4th Test blog: ‘Nackers to call the tune

This is the place to have your say about the goings on in Adelaide.

Australia are batting first and look to be on song.

And speaking of songs, I have a theory that when when Freddie Mercury wrote “I Want to Break Free” that his original version was a song about taking a hat trick and was titled, “I Want to Take Three”.

Other cricket songs that spring to my mind:

Coward of the County Cricket Championship

Safraz Pour Moi

(Brad Haddin’s) Glove Will Tear Us Apart


Let’s hear some of yours.

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. Cowan of the County #CricketSongs

  2. Now Gigs:

    Ishant Sharma’s go’in to get ya…hit ya right on the face.

  3. My Wicket is Broken – Natasha Marsh

  4. “I ain’t a Marshing anymore.” – based on a 60s anti-War song by Phil Ochs.

    The Lyon Sweeps tonight.

  5. Ricky Don’t Lose That Number (Punters average)

  6. It’s a long way to the top if your pacemen can’t bowl.

  7. Leo Sayer’s “I Love You More Than I Can Sehwag”.

  8. Ashes to ashes,
    fun to funky,
    I can’t wait,
    I’m a cricket junkie

  9. Zaheer Khan’t Stop the Music

  10. Hangin’ on the Vodafone

  11. ‘Slipp’n Away From Me – ‘Marsh’ Merrett

  12. Andrew Fithall says

    Pitches of Lillee

  13. Dave Nadel says

    If there was a prize Andrew, that would win it.

    Speaking of Who songs, it strikes me that “Substitute”would be relevant to several players in both sides without altering the title.

  14. Ok AF, you started it with that kinky stuff.

    Dedicated Follower Of Smash’n (Dave Warner)


    Sunny Afternoon

  15. Fights on the Hill – Slim Dusty

  16. Ponting on 50. At Cape Patterson, Rick Kane is just breaking into song:

    Oh Ricky you’re so fine
    You’re so fine
    You’re so fine
    Hey Ricky!

  17. Zaheer You Knocking (Dave Edmunds)

  18. Roll’n Over – Small Faces (Pakistan 2009 /10

  19. Crying Ian Chappell

  20. Show me the way to go home (sadly for India)

  21. Mick Jeffrey says

    Unfortunately, we can rehash Six and Out’s Can’t Bowl Can’t Throw to some of the Indian bowlers and fielders…….

    Anyway, here’s a reworking of Eminem’s song “Cleanin out my Closet”

    Have you ever been hated or ostracised against
    He has, his spot’s been protested and demonstrated against
    See the signs for you last demise, not too much more time
    Sick of the press and fans want to see your behind
    All the commotion and emotion from around the grounds
    Don’t listen to the old journos blowing em off and keep going
    Keep taking nothing for granted give em hell as I keep battin
    Pounding the drive in morning and the late cut in the evening
    Leave ’em with a taste as sour as vinegar in their mouth
    See they’ll unsettle me, but they’ll never figure you out
    Look at the score, I bet they’re probably sick of me now
    Ain’t you Conn-Man I’m a make you look so ridiculous now

    We’re sorry Punter
    We Never meant to doubt you
    We never went to pension you off
    But today, you went and made A HUNDRED (Look at him now)
    I said We’re sorry Punter
    We Never meant to doubt you
    We never went to pension you off
    But today, you went and made A HUNDRED

    I could go on with more…..

