A Not So Good Terrible Weekend

There are times when you wished you weren’t interested in footy, and last weekend was won of those.

You would reckon you could get a little joy when you follow the fortunes of half a dozen teams, but no, they all got done and done pretty badly.

The only game I went to was the VFL Coburg v Preston battle (sorry they now call it Northern Bullants and they play in a sort of Carlton jumper) at the Coburg Footy Ground. I went with three of the Carlton Four and it was a most uncomfortable experience!!!! They rabbited on and on about draft picks, who looked likely to get promotion etc, etc and all the while Coburg kept fluffing their chances of getting back into the game with poor handpassing and kicking.

The result was a bad loss to The Burgers and being ferried home with the Carlton Four in one of their cars. I should have gone home in the tram!!! (Only joking)

So what about the other games?  MHSOB managed to kick themselves out of a win in VAFA Div 2 despite having many more shots and losing by a bloody point

Fitzroy ventured down the rarefied seaside suburb of Brighton Beach and got absolutely thumped by over 12 goals. I’m glad I wasn’t there. Next week they play St Bernard’s at home. I sure hope the Roys put on a better display.

The Dons, after their great win against Collingwood last week, fronted Melbourne. I reckon they were a good show. I picked them, I made yet another mistake, the Demons beat them by 38 points, that’s over 6 goals, that’s not good. The Essendon 2’s also lost in the VFL, but at that stage I couldn’t be bothered to find out the final scores.

But all was not lost. On checking BBC Sport on Sunday night I found out the Barnsley drew with Sheffield Wednesday 1-1. (Sheffield Wednesday, what a great name but don’t say that in Barnsley pubs!!!!) Not a win I know, but an improvement on what I had been through. Barnsley with only two games to go will stay in the Championship in 2017/18, which is terrific for a struggling Yorkshire town.

Rod Oaten


  1. The story of sheffield Wednesday’s name is even better. They were the team of the butcher’s union, and Wednesday was their day off. And that’s why they play in value and white stripes, because of the butcher’s aprons. Wonder if that’s the same reason North Melbourne wear blue and white stripes, given their shinboning origins?

  2. Peter_B says

    Barnsley CC – Geoffrey Boycott and Dickie Bird. Any famous footballers from there?
    Sounds like you did it tough on the weekend Rod. I remember an Almanac commenter a few years back who started the weekend with $50 on “his team” and kept chasing his losses over the weekend. Felt like jumping by Sunday night. Fortunately you only lost a bit of heart – not your shirt. Keep smiling. Does Joe Daniher have a mentor like Rocca or Lockett to work on his kicking technique? Only thing that can stop him being a champ.

  3. Rod Oaten says

    Thanks Dave, Sheffield Wednesday sure has a great history. I must admit however I thought they were miners, but I have been wrong many times before. When I mentioned how I liked their name to a bunch of Barnsley mates in a pub one night many many years ago, I was told in a most forthright manner not to mention it again. They are the mortal enemy of The Tykes.

  4. Peter Fuller says

    My sympathy for your rotten weekend, they occasionally turn out that way.
    Life has been treating me benignly in recent times,with the exception of my football allegiances. Your reference to Barnsley reminds me that we will be competitors in the Championship (I still think of it as the 2nd Division) next season. Sunderland ended their longest run, ten years, in the top flight since they were first relegated in 1958. They have flirted with the drop every year, and most years it’s only been the last day of the season that has allowed their escape.
    I have boasted to other Almanackers of the recent season in which I accomplished a rare double with Carlton collecting another wooden spoon (that didn’t use to happen) and Newcastle Knights accomplishing the same feat in the NRL.
    I can’t summon the Barnsley player’s name, but Michael Parkinson, who is a native of the town (since removed by his celebrity income to the Thames Valley) referred to a fearsome defender for the Tykes, during his childhood. He said – doubtless with some recourse to literary licence – that mothers were in the habit of threatening their children with a thrashing from this worthy for various infractions like not eating their greens, being out of bed after curfew hour etc. .

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