50th Anniversary Reunion of 65/66 District Cricket Final

Essendon Batting Scorecard

Essendon Batting Scorecard


Northcote Batting Scorecard

Northcote Batting Scorecard

A fabulous re-union event is coming up on Saturday 27th February to mark the 50th anniversary of the most famous 1965/66 Melbourne District final.

Here are the score sheets from that remarkable final where (the Phantom), Bill Lawry scored a memorable 282 not out to win!

Contact [email protected] for details.


Read Mic Rees’ article on the game, first published here in 2011.

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Keiran is a lifelong Swans supporter, despite a brief dalliance with the Cats and Tigers in primary school years. Family connections to Port Melbourne and South Melbourne demanded loyalty to the Swans. The long wait for success was worth it.


  1. The reunion dinner is on tonight.
    Regrettably we lost a few comments that were posted here, following some recent internet drama.

    Good news is that the scoresheets are back.
    Have an excellent night, NCC.

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