AFL 1998 – Twenty Years On: Western Bulldogs (3rd)

This list of back-to-back oh-so-close Prelim Final non-winners was very similar to the previous year’s in many respects. It was a close as they got for another decade (but the story had a happy ending in 2016).

A few jumped ship in the ensuing years, Brett Montgomery’s move to Port Adelaide rewarded with a premiership medal. Stephen Powell’s unexpected move to the Dees gave him a spot on the back of a ute in 2000s GF Parade (unlike teammate James Cook). Nathan Brown and Leon Cameron both became Tigers before the former found a career as the front man for the biggest blight on the sporting landscape and the latter wound up driving the AFL’s expansion P76. Paul Hudson’s three games at Punt Road. Why?

Tyson Lane’s star flared briefly at Collingwood, before an interesting series of local coaching appointments including stints in the tropics.

More faithful Dogs such as Chris Grant, Rohan Smith, Brad Johnson, Scott West, Stephen Kolyniuk and Libba Sr are rightfully lauded for their one-club status.

What are they up to now? Did any play in your local comp? Or prop up a stool at your local?

AFL Debuts 1998: Mark Alvey, Paul Dooley

Kept Under Wraps 1998: Anthony Aloi, Paul Digiovine, Jim Plunkett, Peter Quill, Lincoln Reynolds, Jacob Rhodes, Matthew Robbins, Robert Stevenson, Scott Taylor, Shaun Tinsley

Never Heard of Him: Jacob Rhodes

Delisted at end of 1998: Adam Contessa, Paul Digiovine, Peter Quill, Jacob Rhodes, Sedat Sir, Scott Taylor, Jason Watts, Lincoln Reynolds

Traded at end of 1998: Tyson Lane

Retirements at end of 1998: Simon Minton-Connell


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Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. The Advertiser recently listed Simon Cox in Brighton High’s best ever team along with Chris McDermott and the likes. School yearbooks come in handy on occasion.

  2. Matthew Robins came across from the Cattery. With Brad Sholl playing so well in the back pocket, Matthew Robbins couldn’t get a spot. His last game for Geelong was in 1997; he debuted for the tricolours in 1999.

    In his time at the Kennel he recreated himself , becoming a damaging goal kicker. In his penultimate season he kicked 45 goals including a bag of 5.

    Twice in his time at the kennel he kicked 5, once going one better with 6 against Collingwood. The move across suited him well.


  3. One of these players went on to become an infuriatingly incompetent commentator.

    Glen, Matthew Robbins played at Ormond and Hampton Rovers in the VAFA.

  4. Adam Contessa still playing good cricket with Yarraville Club in the VTCA. Played in their senior division premiership team last season

  5. Jim Plunkett was in one of those ‘Ava good weekend Mr Walker’ ads when he was a youngster

  6. Paul Dooley won the JJ Liston Medal with Williamstown

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Thanks for all of the above, it’s the Coxs, Dooleys, Plunketts, Contessas and Robbinss that need to be unearthed.

    Plunkettgate seemed to have been debunked last year:

    Found this online

    “I spoke with Jim’s Mum one day & she assured me he NEVER did an Aeroguard commercial with Max Walker.

    He did do a Huegell & Hoyle commercial with Max Walker where he asked ‘What’s re-tic-lee-ation Mr Walker’? “

  8. I did read that the little red-headed kid in those Aeroguard ads died a year or so back & thought it was Jimmy but it was another name, so I assumed there must have been another ad made at a later date, but it appears to be an urban myth as stated, cheers!

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