A long, long time ago, I can still remember when the boys went to see the great South Australian rivals

You gotta love that song – American Pie by Don Maclean….Nostalgia  

Yesterday were drove to Alberton Oval (not in  an old Chevy) with Steve S and our old Magpie buddy Mick T. 

On the way down we talked of the old days and the clashes between Port and Norwood.  We talked of the healthy respect each of the clubs had for each other and some of the real memorable contests over a long period of time.  it was great stuff. 

We also discussed how this could possibly be the last time that these two great rivals meet as the entities that we have known them as for over 100 years.  

What could the repercussions be if the Power and the Crows field reserve teams in the comp next year ?  Will we  see the demise of the Magpies and possibly another SANFL side (Sturt ?/ West ??)  Will it ever be the same ?  

I honestly think that it is inevitable. More so it is like that champ 3 year old – “Its A Dundeel”.  The SANFL and AFL would have sorted something out already.  I just hope that there is not too much collateral damage along the way.  

Anyway…..   We parked at Alf’s place right next to the new Power complex.  Walked over all the pavers with the names of the Power founding members on them ….more nostalgia, this time new age.  We went into the club, Mick took us upstairs, it was quite defining – I hadn’t been up there for years. Nothing has changed much, just I thought it was a lot bigger in that top room.  Gee I remember some of the shows the Under 18s had there in the old days Alex. The new kid on the block (Keith Thomas) was there in his black and white tie.  Must admit he looks the part , quite dapper actually.  Had a word to him in passing, ” a bit each way for him today”…he smiled.  Good man  he will get the job done, his form guide reads ok  

The game was a ripper.  I love the close, hard crashing-in-at-all-cost encounters.  Steve you don’t, give me these types of matches and you can’t ever complain – the results will balance out over time between these two teams as history  has shown us.   Norwood on top early, Port fighting back and a them with seconds to go…..Stifffffeeeeeeey. What a finish. Bassett angry with his midfielders which had only 3 in the centre square for the last bounce which gave Port an easy clearance and goal.  He will sort that out during the week no doubt.  

Back into the bar, Mick shouts beers as he is in the “Port heaven”. A slim Greg Phillips placing our bets… he is more pumped right now than his girl Erin meeting President  Obama.  Alfie shouts another …we going over to Melb this year he asks ?  the place was rocking!  Football was the winner.  I just wished  the “malcolms” making the decisions about 2014 and beyond were here today to see all this…Otherwise as Don Mclean said this could have been “the day the music died”.   A Norwood guy blames Crows coach Sanderson for his team losing …”Why can’t Stiffy get in the side when they keep on getting hammered ?  Thanks Mick , Alf, Steve….thanks Port / Norwood for the memories.        

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