A Father’s Day suggestion- “An Artifact of of Interest: A murder mystery ” by Steve Rogers

One of our Almanackers, Steve Rogers, better known as The Rhymer, has a novel out and available in  paperback and Kindle versions from amazon.com.aubookdepository.com, or from the publishers in the U.K. – austinmacauley.com
For more information visit his agent at newauthorscollective.com
Here is a review of Steve’s book by The Prof.
5.0 out of 5 stars
An Australian murder mystery with a perfect sense of place.
9 August 2017 – Published on Amazon.com
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Western Australian author Steve Rogers’ novel An Artifact* of Interest is so filmic in character that you’ll excuse me for referencing some Australian movies in this review.
It’s a murder mystery set in the Kimberleys with the little-known Bradshaw cave paintings at the heart of the plot – but no spoilers here.
As a thoroughly urban Australian who rarely ventures fifty clicks from the coast, I relish the novels and films that transport me to the bush: The terrifying petty brutality of Ted Kotcheff’s film Wake in Fright; Ellen Roxburgh’s ordeal in Patrick White’s novel A Fringe of Leaves; the mystical film version of Picnic at Hanging Rock.
Rogers novel is another retelling of the bush: A young city man on a rural adventure; a mysterious death; an anthropological mystery; an unlikely romance. It’s the style that conveys the mood, with Rogers employing present tense and a relaxed regard for point of view, which results in a feel of spontaneity and authenticity of place. Short chapters, suggestions rather than conclusions – these yield a laconic and fluent narrative that leads us through the plot rather than shoving and dragging us. You can almost spot the dissolve between chapters.
I also loved the imagery of the bush, and my mind kept returning to Margaret Preston’s painting of Western Australian gum blossoms.


I loved this book: An Australian murder mystery with a perfect sense of place.


*Yes, it’s spelt with i for a good reason: Check out the definitions of artefact and artifact.


  1. Superb read – Willian Lester

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