A team from Berrigan and surrounding areas

An attempt to pick a side of players from around the area, much of which is now in the Picola League. I have wanted a side of players drawn from Berrigan, Finley, Tocumwal, and Jerilderie, and i’ll add Barooga, but i’m a few players down. If you cross the Murray you can have players from Cobram like the Hocking brothers, and Jeff Cassidy, over at Strathmerton there was Frank Tuck, and Steven Reynoldson, and at Katamatite we had Darren Flanigan and Gary Cameron, but they’re all the wrong side of the river. OK, here we go.

B: J Hawkins, Finley/Geelong

HB: B Toohey, Barooga/Geelong/Sydney/Footscray , M Hawkins, Finley/Geelong , R Jeffrey, Jerilderie/Geelong/St.Kilda/Brisbane

C: M Jeffers, Tocumwal/Melbourne, A ‘Yabby’ Jeans, Tocumwal/St Kilda

HF: T Hargraves, Berrigan/Hawthorn/Geelong,                                                   P Doyle, Berrigan/Geelong

F: T Hawkins, Finley/Geelong, W ‘Billy’ Brownless, Jerilderie/Geelong, G Cameron, Finley/Geelong

FOLL: F Way Berrigan/South Melbourne, B Gleeson, Berrigan/St. Kilda, R Waddell, Jerilderie/Carlton/Geelong


As you can see there are quite a number of gaps in the team, and hopefully almanacers can assits in filling these. There’s players i have left out like Les Foote, the North Melbourne legend who went to Berrigan, but was not originally from the area. Let’s see how we go.




yle?k ii`x??r-color: initial; “> As you can see there are quite a number of gaps in the team, and hopefully almanacers can assits in filling these. There’s players i have left out like Les Foote, the North Melbourne legend who went to Berrigan, but was not originally from the area. Let’s see how we go.






  1. A player i left out was Mick Dowdle, who went to North Melbourne from Jerilderie. Did Peter Falconer, ex Geelong/Carlton rover also come from this area?

  2. Alovesupreme says

    Perhaps Ned Kelly would fit one of those vacant spots on the full-back line. He was reputed to be a pretty fierce defender in his day.

  3. Ned Kelly hey ??? Stay tuned, there is more on that theme forthcoming.

  4. Another player i forgot was Peter/Noel ‘Ocker’ Stephens who came down from Jerilderie to play for Geelong in the early 1970’s

  5. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket says

    Reckon if you added Deni to your catchment area you’d make up a good team.
    Simon O’Donnell, Leo Barry, Peter Rankin, Peter Baldwin, plus a few more?

    Leon Higgins went to the Swans from Toc.
    Also Chris O’Dwyer from Barooga. Huck Toohey’s cousin

    Last ran into Ocker (Peter Stephens) on the loans desk at the Westpac bank in Coffs Harbour a few years ago – he was a terrific ruckman for Coolamon when they won the RFL flag in the early 80s.
    Laconic man.

  6. Thanks for your feedback Sheikh. I have another few sides in the pipe line, as they say watch this space !

  7. Rocket Nguyen says

    Just reading the reports on The Allan Jeans funeral and realized that Timmy Powell ex Richmond was a Berrigan boy. Also played for NSW in State of Origin

    Ran into one of Berrigan’s finest last night in Saigon – the Great John Powell.

  8. Good point Rocket, how did i forget Tim Powell, ex Richmond and Carlton. Ir’s always the obvious ones you pass over. Thanks for the reminder. Pity none of the Honeychurches played AFL/VFL.

  9. And i noticed another error in my attempted side. The forward pocket from Finley who went to Geelong was Darren Jackson; Gary Cameron was from Katamatite, i think. Hmmm, i really need to redo this team, but firsr i need a full complement of players from the area.

  10. Mark Doyle says

    Glen, there are no errors in these exercises. They are very subjective and it is very difficult to have full knowledge. I have enjoyed the recognition of footy culture of places such as Albury, Wagga, Corowa and Berrigan. It has rekindled a lot of good memories.

    A couple of ideas for future teams:
    – A grade O & M players who did not play VFL/AFL – blokes such as Stan Sargeant, Sam Donovan, Brian Gilchrist, Neville Hogan and Robbie Walker; and

  11. stuart dalgliesh says

    Glen, you can add tim powell and darren jackson.But you forgot the best of the lot, and that is Shane Crawford, finley lad.Also a Berrigan lad by the name of Daryl Henderson, played for North Melbourne and the Swans in 1983/84/85 . He lived in Berrigan til his parents moved to Rutherglen when he was about 12 years old.

  12. G’day Stuart, check my posting of August 17, Berrigan Boys. This has the Crawfords; how i forgot them is beyond me, truly a senior moment. OK, re Darryl Henderson, i always considered him Corowa-Rutherglen. Thanks for you posting.


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