A new sporting horizon

Headlines in The Age: “Essendon players could face up to two years ban”;  ” Essendon may have trouble fielding a team for the 2013 season”.

Gees, I almost chocked on my porridge, but no, as a fifth generation aged Dons tragic with about 30  games of forgettable country footy behind me, I reckon a new sporting horizon may have opened up for me.

So I might drop the Essendon Football Club a sporting CV offering my skills for the upcoming season.



  1. Colin Ritchie says

    Might join you! A nippy little rover come forward pocket with a liking for goals I think I could slot in quite well!!!!! Then again, at 62 maybe not!

  2. Colin, Don’t let age deter you I’m in my early 70’s , drug free, got red and black blood flowing and raring to go.

  3. Colin Ritchie says

    Good on you Rod. Let’s hope our mighty Bombers come out of this with flying colours.

  4. You disillusioned old codgers should forget about footy.
    You could always enter the Tour de France.

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