A day at Woodfull-Miller

The Dons are having a week off, so what better to do than go to one of the prettiest grounds in Melbourne, the home of MHSOB.   High on Forest Hill stands the imposing castle like building of the school overlooking the football oval, The football ground  is called the Woodfull-Miller Oval, named after two exceptional gifted sportsman who played here many years ago. There is a memorial to these two old boys of the school between the school and the oval. Another statue quite close by celebrates the achievements of another football great, Neil Roberts also overlooking the ground.

A couple of weeks ago I came to have a quick look at the Old Boys when they played Old Carey. Playing in the forward line on this day was Rupert Betheras. He had brought down with him three indigenous mates  from central Australia. Just before half time one of these chaps showed a flash of brilliance, goaling from an impossible angle on the forward line as he ran away from the goals. On this day Uni Blacks proved too strong.  I was interested to see Rupert and his mates again, but alas Rupert has gone overseas for a short time and his mates have gone home to a warmer clime. The word is Rupert and one of his mates will return in a few weeks to help MHSOB win a game or two before the season is out. Things are a bit desperate the Old Boys have only won one game and are facing relegation to Premier C next season.

I gave Melbourne High a chance against Uni Blacks, last week against Oakleigh they only lost by 7 points who are higher on the ladder than the Blacks. And so it turned out for a while anyway, not a lot in it at quarter time and early in the second term the Old Boys hit the front. But then it rained goals, Black goals, and at half time they were well in front. The coach of Melbourne High gave the team a decent sort of a serve during the half time break but all in vain, the Blacks continued on and won easily.

One of the high lights of the game was the mud pot in the centre of the ground. How great it is to see players covered in mud, well it is for us dry spectators anyway. A couple of the players on both sides were covered in mud and it would have been a bit difficult to work out who they were playing for, luckily the Blacks wore white,( well they were when they started) shorts, so that probably helped in the packs.  I would hate to have to wash the jumpers, shorts and socks after the game.

I love to watch the devoted army of supporters for both teams all doing their various jobs for the love of the club.  Truly grass roots footy at its best .  When you think of all the games that are going on in this state. and in other states over Australia, no matter what the code or competition is, the  volunteers  needed to run all these clubs must run into the tens of thousands. Long may this great sporting tradition continue.


  1. Tiger Tom says

    A bit of confusion here about the spelling of Miller as per the title or is it Millar as per the text???

    If the oval is named after Keith Miller – the MHS Old Boy, Test cricketer, St Kilda footballer and war fighter pilot then it should be Miller – one of Australia’s true boys own heroes.

  2. You would think I could spell Keith Millers name correctly. A thousand apologies to all concerned. Rod

  3. John Butler says

    Apologies Rod

    I missed it as well.

    Leave it or change it? (and render the comments baffling) :)

  4. Rocket Rod Gillett says

    Great see Nuggett front-and-centre again.

    I had a bit to do with him when he was the Chief Commissioner of the AFL in NSW. He used to ask me to chair the meetings while he had a scotch and soda and read the form guide…

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