The View from Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher

The worst thing about being a footy tragic is not being a footy tragic.

Thus it was, is now, and ever shall be that I missed the radio cast, telecast and what ever cast might have been available of the Brisbane demolition of Melbourne. Can’t say that I was too impressed by the general take on the game that Melbourne were hopeless with the fact that the Lions played OK scarcely gaining a mention in most analyses that I heard or saw. I was very happy myself ,as the last time I saw Brissie play against Melbourne was three seasons ago I think, when they had won the first four games of the season and I had had high hopes of a renaissance. That day the dream became a nightmare as the Demons trounced them. And they, and this applies to both teams have done stuff all since, sorry I meant to say that they have been singularly unsuccessful in their endeavours. Tom Rockcliff played well as I understand it.

What a great round this was though. I did see the last bit of the Carlton Richmond game, the Blues looked pretty good. Unfortunately I missed the Yarran goal live as it happened but what fantastic skills that player has. As is the case for all first rounds it is way too early to write off the losers.

Enjoyed Hawthorn walloping Collingwood, did my soul good. I think that Collingwood will not succeed until they play some one else at full forward. Cloke is a great mark and can kick the ball prodigious distances but unless he gains the relevant skills to be able to kick straight he will be an albatross around the Magpies’  neck. That image  conjures up explains the dilemma that they are in.Essendon were lucky to win against North Melbourne in the sense that Hamish should have kicked that goal after the siren. I reckon that elite players should be able to kick these goals. After all as I have stated previously players designated to convert tries in the NRL usually do so. Anyway the Bombers are still losers, being the first team to have a round one win and still be out of the eight.

So happy to see Freo get up, fantastic start to the season beating Geelong.

This gets me to the next point. There has been much sanctimonious comment about Scarlett decking Ballantyne. If the latter player keeps relying on verbiage instead of skill to play the game he deserves to be decked on occasion.

Adelaide are still looking good but I wait with baited breath for them to face a decent opponent in this season proper but it would be unfair to rain on their parade right now they having won six straight this year.

The Powerless have started well, in fact it was great to see some of the well fancied teams put down a peg. I defy any one to have selected all nine winners this round. It’s awful losing of course particularly by such a small amount but St Kilda were OK.

West Coast is a side to watch this year, not so sure about Western Bulldogs.

My high point for the week was the Yarran Goal. My low points was missing most of the action for all games.


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  1. Yarran’s goal was also Gieschen’s high point, thanks to the brilliant boundary umpiring.

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