Boxing: A Man’s Limitations

A man’s limitations

Look, I’m sure Anthony Mundine is a good bloke who inspires many young Indigenous people, but fair dinkum…

Every man should know his limitations.

The boundaries of his abilities; when it’s time to shut up; put up; go home; when he’s punching above his weight or simply out of his league.

Every man should. Anthony ‘The Mouth/The Man’ Mundine definitely does not.

Mundine thinks he’s a spokesperson for Indigenous Australians; a Malcolm X of the 21st century. Or an eloquent pugilist like Ali. He proved spectacularly he possesses neither the intellect or wit for either role when he revised X’s ‘chickens coming home to roost’ line after 9/11. Since that infamous boxing boot in mouth incident, Mundine’s people have kept him muzzled, restricting his social commentary to Big Brother and Powder Finger film clips.

But they must have relaxed or taken their eye off the ball for a split second during this week’s presser to promote the upcoming fight with Daniel Geale. Long enough for Mundine to stupidly remark ‘I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out’. Andrew Bolt ended up in court for making similar remarks. Would you bother suing Mundine?

Geale kept his mouth shut but will undoubtedly respond strongly in the ring.

From what I know of him, and in truth I flick over whenever he appears on the TV (like when ACA starts), Mundine appears to get half way through what he hopes will be an earthmoving statement before realising he’s out of his depth and about to drown in trouble. You can almost hear his brain ticking over: oops. By then it’s too late to chuck it in reverse. His dad must quietly shake his head sometimes.

After being knocked out in Germany early in his career, Tony has kept his son close to home, dining out on inferior or spent sluggers – remember that horrible night against Lester? This has kept Mundine’s career chugging along, although things nearly went off the rails when he was beaten up by a reality TV show contestant.

Mundine has again forgotten his limitations, convincing himself he’s in the same league as Geale. The Mouth narrowly defeated Geale three years ago when the latter was still raw, however, having recently unified the WBA Super and IBF Middleweight titles, the ‘Real Deal’ is now a far better fighter. When the two meet again in January, he should prove once and for all Mundine deals in illusion. And hopefully shut him up for good.

Now, I wonder if Vanessa O’Hanlon got my message.


  1. Mundine and Alan Jones fight from the same corner.

  2. Andrew Starkie says

    he’s no einstein, Phantom

  3. Peter Schumacher says

    More boxing bullshit I reckon. I guess that these verbal sparring matches are part of the sport but they sure don’t do anything for me.

  4. Geale didn’t say anything because he will belt 27 different types of tish out of Mundine in the ring. And good on him.

  5. Andrew Starkie says

    dips, i really admire those who keep their mouths shut and let their actions do the talking. Classy. He’s fighting Mundine as a ‘favour’, because Mundine gave him a shot in ’09. Any chance of geale taking it too easily is gone now. he has all the motivation needed to train the house down and he will smash him. hopefully. Actually, who was it who refused to call Ali by his Islamic name? Ali beat 12 shades out of him and repeatedly asked him ‘what’s my name?’ while doing so. geale v mundine has a bit of that about it.

  6. For all Mundine’s faults, and good ness know ‘s there’s quite a few, he’s been a fantasic promoter for Australian boxing over the last decade. Like him or not he’ s fought in a range of locations across the country, and he’s managed to get boxing back into the media gaze. True he’s never going to be the fighter his dad was, but if you spend your carer on local soil fighting journey men , that’s not a suprise. Senior fought legends of the ring, in a variety of locations. Benny Briscoe, Emille Griffiths, and Carlos Monzon, are but some of the opponents he slugged it out with. Tony senior retains the pardoxical record of the most knockouts, and most times knocked out, by an Australian boxer. Also, he never lost to another Australian. I look forwrad to the Geale V Mundine bout. May the bext man win.


  7. The issue has opened up a bit over here in Van Diemans Land. One spokesperson for one of the communities, Michael Mansell of Colonel Gadaffi is a good bloke because he flew me to Lybia for a chat fame about 30 years ago, initially rebuked Mundine but a couple of days later turned 180 degrees and landed a couple of blows on the chin of a few old political foes by agreeing with him.

    The matter will be resolved next year over the period of about 10 three minute rounds.

  8. Leave the pre-fight banter to the experts, I reckon. Like Ali and Gunston here:

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