A place to leave your thoughts as the Adelaide Test comes to life and meanders along, just like that great river the Torrens



  1. Peter Schumacher says

    Just hope that Australia doesn’t get sent in and are 4 for 50 at lunch

  2. On the Today show this morning, Karl Stefanovic was waxing lyrical about the cricket, and clearly trying to impress everyone with his knowledge of the game.
    Get Karl into the commentary box, I say!

  3. At 10.30 last night outside Fellini’s (a pizza joint which has no capers), the wind was howling down O’Connell Street and it was 7 degrees. A little squally rain. Felt like O’Connell Street Dublin. Seven fat boys were sitting inside enjoying the fare and the pre-Test banter and memories of many years.

    The ground looks spectacular from the outside.

    I am anticipating a nervous Australian top order and a thirsty Adelaide crowd – although in the conditions they may sell a lot of hot Milo.

  4. Peter Flynn says

    Just had GRJ Matthews call me Sir as I give him directions to the Queen’s Head.

    Very polite and well-dressed Cat.

    Harmsy, where we stay (a secret location), there is an overwhelming stench of Brut 33 wafting along the corridors.


  5. And P. Flynn I am very impressed with the graffiti in my room. “Unlike Uni, you can’t repeat College.”

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Aint that the truth.

    About to head over.


  7. Peter Flynn says

    Hosing down at the minute.

    Will clear.

    Lennox Walker

  8. I can see that JTH set up this thread when in his cups, post launch.
    Great river is to Torrens as ‘great season’ is to Eagles.
    The Torrens ‘pond’ exists to make the Yarra look good.
    Tony Roberts will write a day’s play if he can access a keyboard. Have asked Raj Singh to help Flynny out with Day 5. His book piece is wonderful. Eagles V Crows in Round 15. I found little else to smile about apart from Litza’s intro; Harms season overview; Boyle’s profile; Starkie’s insanity etc etc etc.
    I plan to keep my copy in the man’s loo……in case we run out of paper.
    Regards from the banks of the genuinely mighty Swan estuary.
    Have a great day gents.

  9. Mickey Randall says

    Good luck to those in Adelaide. If you win the toss, kick to the Cathedral end. You might want to wear your Russell Ebert- 7 black duffel coat over the Bintang singlet too!

  10. Ben Footner says

    Rain delays a bit frustrating this morning. Just the odd shower, but enough to cause inconvenience. Hopefully it will clear.

  11. DBalassone says

    5 days of rain would be nice, going into the Perth test. Actually if the next 20 days of test cricket were washed out, we could regain the Ashes thanks to global warming.

  12. Ben Footner says

    The new Oval looks incredible on the TV.

  13. Ben Footner says

    Watto & Rogers gawn in successive overs! That makes things interesting….

  14. Peter Flynn says

    First session tomorrow is crucial.

    Old-Adelaide considerations would have England in front.

    New-Adelaide considerations say wait till both teams have had a hit.

    English complaints about the ball continue to frustrate.

    Cook is a shocking captain.

    Point and square leg are vital fielding positions on this pitch.


  15. Peter Flynn says


    Freezing today at the Test.

  16. Hoping to bunk off early from work tomorrow and get down there. Game is in the balance. Smith? Hmmmm.

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