Lou on swing bowling


We could swing it in our day. Didn’t need the Healys of the world to talk us up.  I remember when we moved up to Brisbane to live for a while. We would take on those Lebanese fruiterers, the Georges. (Simon can swing a golf club these days) Cricket was big in Brisbane then too. Queensland had a bloke in Ross Duncan who could make the ball talk. Inswing, outswing, leg cutter and off cutter, he had them all and a great skidding bouncer too. He would make these modern batsmen with the great gaps between bat and pad and no footwork look sick as he accurately threaded the ball through their non-existent defence. He had such great control he would be able to play any form of the modern game and be a winner.

They say that this reverse swing, whatever it is, is a modern invention. I say you either swing the ball or you don’t swing the ball. Where does the reverse come in? Well Ross Duncan was still moving the ball after 60 8-ball overs as they were in those days. Is that reverse? Was he the first?

Mind you the modern term swing means it curves from the hand because you can’t bowl real swing with a front on action. In those days real swing happened in the 10 feet just before it got to an already committed batsman. That’s why they were masters of tight defence. Bat, front pad and head all in line with no gaps.

[Has Boof Lehmann been reading? Look what he has had to say about missing straight ones! http://www.espncricinfo.com/pakistan-v-australia-2014/content/story/793125.html?CMP=NLC-DLY ]


  1. Jim Johnson says

    I”ll put my “2 bob” on the team that wins the toss.

  2. Goodness me, Ross Duncan, a blast from the past. Played one test v England @ the G in 1970-71, then i think he finished his shield career playing for the Vics.


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