Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Two : Smith and Clarke Take Full Toll of India’s Pop-Gun Attack

Australia completely dominated a rain shortened second day against India, but the emotion-charged match still provided plenty of highlights; Steve Smith’s 163 not-out and skipper Michael Clarke’s courageous century the major talking points at stumps.  

Australia resumed at 6/354 with Steve Smith 72 not-out and with Brad Haddin being dismissed on what became the last ball of the previous day, we were pleasantly surprised to see Michael Clarke walk out at the start of play to resume his innings on 60. A bigger comeback than Lazarus, the injections in his back were obviously working. 

The Indian bowling was a pop-gun attack; seemingly unable to stop the plundering of runs. Australia accumulated 163 runs off the 30 overs which ended up being the whole days play.

Steve Smith finished the day unbeaten on 162 and provided one of the highlights of the day’s play by walking over to the number 408 painted on the oval in honour of the late Phillip Hughes when he bought up his century, looking skywards. Smith’s fifth career test century was inventive. His cricketing life continues on a rapid upward curve; going from fringe player to cementing himself firmly as a vital member of the test squad and seemingly our next long-term captain.

Michael Clarke – who has provided arguably the greatest leadership in Australian sporting history in the last fortnight – showed guts and determination to fight thru the pain barrier in bringing up his 28th test century and continued his love affair with the City of Churches. Clarke is now the first ever player to bring up seven Test centuries at the Adelaide Oval. the skipper was eventually dismissed for 128 just before the umpires abandoned play for the day for bad light. I can’t help but wonder whether the umpires would have made the same call if Clarke hadn’t been dismissed?

As for the tourists, Shami with 2/120 off 24 overs and Aaron with 2/136 off 23,  just could not bowl enough dot balls to build any pressure on the batsmen . Ishant Sharma’s 1/85 off 27 overs was serviceable but lacked penetration. Debutant leg spinner, Karn Sharma with 2/143 off 33 bowled without much luck, with India having a disease and it wasn’t catching – giving Smith four lives at the crease.

Another highlight of the day was David Gordon bringing an old Bob Neil banner; ‘Shane Warne , Tim May and Bob Neil – the spin triplets’. Tim May at the time remarked he knew he had finally made it, when he got his name on a Bob Neil banner!

Sadly, a disappointing aspect of the Test match has been a lack of common sense displayed by the SACA in not allowing all Members tickets to be transferable for this fixture and getting as big a crowd as possible to attend and honour the memory of Phil Hughes. Surely it would be best at all times to say a Members ticket gains you entry to the ground and the Members enclosure – subject to capacity – or at least to the outer (there appears to be a huge amount of room on the terraces). Unfortunately the old way of thinking continues to come from those in charge. It’s bitterly disappointing and for mine, just wrong!

As a South Aussie, my other huge concern is drop in pitches. With only one AFL game in Adelaide each weekend, and constantly being reminded we’re the driest state in the driest continent in the world (ironic after today), the SACA should have fought a lot harder to keep our pitch. The drop-in lacks life early and has just made winning the toss at the Adelaide Oval far too important. That being said, Australian pitches overall seem to be moving further away from what used to be their individual characteristics.

So the second day ends with lots of highlights and memories that will never be forgotten in the history of this grand game, but with only one team which can win the Test

Go you Aussies!


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Warne the odd one out of course, having never represented the Blacks.

  2. So I’m tipping this might not be the best time to enquire with the SACA about an MCC Member reciprocal rights access?

    Agree with your drop-in pitches dislike as well Rulebook. It’s almost like they’re driveways with dead grass on them.

  3. Not a fan for drop in pitches. I find it hard to believe how India has 1b people plus a lot of people living in other countries plus they play cricket 24/7 and they still can’t find quality bowlers.

  4. Good job Malcolm. While only thirty overs were bowled, there were many highlights for Australia. We have to put pressure on their batsmen tomorrow!

    SACA’s attitude to transferable memberships seems outdated and overly rigid, even in Singapore.


  5. Considering how poorly india have been playing away from home of late it had to be a road. Imagine if it finished on Friday and the adelaide members didn’t even get a weekend day at the cricket. Poor rule book would have had an aneurysm

  6. Mate good write up. Agree with you about the drop in pitches, a joke really. After posting an average of 96.1 here in the local league even I think I could handle the limp Indian bowling. Still it’s a test and 3 days to go, anything can happen! That’s why real cricket purists love test cricket.

  7. Your articles are getting even more eloquent, Book. Rucci be on your guard! I have missed all the live action this test due to far too much client work to do – but your article combined with the Fox Sports 24 hour news service, and Cricket Australia’s online coverage of course, combines well with radio 891.

    I agree with LJ – we want tests to go close to 5 days so whatever it takes :) in this case – more to write about, and more time to enjoy the venue (if you’re one of the lucky ones)..

  8. OBP, fair call on the pop-gun.
    How do you see the Indian attack faring around the grounds? Twenty wickets is a lot trickier with that disease that’s not catching.

