



  2. Earl O'Neill says


    Thanx muchly! We’re flying in Sunday eve; that and our departure from Saigon several weeks hence are the only concrete plans. I could be watching the prelim from a boat in Halong Bay – highly unlikely but supercool!
    Write site admin for my email address.


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