A series of rambles from Grand Final Week

Monday – The Brownlow

I used to love Brownlow night, but some of the magic has been lost of late. It seems less and less about footy. However, fellow ‘knacker Neil summed it up beautifully “Not a fan of the Brownlow but love the excuse for Monday night pots.”

I do like how everyday conversations on Monday revolve around who you think is going to win. “Cotchin is not well known enough yet, perhaps next year.” “Beams and Swan look too similar.” “Judd will poll.” “Not many Bombers will take votes from Watson.”

I don’t like the Rebecca Judd features in the best dressed competition. Perhaps it has something to do with the surname?

That segment featuring the Channel 7 Saturday night team has got me very worried that they will try to “innovate” something similar into the coverage on Saturday. For everyone’s sake, please no more Brian Taylor!

Fell asleep after two beers. Which pretty much sums up the night.


Starting to get a bit worried that my TV has switched to wide screen and I only have skinny screen. Won’t be able to see the game time, or any of the wider play. Which will be especially confusing if 7 persist with their bizarre camera angles.

My neighbour has a great TV and a new outdoor area to christen. Waiting to “bump” into him so I can score an invite.


The sun is out and it’s getting warmer. The Hawks will love these conditions.


A day at the Werribee Zoo in the heat. Disappointed with the lack of public displays of allegiance. A couple of Hawks jumpers, but that is all. Perhaps it is too hot?


Rain, hail, wind and very, very cold. The Hawks will love these conditions.

Start to think about Norm Smith calculations. O’Keefe will refuse to give up, could get one in a losing side. Jack will be in at the coalface and if the Swans are to win, he will need to get a lot of it. Mitchell will be well held, and may well sacrifice his own game to let others in. Burgoyne will fly under the radar and could feature. Sewell and Lewis will revel in the conditions. Kennedy is gun, but will have 3-4 players hanging off him at each contest. I am leaning towards Sewell in the wet.

First goal will either be Bruest for Hawthorn or Jack for Sydney. Or, I can see Hale floating forward into the space that is left when Franklin has three on him.

Have to battle with my six year-old daughter in the afternoon to switch off ABC4 to try and watch some of the GF replays. Manage to get some of the Hawks ‘08 win and enjoyed seeing Alice celebrating the Cats goals, as well as her arguments that the Cats could still hold on.

The Saints vs Pies draw still holds up as a cracker of a game. Still don’t know how the Pies came back. All the momentum was with the Saints. That is definitely the one that got away.

The Eagles vs Swans ’05 edition was hard to watch. Aside from being an Eagles supporter, I found the endless packs and mauls a little monotonous.  I wouldn’t have this one in my top 10. I seriously don’t remember Travis Gaspar and am pretty sure that Chad Fletcher played one of the worst games in history.


The TV situation has still not been resolved. Have resigned myself to the fact that I’ll be battling it at home in front of the 1995 Panasonic.

Will also be strange watching at home with the family and not surrounded by mates. Will miss the banter, but have found that I tend to follow the game more closely in this situation.

The beer of choice is James Boags Pure. The Hawks-Tasmanian link is a long bow to draw, but it has to better than any Sydney brew.

Still thinking Hawks, they have too many experienced players.

Finally, I don’t think I could ever see myself saying that Mitch Morton is a premiership player. So the Hawks are safe.

About Shane Kennedy

An Eagles supporter living near Geelong. Thankful the Cats have tasted recent success as it means supporters forget '92/'94. My footy intake is restricted to Channel 7 (with no wide screen) and ABC radio. I may not know the score, quarter or time remaining, but I know I hate Brian Taylor's commentary on Saturday nights.


  1. Stephinboots says

    Great story!
    Brownlow Night is still a biggie for us – comes from years of the Saints never making the finals – the chance to get together with the weekly crew after a footy-free month (well, it always FELT like a month).
    Hope you got a last-minute invite – something are best shared.

  2. Shane Kennedy says

    So, Mitch Morton is now a Premiership player. Well #$%* me!

    Aside from a cracking game, there is a positive to come out of this. Goodes and Malceski have saved me from the future torment of Leo Barry’s mark. Perhaps there last minute goals will now, at the very least, share some of the limelight. And, I can be saved screaming at the umpire that Sampi was being held.

  3. Nice predictions! Not far off spot on with much of them! Haha. Good stuff!

  4. Andrew Starkie says

    A mate of mine reckons RFC is now a draft camp for players who go on and win flags at other clubs.

    Rude, Funny but.

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    Agree about the Brownlow. Rebecca Judd looked ordinary.

  6. That used to be Geelong, Andrew. Mario Bortolotto, Robert Scott, Sean Denham, Greg Williams………………………………..

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