  9. Great effort, bat for a couple hrs&then send India into bat, we need win for Australia&hugesy.Comon Aussies O’O’O.

  10. Bob Neil loves curry on rainy days.

  11. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Thanks guys , Swish spot on and you get the feeling , Warney would have fitted in at the blacks . Steve B and Mickey one of the most staggering and incompetent decisions in Saca history . Zman ( nice name great man ) , Fab boring bland drop in pitches toss way too important . LJ great line . Thanks Model and Bazz .
    OBP Aaron’s pace should provide problems at the Gabba and it does seem a limited attack but they are bowling on a road .
    Quite incredible that there have been comments from , China , UK and Singapore so far the knackery is indeed a global audience . Thank you

  12. You’re like a hammer, Book – hitting the nail on the head every time. Love the Gordo reference!

  13. Luke Reynolds says

    Totally agree re drop in pitches. The game desperately needs variety in pitches around the country and world. Am always amazed at the historical lack of good fast bowlers produced by India, especially in comparison to the production line of quicks produced by neighbouring Pakistan.

  14. Jarrod Collins says

    Totally agree rulebook. The predominant reason for the Adelaide oval achieving success on day 5 is because of S.K Warne and the mediocre opposition, which hed do the same to on Prospect rd (a similar sort of surface)

  15. Tickets should be transferable at all times. As for the drop ins at least tests go 5 days in Adelaide which is rare at other grounds.

    Cant believe Ashwin and Jadeja are not playing

  16. SACA not allowing members tickets to be transferable for is test is just bloody stupid. Seriously childish. All they needed to do was turn a blind eye at the gate. Not very hard……

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Luke you sum it up well , guys spot on boring flat deck with lack of life typical boring drop in wicket . Andrew and Raj quite amazingly they were doing signature checks of members tickets on the 1st day , just ridiculous

  18. Book, can you clarify the exact reasons why most member’ tix are not transferable mate. Not stirring the scheizen here, I actually don’t why, and to lose out on $000s of catering, let alone the vacant seats on TV looking like its being played in Dubai, would need to be justified by some pretty robust reasoning.

  19. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Jamesey members got sent a email saying it was against the constitution and it would affect contractual complications What a load of crap !
    As Pauline would say , Please explain Saca !

  20. Mark munday says

    Well said Malcolm, keep up the great work,,, mark

  21. Great article again Malcolm! The tributes to Phillip Hughes were amazing, but not having all members tickets transferrable is ridiculous.

  22. Froggy murdoch says

    Fantastic moment when Smith walked over to 408 great piece Mal.

  23. Andrew Starkie says

    Good effort today from Kohli. Pitch disappointing so far. Let;s see what days 4 and 5 hold. I fear, not much.

  24. Kevin Martin says

    Good write up Malcolm …

  25. Good read Mal. I suspect the subject of drop-in pitches could be the subject of a longer debate. Agree that the decision around Members tickets seems short sighted.

  26. Rulebook, TC reckons you’re like a hammer, and as usual he’s right.
    You blunt instrument, you.

    I agree that all SACA tickets should be transferable. But why stop there? For example,. why not make raffle tickets transferable as well? That way everybody wins a prize.

  27. Lisa Edwards says

    SACA did make me raise my brows with this one. Watching on social media all I could see were empty seats, such a shame given the importance of the match and class of cricket being played!

  28. Thr saca to me have no sympathy for anybody all they want is money , a disgrace re the tickets and great summary , Malcolm

  29. Another boring Adelaide Test run-fest, ends in a tame draw. . .

    Bloody drop-in pitches.

  30. ps. I lent my members ticket to a mate.

  31. Malcolm Ashwood says

    I have been copping a pasting re wicket , while I will gladly concede this drop in was better
    The toss is still 2 important , you can’t lose batting 1st unless you declare , needs more pace and life early for a fairer and better battle between bat and ball

  32. So much of the SACA requires reform, Rulebook. A district competition groaning under the weight of too many A-grade sides. They all have a seat at the table, so who is going to volunteer to step down for the good of SA cricket. A correspondingly frequently embarrassing state side that lacks the sting in the tale that their moniker threatens. A seeming belief that, because their membership is fully subscribed, they are a functioning organisation, despite the fact that they were bailed out as part of the stadium deal. In my opinion the SACA exists to protect vested interests which is coincidental to what is good for cricket in SA. All that said, the good crowd was hidden by the fact that the stadium now looks empty with 25,000 people in it.

  33. How good was the pitch Damien Hough was right Rulebook
    U were wrong

  34. great article Malcolm!
    I a, also “not a fan” of drop in wickets.
    The old days had each state having a differing wicket.
    You always knew the WACA was bouncing & cracks appear
    Sydney turned
    Adelaide, a road, but always got (gets) results
    Melbourne kept low, unpredictable at times.

    what a great test match it was. Superb declaration. dangling a carrot.
    dont bat on too far ahead, give the opposition a chance to go for the win, thus providing both teams that same “win” chance! superb!

    As for members tickets not being transferable, that is so 1800’s
    bums on seats, revenue. Get up with the times SACA.

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