The Beeaanly Bugle: The Run Home


The Run Home


Three games to round out the season, the first, against a previous opponent, Cash Money, and the final two against King Browns, who had been dropped late in the season from the grade above, and Da Boyz, a team with a season that has run parallel to our own Beeaans.


Cash Money, much like the earlier matchup, touched up The Beeaans. Improvement, however, has been the aim of the game for the boys since the beginning, and that’s exactly what we saw. The first time against this side resulted in a 24 point loss, which included a five minute stretch of a one man advantage. The most recent affair, completely played on level footing, was a measly 16 point loss. The usual suspects, Grandpa Bean and Skip poured in the majority of the points, scoring 20 and 14 each. Grandpa particularly put on a show, drilling 18 of his 20 points from behind the arc.


As mentioned last week, Lockstock sustained an injury, and unfortunately, this resulted in the summer season ending early for him, as he played no further part in the rest of the season. For those who aren’t aware, have a look at the Zaza rule on YouTube, to get a better understanding of exactly what happened. As Lockstock took a three point shot, the defender in front of him jumped to try impact the shot, and as Lockstock landed, the defender unfortunately had his feet underneath, which resulted in Lockstock falling to the ground in pain. The diagnosis, a severe low ankle sprain, as he narrowly avoided a full ligament tear in his ankle, and also avoided a high ankle sprain, as both would have been much worse, both pain, and rehab wise. Even now, almost a full 11 weeks later, Lockstock is still not at 100 percent. At the time, it even hurt to put a on socks. Even with all of this, it didn’t stop Lockstock from taking his three free throws, after all, they are free buckets.


The second to last game, against the newly dropped King Browns, was an absolute nail-biter. Skip put up some monster numbers, snatching 18 rebounds, and 20 points, including a healthy 89 percent from the free throw line, a huge improvement from the man who on multiple occasions has shot less than 40 percent in a game. The first half clearly played into The Beeaans favour, as a first half lead left us in solid position to end up with a chance of winning more games than losing, something that seemed like a completely ridiculous just twelve months earlier. The second half was unequivocally as tense as an F grade game could get. And with less than ten seconds to go, The Beeaans held a slim two point lead, and King Browns had possession.



Skip stares down the bench.


Step up, Grandpa Bean. As the clock read 10 seconds, he started counting down to… help the other side. Unfortunately for King Browns, Grandpa Bean isn’t amazing at counting. While the clock said 10, he started at three, completely bamboozling the ball handler into shooting a contested and rushed shot that barely hit the backboard. As the shot missed, we again tasted victory, by the smallest margin yet.


This set up a tantalising final round scrap between Da Boyz, who sat in third place, and The Beeaans, who sat at fourth. Under normal circumstances, this would have meant finals, but due to a short summer season, full of restrictions, pauses and other unforeseen moments, there would be no finals for The Beeaans. This game was more about bragging rights, and winning more games than losing.



The Beeaans fight for the ball.


The final opponent, Da Boyz. A game once again heavily dominated by the Beeaans Big Two, Skip and Grandpa, who scored 38 of the 42 points themselves. Another huge rebounding night from Skip, in which he finished with 15, was the catalyst.


While it may seem that Skip is a beast on the glass, when you’re a grown man playing against a lanky 18 year old, or overweight 45 year old, you are really expected to snatch a decent majority of rebounds. In addition to this, at least a third of his rebounds most weeks are just off his own missed layups. Full credit to the big man though, you have to be in the right positions, and have a certain level of skill, to average double digit rebounds over the course of a season.


The game finished in convincing fashion, with a handy victory that didn’t reflect the final margin of seven points. The Beeaans, who took the foot off the pedal late, were clearly better all night.


Although they didn’t officially finish third, with Da Boyz having the same record and a better overall percentage ending up there. The Beeaans certainly felt like the third best team in the division, and their results proved as such, with their three games against the top two teams resulting in an 0-3 record, and their four games against the teams placed third, fifth, sixth and seventh resulting in a 4-0 record.


Come back next week, for a wrap on the summer season, and find out who the boys voted as their best players.



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