Almanac Tributes: An interview with Jack Styring

A genuine legend of the Australian turf, the racing gods declared correct weight on the life of renowned racecaller Jack Styring with his passing on February 9th, at the grand age of 92.


Jack’s calling history dates to back to the late 1940s/early 50s and his last official call was at Yea in January 2011; that’s over sixty years in the business and along the way, he’s created some of race calling’s classic phrases like the field being “strung out like Monday’s washing”, a horse who “went quicker than last week’s pay”, “its mouth open like a mother cod calling for its young”, and the immortal “bearing his molars to the breeze”.


Recorded back in 2014, Jack graciously opened his home to John Harms to reflect on his time behind the microphone and the binoculars.


Vale Jack Styring.



More Jack Styring tributes: Almanac stalwart Peter Flynn recalls the day in 2011, when all roads led to Yea for the annual Yea Turf Club Cup meeting. It’s fair to say Jack was in fine form when calling the action in the feature event.


  1. Peter Flynn says


    Jack had Google Maps covered!

    Hilarious finish as well.

    Artfully done Muckers.

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