A real Ashes game

A real Ashes contest

The 28th annual Ashes cricket match between the towns of Aireys Inlet and Macedon will be played this coming Sunday, 19 February, at the Anglesea cricket ground.

The two towns, Aireys Inlet on Victoria’s west coast and Macedon just an hour north of Melbourne, were both ravaged by the Ash Wednesday bushfires of February 16 1983.

Twelve months later they played the first of their annual games, where they compete for an urn containing ashes from both towns.

The first game led to the formation of the Aireys Inlet Cricket Club, which has since merged with Lorne. (The club plays in the Colac & District Cricket Association and with two games to go is a chance to play in the finals.)

“The Ashes game is a tradition that needs to continue,” said Aireys Inlet’s Dave Truman, “even though the cricket club itself has struggled a little of late. It’s a good way for people of both towns to get together.

“Although the Ashes game is pretty low-key it’s important to keep it going. I hope it continues forever. I’m already looking forward to the 30th anniversary game in two years’ time.”

 This Sunday’s events will begin with a breakfast barbecue at the Aireys Inlet skate park from 8am, and then a 30 over a side game at Anglesea from 11.30am. The ground is on Ellimatta Road.

Background reading – A battle born of the ashes (The Age, 26 February 2005)



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