Geelong Cup Almanacker Selections


The titular heads of tipsterdom are back to solve the Geelong Cup (Gup according to some) equation.


Good punting.


Smokie’s Smokies


1. Dunaden

2. Bauer

3. Perfect Pecs


Smokie says the French stayer (Dunaden) has some decent form behind it. He highly rates Luca Cumani as a trainer, but probably not quite as highly as he rates his daughter. Perfect Pecs is a real roughie, but showing excellent form in lower class races. 


MOC’s Morals


1. Spechenka

2. Tanby

3. I’m Jake

MOC says this Queenslander loves the trip, will enjoy the firm conditions and should be peaking for this at juicy odds.


Down’s Definites



2. Bauer

3. Red Eye Special.

Down says the Caulfield Cup was not the Melbourne Cup formguide it usually is. Nor will this be.


Flynn’s Fancies


1. Dunaden

2. Tanby

3. Bauer


Flynn says imported gallopers have a good record in this time-honoured event. The Cumani Yard must always be respected.


Downer’s Declarations


1. Dunaden

2. Bauer

3. I’m Jake


Downer says the French horse Dunaden is the class runner in a stock-standard Cup field, having given weight to and beating Americain earlier in the year, and boasts form around other international Melbourne Cup fancies.


Harms’s Hopes

1.       Red Eye Special (because we are putting the Almanac together in the middle of the night)

2.       Bauer (because I was stupid enough not ot take the tip from the owner with whom I was sitting for lunch the day it won the Geelong Cup)

3.       Hume (because it is owned by my neighbour over the back who is also the mechanic of the TGV – Team Geelong Vehicle. His wife put an invoice for its last service in the letterbox this morning)


  1. Smokie, David and Flynny, I should warn you that no one-word “D” horse has ever won the Cup. The three D winners were Deb’s Mate (1983), Dowling Girl (1975) and Double Steel (1969).

  2. On the other hand, there have been eight one-word “B” winners, including Bauer himself.

  3. And though there’s been only one one-word “S” horse to win it, MOC’s obviously going with Spechenka because that winner was Savrocca in 2000.

  4. Gigs
    I am just putting together my flexi-quaddy.
    I have taken your advice into account.

  5. Tanby has seven one-word “T” predecessors: Taminga (1976), Tabess (1960), Taras (1930), Tresco (1922), Tantalla (1909), Telemachaus (1903) and Tantallon (1891).

    Five of those seven have started with “Ta” and two with “Tan”.

  6. If that’s the case, I’m afraid it’s all downhill for you from here, Smokie.

  7. Harms’s tip, Red Eye Special, would be the first ever three-word “R” winner. However, the “Special” gives him some hope – Special Test won in 1974.

  8. 12 “P”s have won the Geelong Cup, more than any other letter except “M” but there are no Ms running today. Four of those Ps have been two-worders: Purple Prince (1950), Prince Abbott (1956), Pacific Mirage (dead-heat with Sea Legend in 1989) and Pacific Dancer (2004). There’s a PP in there, boding well for Perfect Pecs.

  9. MOC’s third choice, I’m Jake, would be the first “I” winner in history.

  10. And finally Hume, if it wins, will follow Highway (dead-heat winner in 1934), Hauberk (1979) and Hereditas (1996) as a one-word “H” winner.

  11. One more thing about Hume: no four-letter horse has ever won the Geelong Cup.

  12. So. after all that, my tips:

    1. Bauer
    2. Tanby
    3. Perfect Pecs

  13. Great work Flynny !!!!!

    Hope you took that trifecta straight out !!!!!

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    Well done Flynny.

    A $1 trifecta (not even boxed) would have won you $88.

    Keep that form for Oaks please.

  15. All hail Flynny!

  16. Peter Flynn says

    Dunaden into 8/1 fav for the Melb Cup on some exchanges.

  17. David Downer says

    Almanac tipsters strike back at Geelong!

  18. Well, some of them, anyway!

    Brilliant tipping, Mighty One.

    How good a run was Bauer! Gigs – when was the last 9yo gelding to win the big one?

  19. Peter Flynn says

    Toryboy (1865) and Catalogue (1938) were 8yo and the oldest.

  20. How old was Hyperno when it won?

  21. Peter Flynn says


  22. Investment Advisors have to have a licence. Racing tipsters obviously do not. Will follow the form of the “wise ones” above before having the one bet of the year of the Melbourne Cup.

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