  22. Do wa Dhoni Dhoni dumb Dhoni do

  23. Star (Off Goats Head Soup)- Rolling Stones

  24. As this is a Family website I will not put improvising lyrics to the Star song but any of the young wannabes who think all us fossils are prudy and uncool could Google it and have a listen. It rocks (and shocks)

  25. Peter Baulderstone says

    A couple of real world contributions.
    Roy Harper’s 1977 album “When An Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease”
    And there was cricket’s only concept album by the Duckworth Lewis Method released in 2009. It got genuinely good reviews and reached #40 on the UK charts.
    1 The Coin Toss
    2 The Age of Revolution
    3 Gentlemen and Players
    4 The Sweet Spot
    5 Jiggery Pokery
    6 Mason on the Boundary
    7 Rain Stops Play
    8 Meeting Mr. Miandad
    9 The Nightwatchman
    10 Flatten the Hay
    11 Test Match Special
    12 The End of the Over

  26. Stop Drag’n My Bouncer Around – Fleetwood Mac

  27. Phantom, I Googled the lyrics to Star Star… I’m just going to go and wash my eyes out now. Oh…my…goodness. Curiosity may not have killed the Kat this time, but she’s certainly taken a hit. ;)

  28. Kat’s comment has given another Cricket Song: Little River Band’s Curiosity Killed the Katich.

  29. you old geezers should get out of the 60’s and into the 80’s!

    Sharma Chameleon
    Ishant Stand the Pain
    Blame it on the Googly

  30. For India
    – Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen
    -Wishin’ and hopin’

  31. Mick Jeffrey says

    In the wake of Monty Panesar’s recall to the England side for their 2nd test against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi, I hearby declare that Toni Basil’s pukefest song Mickey will now be known as Monty!

    “Oh Monty You’re so fine
    You’re so fine you blow my mind
    Hey Monty, Hey Monty”

    Or maybe India got too much stagefright when they realised this song……

    “I saw you on the telly back in 92
    The TV replay made run outs look kinda new
    It was a good change, it seemed like it was cool
    OH OH

    You took the credit for the booming T20
    The IPL spawned offspring ‘cross all overseas
    But there one made India rather displeased
    OH OH
    Rahul and Sachin
    OH OH
    They never cashed in

    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    3rd umpire just broke their hearts

    And so we meet you at the Adelaide Oval
    3-0 down and lost the trophy long ago
    And you never wanted it to be part of the show
    OH OH
    MS and VVS
    OH OH
    Think they both need a rest

    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    In your head and on the park,
    there’s no bad light it’s not too dark

    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    DRS Killed the Indian Star
    In your head and on the park,
    there’s no bad light it’s not too dark
    3rd umpire just broke their heart
    Blame it all Viru Sehwaaaaggg”

  32. Love it Mick!

  33. How long has this been going on? (Tendulkar)

  34. Barny/Josh's dad says

    Blinded by the lack of light by Manfred Mann

  35. Mick Jeffrey says

    After today, think this one is going to be very apt….

    “Shaun Marsh There’s no need to make runs
    I said Shaun Marsh Get yourself off this ground
    I said Shaun Marsh Haul your gear out of town
    There’s no need to keep the fans unhappy

    Shaun Marsh, There’s a place you can go
    I said Shaun Marsh, when you’re short on some runs
    You can stay there, and I’m sure you will find
    The fans here will have a good time

    You’re gonna stay at the W.A.C.A.
    You’re gonna stay at the W.A.C.A.
    They have everything, for hacks like you to enjoy
    you can play like a Warrior
    You’re gonna stay at the W.A.C.A.
    You’re gonna stay at the W.A.C.A.
    No more getting clean bowled, or trapped in front the poles
    Or sing like Normie Rowe’s ad for Coles

    Shaun Marsh, are you listening to me
    I said Shaun Marsh Who d’ya think you would be
    I said Shaun Marsh, son we all have big dreams
    But they are all over today
    Shaun Marsh, they’re sick of carrying yourself
    I said Shaun Marsh, put your pride on the shelf
    And return there, to the W.A.C.A
    And I’m sure they’ll play there today


    Shaun Marsh, your old man was in your boots
    I said Shaun Marsh, out the side on the loose
    No one cares if, you bat 3 for WA
    Heck the Scorchers will take you Saturday Night
    Maybe, then will you play alright
    And say Shaun Marsh, come on back to the crease
    At your home ground, the W.A.C.A
    So one day perhaps you can just play

    CHORUS To fade out.”

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