2017 Finals – Anyone Can Win!

2016 proved that Premierships can be won by any team that makes the finals.


As we commence the 2017 Finals Series it is timely to parade some more artwork by my nephew, Ben Kirkby, that may help supporters of the eight remaining teams dare to dream.  I think his Premiership posters provide a respectful tribute but unique personal twist on the long-standing tradition of WEG and, unlike the official ones, we get to see all eight possibilities.


I’ve grouped them according to this week’s finals match-ups.


Port Adelaide v West Coast



I love the energised hand of the Power figure (not to mention the “bogan bleach” hair).  Perhaps the hand is symbolic of the bucket hands of Charlie Dixon, or the sublime ruckwork of Paddy Ryder.  Either way, you’d reckon that the handiwork of both players will be crucial to the outcome of this game.  By contrast, the Eagle’s demeanour is pretty much “business as usual”, which I imagine is how this finals perennial would be regarding this week.  After all, they’ve already beaten the Power on the road once this year, and their dramatic entry into 8th spot would have created a nice upsurge of confidence in the West Coast eyrie.


Sydney v Essendon



Personally, I find it hard to reconcile this typically graceful Swan (albeit with teeth) with a team that I think of as a Hydra.  No team would relate better to the concept of a monster that grows two new heads for every one you chop off than the Bombers.  They had the Ducks done cold earlier in the season – 20 points up with five minutes to go – and still lost.  Their ammunition is going to have to be well-targeted if they want to pull off an upset in this one.


Adelaide v GWS Giants



An interesting match-up on a couple of counts.  One team whose every move is monitored obsessively by an entire state.  The other about whom nobody cares.  The two teams that most pundits have had as flag favourites throughout the season.  I reckon the posters have it about right.  There’s a muscular but streamlined elegance about the Crow.  It looks like its time is now.  By contrast, the sheer mass of the Giant looks both brutal but uncoordinated.  As Eric Cartman might say, it’s still growing into its body.


Geelong v Richmond



It might have been fitting if the Tiger had been jumping through a flaming hoop, such has been the circus around Punt Road in the last week.  It strikes me as way too serene – but perhaps that’s the point?  The Cat looks pretty composed too, but then again, big games in September are familiar ground for the Moggies.  One might even use the term “domestic” here, except that that word relates to “home” and that’s a bit of a sore point in Geelong at the moment!


So there we are.  For fans of the eight teams still standing – enjoy your September dreaming.


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  1. Peter warrington says

    These are great

    Not sure if you know the Madagascar movies but on the one about the circus troupe. (Part 2 I think – Europe’s most wanted?) there is a virile, muscular tiger who has to go through a burning ring – the size of a wedding ring.’

    Reminds me of our opportunity. Won’t spoil the movie for you…

  2. Love them. Pass on my best to Ben
    Keep up the good work!!

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