A report of Richmond Centrals v Fitzroy Under 10-3 in haiku

by Coach Yabby


a light breeze, sun is out
finn is a late withdrawal
dylan wins the toss

off to a strong start
the midfield machine on fire
intense contests all

leeroy takes chances
roman to ollie sneaks one
fist pump from his mum

I make some changes
we are still winning contests
and into the breeze

the captain attacks
the way all good captains do
jasper’s on the ball

leeroy soars; 8’s down
“looks good for us” says Roman
the bench is pumped up

last half, breeze is up
I see that yuri is puffed
gus is strong and fast

johnny’s hands are clean
he has reached the next level
paddy roves his own kick

marlo is possessed
henry is reading the play
frankie takes no crap

we all tackle hard
the crowd know our names “go theo”
seb and matt are fierce

meg, strong in the wall
our intensity lifts still
it is hard to score

some hits behind play
now the wheels might come right off
I ask for cool heads

richmond are not cool
the coach said ‘you hit ‘em hard’
I don’t like it much

the breeze is stiff now
we so want to win this one
we throw ourselves in

elias and karl
ollie trying their hearts out
just one more goal please

they get away quick
olive, joey desperate acts
Leila tackles tough

siren sounds too soon
you wouldn’t be dead for quids
we did not concede


Photos: Charlotte White’s full gallery HERE

Check out Karen Colyer’s photos HERE.


  1. Cat from the Country says

    Love it

  2. That’s exactly how I remember the game. The kids were terrific. Thanks Coach Yabby.

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