2015: what have we learned?

Hi all, best to you all for the festive season and for a safe and healthy 2016…


What Have We Learned?


  • Alastair Clarkson was worth the punt by Jason Dunstall. What a choice! Half the time taken by Leigh Matthews to get to 4 premierships! A truly amazing effort.


  • The AFL is way too image conscious #1: Jake Carlisle – a foolish moment but not worth delisting – a recruit too important to the young Saints team.


  • Plenty of AFL players can consider themselves unlucky to be delisted. Some desperately so..


  • Coles radio is a pisser…Richard Marx? Foreigner? Lou Bega Triple Play…Mambo No 5,6 & 7?


  • The AFL really needs independent umpires at all finals wherever they are played.


  • The sleeping giant of soccer “the world game” has truly risen. Cricket second fiddle in summer?


  • Plenty of players can consider themselves lucky to get a fresh start or a second chance


  • The AFL is way too image conscious #2: Dean Bailey – dead men tell no tales, nor get a second chance to restore their reputation.


  • Adam Goodes bowing out at the Sydney Swans’ B&F is a sad end to an illustrious career.


  • The AFL must allow the law to run its course #1: Majak Daw, #2 Dustin Martin – neither a good look for the AFL and its respect and responsibility programs but the law comes first!


  • The AFL will never be able to replicate the Superbowl pregame and mid-game entertainment. It’s a question of moolah and scale!


  • Billy Birmingham, aka the 12th Man, will be missed as much as Richie Benaud.


  • Essendon players, regardless of the CAS outcome, have been thru a 3 year living hell.


  • Nathan Fyfe might be lucky if he only misses two months. Back injuries are shockers.


  • John Worsfold has come to the Bombers at the right time. The Healer with the cultural reconstruction of the Eagles on his CV…yeah yeah jokes aside about him being a pharmacist.


  • Jason Holder has the toughest job in world cricket as captain of the young Windies. But the team’s treatment of respected Windies cricket journo Fazeer Mohammed is very poor.


  • James Hird’s biggest issue was and is and will always be his naivete. It’s a big shame but…


  • Delta Goodrem might have been born to try but she was also born to meow!


  • Carlton faces a massive rebuild but Brendan Bolton is the right man to lead the charge and young Jacob Weitering is ready willing and able as #1 Draft pick.


  • Time will tell whether the Cats’ impressive recruiting campaign bears immediate success.


  • Bucks has got a good list to work with but it won’t happen overnight. Patience Magpie fans!


  • If Richmond wins a final in 2016, then watch out! The team is good, the IP just needs bolstering.


  • Social media has some great aspects but the trolls have to out themselves. Just a disgrace to humanity. Cowardice might be defined in the year 2015 as such, along with sucker punches.


  • Hawk-turned-Dog Matt Suckling might prove himself to be the AFL recruit of 2016


  • Kim Kardashian always wanted to give birth to a Saint and now she has. Between St.Kilda and North, the KK-Kanye kids are #1 ticket holders and benefactors forever.


  • Brisbane will be the smokey of 2016, despite Lewis Taylor’s burgeoning spare parts business.


  • Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors have done well thus far but back-2-back not there yet.


Enjoy the break!

Cheers, Fearless


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