Almanac Funny Teams: A colourful team

In my many years of watching footy I’ve seen a few colourful characters. I thought I’d put together team of the best i’ve seen.


B:          B Brown, Fitzroy.                N Brown, Collingwood/St Kilda.            M Brown, West Coast.


H/B:       R Greene, St. Kilda/Hawthorn.        M White, West Coast/Geelong.               R Blew, Essendon.


C:                W Blackwell, Carlton.               J Greening, Collingwood.                      G Brown, Collingwood


H/F:                M Brown, Richmond.               J Brown, Brisbane.                                B Green, Melbourne.


F:                          N Brown, Fitzroy.                                   W Brownless, Geelong.                W Brown, Richmond.


Followers: M Green, Richmond.                      S Black, Brisbane.                         N Brown, Bulldogs/Richmond.


Interchange:        J White, Melbourne/Fremantle.        H Black, St Kilda/Fremantle.       M Browne, Geelong.         P Brown, Geelong


Emergencies: M Greenslade, Richmond.          A Black, North Melbourne/Geelong.          J Green, Brisbane/Essendon.


I did use a bit of literary licence including Russell Blew. Though I was born during his career, I was still in nappies during that period.


Who would fellow Almanackers choose to coach these colourful chaps?






  1. Coach of the Coloured Team :
    Alan “Blue” Jeans
    Bluey Hampshire
    Mal Brown

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says:

    Good to see someone working a bit Blew, Glen

    Tom Alvin Purple
    Mauve Keane
    Dillon Viojo-Rainbow
    Peter Pantone

  3. Carole Fabian says:

    Matthew Scarlett
    Tyson Goldsack

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says:

    Nice one Glen ! Colours of autumn coming out as another season begins. Lots of Browns giving the team an earthy hue.

    Darryl White
    Bob Rose
    Robbie Gray

  5. Mark Duffett says:

    Just about enough for a seconds team if nicknames are eligible. Buff Tyrrell

  6. There was a VFL umpire called Don Blew. He sued Norm Smith for defamation for calling him a cheat on radio in 1965.
    Ian “Bluey” Shelton won 2 flags at Essendon (62 & 65). Ian “Bluey” Hampshire Geelong and Footscray). Robbie and Sam Gray (Port). Brady Grey (Fremantle). Dillon Rainbow (Carlton). Toby Pink (Sydney). Luke Lavender (Essendon).

  7. How could i forget the Scarlett father and son combination?


  8. Citrus Bob says:

    A bit late but Brian Gray (Collingwood) on the wing for anyone and Lindsay White (Geelong) as the full forward. Greg Brown (Essendon) for a tough man on the back line.
    Sorry Glen to many modern day players who could not hold a candle to some of the blokes I have mentioned. I do hope that is Mal Brown (Richmond) you have mentioned. The most over rated player ever to play in the AFL/VFL. He would be better off in a stable where he might get a kick but not on a football ground.

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