A look at what’s in The Footy Almanac 2013




The Footy Almanac 2013 is out now. Order your copy here.

The Melbourne Launch is this Thursday, Nov 28, at the All Nations Hotel in Richmond. 6pm with speeches from 6.30. Adam Zwar doing the honours. And kick on.

It was an intriguing year with many chances, and lots to write about.

Match reports have been penned all over the world, as well as some very locally. Terrifically diverse. Full of love, despair, hope, superstition, observation, beer-drinking, friends-meeting, train-travelling, footy and everything else about human tragedy and triumph.

We love Kate Birrell’s portrait of Luke Hodge which has given us a bright, lively cover and fits in with the tradition of Almanac covers beautifully. The original art work is for sale. Make a bid.


The Grand Final reports are classics:

Sean Gorman on travelling from Perth with his son.

Rick Kane with some Hawthorn-love.

Mickey Randall with a beauty from Singapore about that gourmet Australian fare: chook. (And on the fraternal nature of the Granf Final)

John Harms on the temptation to watch The Ten Commandments instead of the Grand Final.

Jo Toscano with the all-round Hawthorn experience.


The Forewords always generate a lot of interest and comment and we have another fine collection:

Craig ‘Litza’ Little – using his very popular genre, the essay entirely made up of questions, the title of which is Has anyone heard from Stephen Dank? [Classic Litza]

David Hobson, tenor and Demon-survivor, casts his operatic eye over the drama of being a Melbourne supporter in 2013.

Barb Smith on what Collingwood can do to you and your car.

Tim Boyle with the traditional essay on the cover subject – Luke Hodge with whom Tim played some of his junior footy.

The Season Review: John Harms on The Right Dream and The Wrong Dream.


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