AFL Fans Association (AFLFA): Giving Footy Fans a Voice

The AFL Fans Association (AFLFA) has released their hits and misses of 2017 for both the AFL and AFLW. The AFLFA represent the fans and want to strengthen the game day experience.






A close competition, AFLW, cheap pies and colourful cheer squads have all been hits in 2017, while fans have given dynamic pricing, MRP confusion and online scalping the thumbs down.

The AFL Fans Association has released its hits and misses for the 2017.


Girl power: The AFLW was a big success and many fans look forward to its expansion.
Close comp: 
This has been one of the closest and most exciting seasons in living memory.
GF ticket increase: The AFL increased the Grand Final ticket competing club member allocation to 17,000 per club, up from 15,000. This is welcome, but let’s get this increased to 25,000 each.
Ticket deals: Some clubs offered discount tickets and two for one offers, if you could find them. Sunday Funday also offers free admission for kids and other game day treats.
Kick to kick 
has continued at some grounds, but it was cancelled a few times due to bad weather.
The pies have it: The AFL organised for pies to cost just $2 up until game time at every ground for Round 23. Some food prices are still low at the MCG and to a lesser extend Etihad Stadium.
Tiger time: Most fans have enjoyed watching Richmond’s resurgence, and might even have to start hating them again.
Cheerful colour: Cheer squads have used the AFL’s decision to relax rules governing the size of flags to introduce lots more colour and movement.
The final word: The AFL scheduled the Geelong v Richmond qualifying final at the MCG, allowing 95,000 fans to attend.


Dynamic pricing: Clubs used dynamic pricing to increase reserved seat prices many more times than they reduced them.The AFLFA noted 73 increases and 13 decreases in various categories.
Resale rort: Ticketmaster Resale and Viagogo continues to allow tickets for high demand games to be sold at enormously inflated prices, and the AFL continues to do nothing about it.
MRP confusion: Fans are confused and frustrated by some Match Review Panel decisions, which can seem inconsistent and contradictory.
Rule of the Week: Rules with constant interpretation changes, such as holding the ball, are almost impossible to read.
Scheduling shame: Many families dislike Thursday night football and thousands missed out when the AFL scheduled Richmond, which has 73,000 members, to play Geelong at Simonds Stadium.
Level 2 blues: Due to overly expensive prices, many of the best seats are often empty, forcing fans up into the nosebleed areas overlooking empty seats. Level 2 at Etihad Stadium is the serial offender. We hope the ghosts sitting on Level 2 have enjoyed the season.
Price pain: Adelaide Oval continues to charge more for tickets than most other grounds.
Ticket trauma: Finals ticketing has become extremely stressful as club and AFL members complain of online ticketing systems crashing or kicking them off at the last minute.
Wish you were here: Despite a slight increase to a combined 34,000, many competing club members will miss out on Grand Final tickets if two clubs with high membership numbers make it.


For more information contact: AFLFA president Gerry Eeman on 0403 938 484.
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  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Not sure why Tiger Time has anything to do with the AFLFA?

  2. In 2006 I went to Adelaide’s first home preliminary final at a cost of $76. Next Friday a ticket will set me back $184. Don’t fracture your elbow patting yourself on the back, Gill.

  3. Why a Richmond bias ? Tiger time is a highlight ? No the final should have been at Simmonds they had earnt the right to play at home ( not a Cat supporter )

  4. I think a million FANS watching Richmond games plus scheduling sense to ensure another 60,000 FANS were able to see their teams play at the traditional home of Victorian finals are fairly important issues for the Association that represents FANS (even those with a chip on the shoulder).

  5. Stainless no chip on the shoulder disagree vehemently with the Richmond bias in the article removed all relevance and yes if it was a fair dinkum comp it would be two divisions play each other home and away
    ( promotion and relegation) and with the gf NOT automatically at the g and with HOME finals

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