A-League: In Rado we trust!

Ange Postecoglou’s return to Brisbane was always going to be an interesting one. Considering his new side’s week 1 performance, no one expected him to be given such a stern reminder of what he left behind, and the job he has ahead of him. Brisbane Roar looked every bit the back to back Grand Final winners they are. Better than last season? Its early but they’re worth a bet. Victory’s heaviest defeat was a sweet opener for Brisbane 17,000+ home crowd.

Five goals, not including the two disallowed. Brisbane could have had more too.

After the stramash during the week, “In Rado We Trust” was sported on a number of home made t-shirts. When questioned on the radio, big Theo suggested it was just some of the players showing their support for the manager. Not an exercise in feather ruffling – though it managed plenty of that. Rado is well liked among the players, Ange was too. But he left. And whatever the reason – frequent appearances on the ABC’s Offsiders or Fox Sports might be a clue – it would’ve been a difficult one. He served the club well, built a squad of players and moved on. He should get some thanks for that, but I still laughed when I saw the banner that upset security. The Brisbane fans did not prepare a friendly welcome. The image of Ange’s head was unfurled, and I thought maybe they aren’t so unfriendly after all, until I read the words…”Without us, you’re nothing”.

He might be feeling like that now.

Something else…I watched Flores for 10 minutes before watching Broich for 10. I just focused on those two players for twenty minutes like one of those player cams. Broich was active, spritely and always looking for the pass, trying to support his team mates. He looked the entire value of his marquee wages. Flores looks great too. Vision, touch and beautiful passing ability. The difference, and it may just have been the two goals between the teams at the time, he looked like he’d given up. No chasing back, constantly bitchin at the refereee and linesman for the slightest offence, he looked miserable. Ange has work on his hands there.

With their top man acting like a 13 year old who’s mum revoked permission for the One Direction concert, Victory were always going to struggle. Had Brisbane been in the same position, I can’t see them rolling over so easy.

Mitch Taylor won man of the match, but 4 or 5 Roar players could have had it. No Victory player. A telling difference.

In other moments, there was a smoke flare, opened in the den and pumped onto the pitch, and a lunatic from the stands sprinting across he crowd. Security, clearly not the sharpest, caused more trouble than was necessary, or worth, when they tried to pull a banner from the fans. Five goals without reply and enough entertainment in between, Hyundai A-league has returned to Brisbane, I almost forgot how good it could be!

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