Sanderson cries carpe diem

 By Julian Morison

I got to cats v crows last Saturday and was asked today (UNE footy tipping site) was I in ceteris paribus mindset at the game to which I replied: I certainly was. Because that fine equum, Black Caviar, was galloping nearby we had to arrive in the ante meridiem, for the early start. Teddy was going on ad nauseam about Dangerfield this and Kurt Tippet that. The cats’ early modus operandi made me think they’d sent over the demons in the wrong colours – the alias from hell! Next thing, the brute Taylor Walker knocked poor Harry Taylor non-compos mentis into anno domini 2013.  If Scarlo was playing there would’ve been a bit of quid quo pro but instead Cam Guthrie was in the back pocket coughing up goals pro bono! The crows were kicking them ad infinitum and by circa half time I was looking for an alibi to scarper. With my cats buddies in the box we held a referendum but decided to stay only to witness the same ad hoc approach, giving away gratis kicks, et cetera until well into the post meridiem. In the chariot on the way home, after hand wringing and post mortem, I wrote a memorandum to self – even if the beer’s cold, the pies hot and the price free, caveat emptor!


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    Very amusing. One correction. The nominative declension for female horse is equa. Equum is the accusative for a male horse.

    Mind you, I going back on knowledge gained nearly forty years ago and could well be wrong. Not for the first time.

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