A Prescient Heading

I am currently doing some footy research and have just found an article headed “Tarrant Could Go To  Full Back” Above the main heading is a sort of subheading that reads Team Placing puzzles Magpies.

What is interesting about this article is that is not from the Herald Sun of 2006 as Colliingwood pondered what to do about Chris Tarrant’s loss of form. Nor was it from the West Australian of 2009 reporting the move that Chris Scott and Mark Harvey made that probably saved Taz’s career. It wasn’t even from The Age last summer explaining why Chris Tarrant was a welcome returnee for the Magpies.

It was from The Argus of September 10 1953 and it referred to Tom Tarrant, who played seven games for the Pies in 1953-4.  According to Argus Sports Editor Percy Taylor, “Tom Tarrant might be switched to the vital full-back post for Collingwood against Geelong on Saturday. Tarrant impressed in several games in defence in this his first season, because of his grit and determination. Collingwood supporters also believe he has the pace and height to match it with Geelong’s wily George Goninon. If Tarrant is included, Jack Finck, the usual full-back, could be sent out to centre half-back, with the duty of watching Geelong’s talented captain, Fred Flanagan. Collingwood selectors feel he could do that job well”

I don’t know whether it happened because Tom T doesn’t seem to have played enough games, but something went well as the Pies won the flag that year.  I wonder if there are also sixty year old headlines about Cloke, Shaw and Didak?



  1. Peter Flynn says

    It doesn’t appear that Tarrant was selected.

  2. Ian Syson says

    This from 132 years ago, moaning about sling and pushing in the back.

    The Railway team were, contrary to expectation, overmatched slightly, and the play was principally near their goal. Bennett had three tries, and was successful in his third essay, according to the goal umpire. For the Locomotives Fairbairn also tried twice for goal, but without success. Cundy also sent it with a fine kick through the posts, but below the bar, so it did not score. The new rules were not closely adhered to. Several free kicks were awarded, and others might have been given, as slinging and pushing were freely resorted to.

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