A memory of Swansea Swans/Bulldogs – Gone, but not forgotten: Part 2 Photographs

There has a been a terrific response to Allan Barden’s recent story about the Swansea FC (Read it HERE) on the Footy Almanac site. As a follow up to the story, Allan has forwarded some photographs for publication. Sure to bring back many memories.












Swansea Schoolboys Team mid 1960s
Top row left: Peter (Flaps) Lewis (State Schoolboy Rep, North Hobart)
Middle Row: Allan Barden VC (left of Bill Colman, Coach), far right of middle row – Peter Hill and Brian Cotton (North Hobart Under 19s)Front Row: 2nd from right, Peter Dodge (North Hobart Under 19s)


North Hobart Under 19s early 1970s
2nd from right: Allan Barden VC Swansea;  4th from right: Fenton Jones (Percy’s brother); 6th from right: Peter (Flaps) Lewis Swansea;1st from left: Peter Hill Swansea; 3rd from left: Lee McConnon (Triabunna, North Hobart, Carlton, Fitzroy, Sunbury, Williamstown); 6th from left:  Peter Dodge Swansea


North Hobart Under 19s early 1970s
Back row:  2nd from left, Allan Barden Swansea;
Middle row:  5th from left, Fenton Jones (Percy’s brother);  Peter (Flaps) Lewis Swansea)
Coach:  Gary Brakey (North Hobart, TFL, Tasmania State Rep)


Here’s another photograph forwarded by Peter Clark.


“On a wing and a prayer”


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  1. Great pics.
    Was that common practice to line up for pics in that era?

  2. Allan Barden says

    I think one could say it was common practice. In my experience anyway and old photographs from my era and earlier will show it to be the case. Teams would run onto the field and before the start of play would be lined up with the captain and vice captain usually at the front (regardless of height) with the remainder sorted along the line by height i e. tallest to the shortest bringing up the rear.

  3. Kenneth Gregson says

    Allan’s photos bring back a lot of memories – from my grandfather, Laurie Gregson (Swansea 1920 team), my brother, named after his grandfather, sitting next to Allan (Swansea Schoolboys – 1960’s), to a dear friend, Bill Colman, with that HG and Roy “hit to the back of the head look”as coach of the aforesaid schoolboy team!

  4. Hello . . . . great photo’s and a great article by Allan . . . my wife and I have a house not far from the footy ground in Swansea, and before they folded at end last year, we were frequent attendees at game. Not sure whether Allan knew, but the “Weekly Times” newspaper published an article about the ground in 2018 . . . . here’s the reference:-
    I loved Allan’s reminiscences from his article . . . . sadly, it’s the same all over Australia with country footy staring down the barrel of a voracious wealth and player devouring behemoth called the AFL!!!
    Cheers and best regards to all. John Gault. (Maryborough, Victoria, and Swansea, Tasmania).

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